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Thread: tell me if it's good or not (No specific title yet)

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    tell me if it's good or not (No specific title yet)

    This is only like part one haven't typed it all yet (i hope you enjoy)

    Chapter 1


    I laugh at myself as I tell this story, it’s no wonder why I’m dead, or alive, I just don’t know anymore. I have no feeling, I’m lifeless, and I don’t even know why I’m around. I curse them for it, this curse I have upon my soul. I never asked for this but yet I don’t think they did either. For I know it was pure destiny for her but me they chose my path…If only I could change this cursed path.


    I cannot, but that’s okay.

    My life was over from the start.

    Hers’, it will never end.

    The tragic story that lead our lives in the wrong direction, something we weren’t ready for started with just a small, but powerful group of young, loving, innocent teenage girls. Rose, Rouge, Thorn, and Ivy. They called themselves “The Luscious Roses”, because they were hot, nothing but a tease, and followed Rose, the leader, like our fingers connect with our hand. They had started in pre-k they were inseparable. Their fate was to be best friends; they were united, one, whole.

    As they grew older, beauty took control, beauty made them dangerous; beauty wasn’t the trouble they were. They were well know around Seton Academy in South Holland, Illinois. They became most popular and were like beautiful angel icons for the school. They could do “no wrong”. I thought that to but I thought wrong. The four girls now sophomores just pretend, act, and live.




    “I’m sick and tired of teachers”, Rose said.

    “Me too”, whined Ivy and Thorn “Like always your right”.

    “I wish they all disappeared… for good”, Rouge mumbled darkly.

    They all rolled their eyes as they brushed their hair. Rose was dressed in her are-you-serious-that’s-way-too-tight red glittery skirt with jeans that sparkled as far as the eye could see. Ivy and Thorn wore the exact same thing ripped low-rise jeans with a blue striped tub top after all they were twins. Rouge dressed darkly, black tight shirt, black baggy jeans, a choker, and two spike bracelets one on each wrist. Each of their outfits matched their beautiful light make-up but what made them very special stand out from anyone in the school was the big Ruby on each of their fingers. This explained they were class, someone important, and someone not to mess with.

    They looked once more in the huge bathroom mirrors then formed a circle looking in to each other’s beautiful blue eyes. Luscious Roses are beautiful, like Roses they must be beautiful not one flaw. From head to toe they must be known as perfect.

    “Ivy, Hon, you can see that zit too clear”, Rose said handing her the huge container of bare mineral foundation.

    Whatever Rose would say it would go.

    They all got back in the mirror to finish up.

    “Oh, Rose we’ll have a meeting…today”, Rouge said.

    Rose nodded slightly looking at her through the corner of her eye. Rouge was the closest of all to Rose, even though they were all best friends Rose and Rouge were more like sisters attached to the hip. They had a bond that would last forever.

    “Life in school is so boring”, Rose sighed as she put her back eyeliner.

    “Yeah you would think Illinois would have at least a tiny bit of spice”, Rouge said.

    “Nothing ever happens here, there’s no murder, crime” Rose got interrupted.

    “Not to mention cute boys, meow”, Ivy and thorn winked.

    Rouge rolled eyes sarcastically.

    “Rumors are over within day, There’s no one here even worth trashing”, Rose said.

    It was silent for a moment as Rose paused her heel tap tapping. A wicked sneer tugged at the corners of her mouth, “well no one who hasn’t been trashed before”. Rouge, Thorn, and Ivy cocked their heads in confusion.

    “Whom is she talking about?” Ivy whispered to Rouge.

    Rouge shrugged.

    “Um, who are you talking about Rose?” Rouge asked.

    Rose rubbed her forehead, closing her eyes and sighing, debating on whether or not to rip Rouge’s clueless head off.

    “Who else you moron?” Rose snapped furiously.

    Rouge stood there and thought a bit.

    “Think you dumbass!” Rose yelled, smacking Rouge on the forehead. Rouge rubbed her head.

    “Oh”, Rouge said just getting it.

    Thorn and Ivy fiddled from side to side.

    “We want to know”, they said anxious.

    Rose whispered in their ears then yanked their perfect ponytails out of place.

    “We’ll have us some fun now”, Rouge said deviously, looking at Rose and Ivy out the corner of her eyes, “oh, we’ll trash her, we’ll dig her grave!”

    “Her life will be a living hell!” Rose laughed.

    The devilish twins howled like wolves as if they had just discovered a dead body.

    “So, what do you have in mind?” Thorn snickered.

    Rose bended down and got a delicate piece of paper out her Victoria secret bag. She looked at them with a smile.

    “Ladies, I would like to introduce you to our kill list”, Rose said. They all squealed in excitement.
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    Re: tell me if it's good or not (No specific title yet)

    Wow what a very interesting story. I liked how all the girls were best friends eventhough they thought they were so hot. They started out innocent enough,but then at the end they got all mean and plotting to do some awful things. I can't wait for chapter 2 to find out what they're up to.
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