Chapter Four of my Star Trek Fanfic. Previous chapters can be found here:
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Things Left Undone

Chapter Four

Halee Valco’s heart was racing in her chest as she guided people on to the transport she was ordered to get safely off the planet. Despite the utter chaos of what was going on around her, the same thought kept creeping back into her mind. She kept remembering the first days of her assignment on Aldebaran as the Starfleet Liaison officer to the colony’s local law enforcement. How she thought that this beautiful planet, with the stunning city of New Mekkah, and its peaceful inhabitants would equal another boring assignment.

For that, she blamed her father. Being the daughter of a Rear Admiral had sounded a death knell on any postings that she would consider ‘cool’ or ‘interesting’. She had hated him for that; In fact, they hadn’t even spoken for a year since she came to Aldebaran, but all that changed a week ago when her father visited her. Of course this visit was of an official nature since Aldebaran housed a Starfleet medical research facility, but he somehow worked it into his schedule to visit his daughter.

That was when Halee did the last thing he expected her to do: She thanked him. If it wasn’t for the influence he used to get her assigned to this backwater peaceful world, she would have never had the chance to meet Sarah.

Halee had met her responding to a vandalism report at a local school. Some kids were painting graffiti on the school building, but when she got on scene, not only had the children in question been apprehended, but Sarah had them all cleaning the building by hand while giving them a lecture on taking responsibility for their actions.

“Seems like you have everything well in hand.” Halee had said, which made Sarah laugh.

While taking her statement Halee found out that Sarah lived in the apartment building across the street from her. Aside from her colleagues at work, she had no one she would call a friend, and an almost non-existent social life. So having someone to know outside of work served as a welcome respite from the tedium that had become her daily life. Of course, if you asked Sarah, the only reason she keeps Halee around is to make her laugh.

Over the next few weeks the two developed a quick friendship which helped Halee’s bitterness over her assignment evaporate. Then one night while sharing tea watching the sun set into the horizon, Sarah reached over and held Halee’s hand and smiled, and after a few moments, they shared a kiss.

Halee was happy. Truly happy. She had found someone she loved. She had a beautiful world that she had begun to consider has home, and she didn’t want anything to come between that.

That’s when Halee had decided that she was going to leave Starfleet and settle down on Aldebaran. This decision didn’t come lightly either. All she had ever wanted to do was be a Starfleet officer and follow in her father’s footsteps. Halee thought it was fitting, and rather ironic that she would stop doing that on a planet whose name means “he who follows” in Arabic.

And then the Borg came.

“Ken to Admiral Valco…” his comm. badge chirped, causing him to swallow what was eating hard.

“This had better be important Lieutenant, you’re interrupting the lovely dinner my daughters girlfriend has prepared.” He said, annoyance creeping into his voice.

“Sir, we’ve just gotten reports that a Borg ship is headed our way, they’re eight hours out.” Lieutenant Ken reported.

Halee had read the recent news reports, as well as the Starfleet security briefings that weren’t privy to the public. And what she read chilled her to bone. Whole planets glassed, and there was little that could be done to prevent it. But just this morning the latest report had the Borg three weeks away at high warp. Things must have gotten very bad, very quickly.
Sarah grabbed Halee’s hand and looked at her with worry in her eye.

“How far is the nearest Starfleet ship?” Her father asked.

“Twelve hours at best speed. Hold on, something’s happening… Sir, the Talarian Third Fleet just warped into the system, they’re offering assistance with evacuation.”

“Alright, get in touch with their commander; let them know I’ll be co-coordinating the evacuation from city hall, get ready to beam me directly there.” He said, and then turned to his daughter. “Lieutenant, get down to the local precinct and get as many officers as you can to lead people to the closest open area or roof top that can support a transport.” He ordered, and then gave her a hug. “Now go.”

Things went pretty quickly after that. Halee had grabbed Sarah and led her to the police station where officers were already showing up, some with their families. On Sarah’s suggestion they gathered as many people as they could at the school’s soccer field.

When they got there two Talarian transports were waiting already loading people on board. Off in the distance Halee could see smoke rising from some unseen building, but put wondering what had caused it out of her mind and focused at the task at hand.

She helped people into the transport, telling others to toss whatever they had brought with them away aside from essentials like food and water because space was limited. With the transport almost full she told the pilot to start getting ready to lift off when something caught the corner of her eye.

A Skycar had just collided with another in midair and the wreckage was falling to the ground. Directly at them.

“We have to go, NOW!” Halee yelled at the pilot who had already seen what was going on because the transport was beginning lift off as soon as she said it. Before she closed the hatch, a straggler was running up to the transport screaming for his life. Halee reached out and grabbed his hand as the transport lifted off the ground.

Unaware of what was going on, the pilot began to pick up speed, making pulling the man into the transport impossible. To Halee’s horror; he slipped out of her hand.

“Hatch is sealed, let’s get out of here.” Halee told the pilot grimly.

Out the cockpit window Halee saw a green streak of light fall from the heavens and a blinding flash filled it moments later. The pilot screamed for everyone to hold on as he banked the craft into a steep climb. Halee lost her grip and fell towards the rear of the craft, hitting the floor hard.

And then she woke up screaming.

“Halee, sweetie, It’s alright, it’s just a dream.” Sarah told her, quickly holding her. “It’s just a dream.” She repeated, has Halee wept into her shoulder.