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Thread: Things Left Undone - Chapter Two - Star Trek Fanfic

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    Things Left Undone - Chapter Two - Star Trek Fanfic

    Things Left Undone
    Chapter Two

    The walls were your standard Starfleet gray sheet metal. Very utilitarian, but what could you expect from a military organization. It was larger than some of the other brigs James had seen in his career, perks of this being the Federations largest space installation he guessed. But this time it was different, and that was what was grating him.

    He was on the wrong side of the force field.

    Whatever possessed him to punch out Commander Richards, over a hand of tongo no less, was escaping him, and so was relief from the pounding of the warp core breach of a hangover currently going on in his head.

    But here he was, sitting in the stockade, seriously wondering if this was how his career was going to end, in disgrace. Few were as decorated as he was, and even fewer still were better pilots, all of whom he could count on one hand.

    “Sorry to interrupt what seems to be a life changing realization that hitting a superior gets yourself in the brig, you have a visitor.” The security officer said with an aura of smugness about him.

    “He may be in the brig, Lieutenant, but he out ranks you, and you will show the respect that the rank deserves. Understood?” Jon said, walking in the door.

    “Aye sir.”

    “Good, you’re dismissed.” Jon ordered, having just met the man, he had already lost his patience with him.

    “Sir, regulations do not permit me to leave my post while a prisoner is detained.”

    “You deaf Lieutenant? I said you’re dismissed. As in get out.” Jon said with an icy edge to his voice, which was promptly obeyed. Once he was out of the room, Jon stood in front of the force field and looked at the man inside.

    “Something I can do for you Captain?” James finally asked, wondering if his day was about to get any worse.

    “I’m just wondering what would cause a man, such as yourself, to spiral into a pattern of behavior like you have.” Jon responded.

    “Well, if you’re here, you must have read my file. It’s all in there, which should explain everything. Hope you didn’t skip over my after action report from the Second Battle of Chin’toka, good reading.” James said with a smirk.

    “You can cut the crap, Major. I’m here to make you an offer, one that I don’t think you’re going to refuse.” Jon said, folding his arms in front of his chest, which were until this moment behind his back. It was then James noticed he was carrying a padd.

    “If you’re going to offer me something, the least you could do is introduce yourself. You have me at a disadvantage at the moment.” James countered, not being affected by the ultimatum at all.

    “I’m Captain Jonathan Reynolds, USS Endalla. What I’m offering you is the opportunity to be my Executive Officer.” Jon told him, but just before James could respond, he interrupted him. “I’m not finished Major. If you don’t take this offer, your career in Starfleet is over.” Jon said, holding up the padd he was carrying. “I have the papers for a Dishonorable discharge right here; all it needs is the authorization from an officer of Command Level to finalize it, which would be me.”

    James just laughed, which surprised Jon just as much has it did himself. He didn’t know why he was laughing, must be the stress getting to him, or it could just be the hangover. Whatever it was, he had a choice to make.

    “If it gets me out of this cell, I’ll take it. Sir.” James said, straitening himself up.

    Jon smiled, then walked over to the security station and deactivated the field and James stepped out.

    “When do you want me to report?” James asked.

    “Tomorrow, Utopia Planitia, Dry-dock eight.”

    “I’ll be there. If you’ll excuse me Captain, I need to get into a shower, and then start packing.” James said, walking out the door. He stopped for a moment to look at the security officer who had a perplexed look on his face.

    James pointed at the center of the man’s chest, causing him to look down, to which James brought his hand up to tap his nose, then shook his head and laughed.
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