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Thread: Time Portal: The distance in far

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    Time Portal: The distance in far

    Time Portal: The distance in far

    The gunshots are shot and the bombs go off. Three scientist guarded by 2 brave soldiers work on a strange looking machine.
    "We can't let them kill us" one soldier said as he raise his gun over the top of the burial shaft and fire away at the enemies around them.
    "What can we do, they already surrounded us, and they have two tanks and we only have 3 hand grenades and those three scientist!" the other soldier yell at the other while taking cover with his eyes close.
    "We're finish!" said the scientist with great relief.
    "Finally!" said the other soldier with excitement.
    "Now remember you two go through and stop this war before it happens you understand!" said the one scientist who stood up. Suddenly three bullets shot right through the scientist chest.
    "Holy shit!" yell everyone else.
    "Lets get going before they get here" said the soldier who jump up firing and heading over to the machine.
    "I'll start it up!" the scientist starts it up and a swirling vortex opens up and ready to let them through.
    "Come on, get over here we need to get out now." The soldier at the machine said.
    "Ok, I'm coming. Hold on!" as the other soldier rises up the other starts into the machine and suddenly the other was shot, and kill.
    "No!" yell the other soldier. He started to exit but the explosion from the rocket blew him into the vortex, blindly. The machine was then destroy in the explosion.

    To be continue...

    Hopefully this is a good start!

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    Re: Time Portal: The distance in far

    Oh!!!!this sounds cool!!!very mysterious...Its action like too..Well hope you write more!!!!

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