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Thread: Tokyo Haunted

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    Tokyo Haunted

    Tokyo Haunted!

    Hi My Name is Kanou Utsuki...I Move Out on Tokyo ,So I Can Attend
    Tarou High, Hoping My Dream To Found A Better Life, A Cool Job, Nice Set of Friend and Specially A Very Cute GirlFriend...*Sigh* I Wish That I Could,

    (Walking Along The Street)Kanou:Hmmm..i wonder where's Boarding House, According to the map, it should be close here.. .

    (Bumps to Someone)Kanou: Ohh...i'm sorry,,,BTW Do you know where oboro Boarding house is?

    (Points Behind Kanou)

    (Shocked)Kanou: Whaa!!!...I Thought It Was A...Ohh..what ever...I Cannot Expect Something Flashy From A Cheap Boarding House...By the Way Thank you For!

    (Behind Kanou) ??? : Are You Kanou Utsuki???

    (Shocked) Kanou: ( I Was Talking to Her a While Ago, I Didnt notice Her Go behind Me ) y-y-yes I'am...

    ???? : Well Then Follow me i will show you where your Room is...By the way my name is Mako Zuna You can just call me Ma-Chan...

    Kanou: Ahh ..Ma-Chan...

    (Scary Glare)Ma-chan : What is it??

    Kanou: Ahh..Never mind

    Ma-Chan: Well Here's Your Room,

    Kanou: Uhmm..Ma-chan, I've never seen some people in here...Where Are they?

    Ma-chan: You're our only Boarder at the moment

    (Doubting)Kanou: Seriously???ehehehe...

    Ma-chan: Do you think I'm Bluffing?

    Kanou: Uhm...any Previous Boarders?

    Ma-Chan: Yeah...But She's Gone A 2 Weeks Ago

    Kanou: Gone??? You mean She's Dead?

    Ma-Chan: No ...She's In Coma...Like you she Was Attending at Tarou High,

    Kanou: What Happened? Why she's In Coma

    Ma-Chan: Not Like You She Was Pretty Popular Girl, Energetic, Cheerful and Kind But then...

    Kanou: ( What Does she mean not like you? Am i That Plain? ) But then???

    Ma-Chan: It Was A Rainy Day,She Finished her Club Activities Late and on the way Here ,Some Group of Thugs Try to Pick on her...She Run on to them, and suddenly

    Kanou: Suddenly?

    Ma-Chan: One of The Thugs Throw A Rock and Hit Her Head...

    Kanou: That's The Cause why she's In Coma?

    Ma-chan: No...The Rock Hit her head And Then Blood Covered her Face ...In Panic ,She Didnt See Where She's Running At And Suddenly A Passing Car Hit Her...The Group of Thugs Run ,Thinking She Was Dead...but then She survived The Hit and now She's In Coma , The Driver Brought Her To The Hospital,

    Kanou: Who's Paying Her Expensses at The Hospital,

    Ma-Chan: The Driver OfCourse

    Kanou: So Whats Her Condition Right Now?

    Ma-chan: I Dont know...

    kanou: When she Boarded Here, are there Anyone Boarding Here Besides Her?

    Ma-Chan: Yes...

    Kanou: Where Are They?

    Ma-chan: They Left,

    Kanou: Why?

    Ma-chan: 3 Days After She's Been Incoma..Strange Phenomena Began To Occur here, The Bulb at The Baths are Starting To Turn on and Off, Strange Noises At Whee Hours, You feel Someone Behind you when you're Walking Alone, a---

    (Trembling,)Kanou: ( Gulp ) Ahh..Ma-Chan I Think i should go in now...and i dont believe in that or something...Kya!!!!


    (relieved)Kanou : Oh my god , Its Only a cat...That Scared the Hell out of me

    Ma-chan: Kanou-kun

    Kanou: What

    Ma-Chan: Just A Reminder..when someone Knocks at Your Door...Ask His or Her Name first If He or she didnt Answer dont Open it...

    to Be Continued

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    Re: Tokyo Haunted

    aw No Reply's I Guess..i will not update this thread any more...

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