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Thread: Um... This is what i did in Math!

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    Um... This is what i did in Math!

    Here Goes...

    An empty street walled in by desolate buildings and the rubble of an old shop on the corner. Steam slowly rises from a manhole near the center of the road as a scrap of cardboard tumbles across the road and stops resting on the opposite wall. Suddenly, a small shape brakes the stillness as it darts toward the last standing lamppost. The light reveals a scrawny, fair skinned boy of about eight. He is caked with grime and is only clothed by a pair of shorts that are two sizes to small. The boy’s nut-brown hair is long and matted and his ribs are slightly visible. He clutches the cardboard to him like one of the toys he never had and glances up at the dark purple sky. After a moment, the child scurries back across the street and ducks behind a rusty, green trash bin.
    There is a metallic clinking sound and a bearded man in a crimson uniform appears from around the corner of the old shop’s foundation. His heavy flack-jacket is covered in pockets that are stuffed with everything from food to trinkets to ammo. The soldier cradles a chain gun with both hands and has a cigarette clinched in his teeth. His eyes are covered by a blast shield from his helmet. The wind stops as he approaches the manhole as if, it too, was afraid.
    By now, the child had covered his entrance with the piece of cardboard that he had risked being found for. As the soldier trudged past, swearing under his breath, the boy stayed as still as the lonely walls that sheltered him from the rest of the world. Even this is better than the fate of many other children after the invasion. The army needs more children to work in the factories that drive the war machine. In the year 2237, there is no way to avoid your destiny. “You will support our troops” reads the only poster on the walls.
    Morning no longer reaches this side of the world. People live in eternal darkness, bathed in sorrow. The sun has been blotted from the sly by industry as is swelled to meet the population demands. Earth’s only heat is supplied by its molten core. And even that is not limitless, for in time it too will fall cold, like the last of humanity. This forgotten place, once called the land of opportunity became the target of war. A battleground where a superpower bends and brakes, flinging its citizens into depression and slavery. It is a place where governments crumble like the war-torn dystopia that supported its population. In a place like this, is life worth living?
    The boy awakes to the rumbling of an old truck rumbling down the back road. As it passes he spies a short, rather plump looking woman crossing the street a few paces from his trash bin. Suddenly, she broke into a run, her drab blue dress sundering her progress. The woman made it to the other side just as a large van sped by, the driver screaming something as he sped past and disappeared around the corner of the buildings. With a sigh, the woman continued her waddle past the dumpster and stopped. She took out a key and hastily opened the door and slid inside, locking the door behind her. The boy lay still until he was sure she was gone. Then he made his move, slinking down the ally. He jumped into an open cellar window and disappeared. Not a moment later the woman reappeared, locked the door and waddled back towards the road.
    There was a rumbling sound and from the other end of the street, a crowd of people came thundering down the road. Many caring signs and all of them are wearing blue shirts; they roll down the street like the tide. The mob passed the woman and stopped at the wall that impeded their progress. The road had ended and it was now judgment time for the protesters. Slowly, a tank rumbled around the bend and turned to face them. It was followed by a group of soldiers dressed in the same crimson uniforms.
    Now pinned between the wall and their impending doom, people begin to panic and look desperately for an escape. Their only means of escape is through a small ally to their left. Just then, the little boy reappears from the cellar munching on a crust of bread. He senses the danger and crawls behind a pile of dirty and mangled plastic.
    The small army reaches the crowd and stops, steel shining in the lamp’s light. The small boy curls into a ball exhausted from the sprint, and digesting the meager food that filled his stomach, falls asleep as he tunes out the rest of the world.
    When he awakes, there is quiet. The only sounds drift over the buildings from some far-away factory where the people churn out the tools of war long into the night. He looks out of his hiding place and can see only a sliver of light from the lamppost as he gazes into the night. The little boy has no idea of what took place while he was asleep, only the buildings bear silent witness to the evil that has become a daily product of this new order.

    YAY! Feed gack would be cool!

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    Re: Um... This is what i did in Math!

    wow, i like this. i want to know the boys name though. it seems way good. i like the deatils. very cool!
    :smile2: :smile2: inuyasha fan

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