Sara sighed as she closed her book and rolled onto her back. she lay there with her head resting on her arms. "If only life was as exciting as the mangas. Magic, Mystery, romance, friends who care for one another." she thought. Then she looked over at her "new" uniform laying across the back of her chair. The uniform may have been new to her, but the school wasn't. Claymoore Academy, the private school where she was the token student, the odd man out.

Her mother's salary was barely enough to support the two of them. The saving grace being that the house they lived in was inherited from her father and his family and of course the scholarship for any Shadebrook living here. Claymoore was a community of the wealth. Most houses, Mansions really, sat on 3 acres or more and cost in the millions. All except her house. It had only a 1/2 an acre. Her house was originally the carriage house for the Claymoore Plantation. Then when the plantation went under, the land was sold for development, The Plantation House was turned into the Academy and the 1/2 acre with the Carriage house was given to one of her ancestors, Abner Shadebrook. No one knows why the house at the edge of the school grounds was left to him, but it was.

"Sara! Dinner!" her mother called up. "Coming mom." she answered back. She let out another sigh. Spring Break was nearly over. Tomorrow she heads back to school. She gets up off her bed and heads down stairs for dinner. She could smell the spaghetti and garlic bread, and knew that there would be a salad. There was always salad. She also knew that there would be chocolate cake for dessert because she had baked it herself earlier that morning.

As they were having dinner her mother said, "There will be a new student starting school tomorrow." "OH Great," she thought, "another person to make fun of my "hand me down" uniform, Walmart shoes, and generic backpack." But she smiled at her mother and said, "I'll be sure to say hello." She grabs another piece of garlic bread when her mother began, "He's not from around here, He's from somewhere in Europe. He is staying with the Freemont's. The son of a friend of theirs, I believe."

After dinner, Sara washes the dishes, Then goes out onto the back porch to look at the night sky. A star races across the sky in a short blaze of glory. " A shooting star. Time to make a wish." At 16, most people would have thought it a silly thing to do, but Sara figured why not. "I wish, I wish, Please take my wish and make it true." she chanted, "I want some friends, eve just one true friend and a little excitement to share with them." She sighed once again and went inside the house to get ready for school tomorrow.