The school bell rang, signaling the end of vacation. The students were mingling in the halls discussing their exotic getaways, grabbing books out of lockers, or greeting friends they haven't seen in over a week.

Sara walked through the halls trying not to attract to much attention. "Maybe I'll have a quiet day." she thought. She rounded a corner and almost ran into a student standing there with a schedule, looking at room numbers. "OH, I'm so sorry!" she apologized. Snickering could be heard just down the hall. "You really should be more careful, Shadebrook. Or better yet, crawl back to whatever pond you bottom-feeders come from." Said one of the girls. the young man answered Sara, "Apology accepted, m'lady." He was tall and athletically built. He had dark brown hair with natural Blondie highlights, was deeply tanned, and stormy blue-grey eyes.

"Alister, you don't have to be so nice." said a dark brunette walking toward them with several other girls, "She's definitely NOT in our league." Realizing that it was Angelean Freemont, Sara's heart sank. Angelean was considered the most beautiful girl at the school. Her and her click of friends liked making Sara's life miserable. So much for having a quiet day. Angelean walked over to the young man and put her arm through his, "come on, I'll show you were the first class is." she said. Politely extracting himself from Angelean he said, " I have not introduced myself to this beautiful and charming Lady." He spoke with an accent that Sara couldn't place. then she realized that he was the exchange student her mother had talked about. "Alister Ravenclaw, at your service, My Lady." he said with a slight bow.

Sara had never considered herself to be a beauty, She was of medium height with long sunny blond hair, a peaches and cream complexion and deep aqua blue eyes. She was beautiful but considered herself plain. She blushed at his compliment and introduction. ", Sara Shadebrook." she softly stammered. At hearing her name he looked intently into her eyes. Oh She could get lost in though stormy blue-grey eyes. "Pleased to make your acquaintance," he said and broke the spell. Sara saw a look of pure anger and hatred briefly cross Angelean's face. "Come on, Alister." Angelean said just as the next bell rang. "we're going to be late for first period. and I know your in my class." she smiled up at him as she put her arm through his again and lead him away. Sara was thankful that she had a different class.

Later in the day, Sara was in the restroom washing her hands when Angelean and Rebbecca came in. Angelean stopped when she saw Sara then walked over to her and said, "Stay away from Alister. He's mine until I decide otherwise." Rebbecca chimed in with, "Yeah, don't mess with someone else's boyfriend." Sara was totally confused. " Sure, Not a problem." She had never been warned off some one before, nor had she ever had a boyfriend. She walked out the door and took her books from Marleen, one of her few friends. "What was that all about?" Marleen asked. "Beats me." Sara answered as they walked to their next class.