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    Usatsuki-(Project I wrote a few chapters on) Sci Fi/Fantasy about five anhro rabbits (Lepu, Lagome, Titan, Rini & Kaze) living in earth's moon (like the rabbit in the moon story) that were abducted by astronauts and brought back to earth for experimenting. Individually, each of them has managed to escape and now live with the Kumamoto Family (Father: Professor Daisuke, Grandmother:Ume, eldest son:Mamoru and young daughter:Tamara.).
    However danger is no stranger to the rabbits, who are known as Usatsuki, as they face a renegade scientist after their hides, a possible invasion of the Sasoni, a cruel race of ogre-like beings that are hated enemies with Usatsuki and an aging crime boss that wants their blood for the belief that their blood would him immortal.
    Lepu and his "family" face many choices-get back home to the moon, stay on earth with the people they've grown accustomed to or join with the royal usatsuki space army to prevent the carnage of the Sasoni.

    Not a good summery I know, but I'm rushing. I have to go later. Be back in another day.
    I've already done four chapters.

    KEY NOTE: Because of the length limit, I'll have to cut big chapters down to size., which would explain the "part" after each title.
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    Re: Usatsuki


    Staying virtually untouched in the endless stream of space, just situated very closely to the planet of life known as Earth was the Moon.
    Now on the outside, life was neither present nor possible, but inside, however that’s a whole different story.

    Inside the moon, there was what one might describe as a metropolis of corridors, rooms, lighting and hallways. Very much like an enormous palace of metal works fused with the moon’s rocky inner terrain.
    Yet within this metallic space base city, there were hints of oxygen and one of the constructed rooms acted like and took the appearance of a greenhouse, complete with artificial light and heat
    It is there were two life forms were standing over a tray of a clear substance that looks familiar to water with flora that did look exactly like rice plants, with just one catch: The rice itself was golden and it did not need to be cooked to look that way.
    That unusual occurrence, however, was nothing compared to the two creatures themselves.
    They were bipedal in movement and were dressed in form-fitting, body-covering outfits with fair-yellow ovals on the chest centre resembling a full moon with both a black crescent and shadowy rabbit within it. One of the creatures had a tall exterior with smooth, short blonde hair and wore shades of orange and pink whilst the other one was way shorter in height, with the same short blonde but spiky hair. It wore a purple and green outfit and together with the previous creature, they both would be at around the same height of a six-foot tall pre-adult and three-foot tall child.
    Their faces were both short in shape and furry with both dark brown eyes for the both of them. Large, flop ears were drooping down from behind the heads.
    In fact, they are two-legged walking, talking, human-sized rabbits.

    “Lagome. Can you please tell everyone that dinner will be ready?” asked the little rabbit, addressing the taller rabbit by name.
    “Sure thing, little brother. We’ll be in the kitchen shortly”
    And with that, Lagome made her way out of the little custom-made greenhouse and walked down the wide hallway that was outside. Along this hallway was a series of sliding doors, each one leading to a room belonging to other rabbit-like residents.
    Lagome noticed that the nearest door she went passed was the room belonging to her young brother, Kaze.

    It should be noted, that there were code-lock switches for every door that were on the walls near the left side. It seems likely that there would also be similar switches on the other side as well.
    The human-sized doe made her over to the neighboring door and typed a password in
    When it was open, all Lagome saw was nothing but darkness, yet that didn’t fool her. Other than the fact that her race had very effective hearing, a blue-flame was seen glaring softly in the dark room, giving away the presence of someone there. No one in the moon would be that irresponsible to leave a flame active by itself, so it was an easy assumption to the blonde-topped bunny that at least someone was in there. She decided it time to call him out.
    “Titan, I know you’re in there. Come along. Kaze’s fixing up dinner, right about now. Finish whatever you’re doing and come out.”
    “I hear you Lagome. Although, it would have been polite if you just knocked first” replied the character in the shadows.
    “You know I never knock.” The female rabbit added sarcastically.
    The following sound of heavy feet banging against the room’s metal floor got louder and louder when it approached in her direction and it was only seconds until the beautiful but firm girl bunny came face to face with another rabbit, but taller and obviously a buck, wearing dark blue safety goggles around the eyes,. He had long upright ears sticking out of brown quivery hair. The fur was gray in appearance, covered mostly by a body suit of black and navy blue with the same oval accessory on his chest as with the rest of their kind. The feet of this rabbit were big, muscular and heavy-looking.
    This was Titan, the oldest and only chief architect and mechanic living in the moon.
    “Still, working on that unusual gadget that came from nowhere, no doubt” the feminine rabbit asked her co-hort, rolling her eyes at him. Knowing Titan, the answer was likely that he’ll be tinkering anyway. The tall six-foot seven rabbit just gave her a stern no-nonsense look through the goggles before speaking.
    “Yes, as a matter of fact. And that’s not just any unusual gadget. It is a device from somewhere out there, probably in this galaxy. And I found out that it looks like our very own spy cameras, only however, mounted on a miniature traction vehicle designed for rough rocky terrain travel. It’s a lucky coincidence I found it in the…”
    “Flora room, I know. I heard it all before, fifty times to be precise. Now leave your toy alone and join Kaze in the kitchen” interrupted the somewhat impatient doe, who didn’t want to waste time, discussing a subject that has never appealed to her interest.
    The big grey buck moved his goggles upwards to his head top revealing bright silver eyes underneath and made his way down the corridor where Lagome walked from, grumbling obviously from the “toy” remark.
    “Toy indeed. You didn’t have to take it apart and rearrange it piece by piece”.

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    Re: Usatsuki


    Lagome decided to brush off what Titan grumbled. Now was the ideal moment for any arguments, so she left to get the next character.
    Loud music which on earth terms, would have sounded like a mixture of electronic & rock music can be heard roaring out of another room. This caused the approaching doe to sigh and shake her head with a hint of disgust as she knows whose room was next and responsible for the slightly irritating racket.

    On the door of the fore mentioned, was a row of love heart stickers. Each one had a letter and in order, they spelt R-I-N-I.
    Lagome didn’t spare a minute entering through the sliding doors. Again, without knocking.
    On the walls, there were posters of various handsome-looking, human-esque extra terrestrials and other rabbits or Usatsuki, as their kind is known as.
    On the floor, there a big radio-like unit of silver and possibly mercury, something that Titan would’ve been capable of making. And next to it was a bed with the room’s resident is currently laying forwards on it looking at a Game-Boy looking device emitting holographic images of handsome alien life forms. It was a space version of a magazine, consisting of microchips and simple batteries.
    The resident itself, as Lagome knows, is the only other doe living in the moon. Yet, in Usatsuki years, she was a teenager and sort of a typical one.
    She appeared to be white in fur color, with two long upright ears and long smooth ink black hair. She was also dressed in a form-fitting suit consisting of the colors red and yellow.
    And finally, she has cute red eyes, all glued on the device and the holographic images displayed on it.
    The flop-eared one walked behind the white doe without being noticed, and spoke her name to get some attention.
    No response happened, even when Lagome raised her voice and this began to stir her temper and with an act of complete frustration, she pulled a plug from behind the radio unit, killing the noise immediately. Finally the other doe snapped back to reality and turned to her fellow female, confronting her sour glare with a frown of her own.
    “Hey, why did you do that? That’s the current number one hit in this galaxy”
    Her flop-eared companion went straight to the point.
    “Listen Rini, I’m already tired of that racket. It gave me a migraine when I just wanted to sleep. But now that’s the point why I’m here. Dinner is ready in the kitchen. Kaze & Titan are there already. I suggest you go there. And if you or your music gives me a headache again, I will personally take that sound box to the surface and let it float endlessly into space”
    The younger doe placed her paws on her hips, not liking the unpleasant attitude, one bit..
    “You can be so mean, Lagome. If you’re going to be like that, I won’t going there”
    That hit Lagome’s last nerve, so forcefully she grabbed Rini by her ears and dragged her into the hallway.
    “Ow…Lagome, please let go. Please don’t be mad, you’re hurting me….owww.”
    “Okay. But go to the kitchen, right now!!” barked the older doe
    And with that she let Rini’s ears go.
    “Sure thing, just joking about missing lunch, heheheh” chuckled the now nervous white rabbit, who then made a somewhat desperate dash for the kitchen.

    Lagome just stood where she was, feeling her temper dying down and taking a deep breath.
    “Nice kid naturally. But sometimes, she’s a little irresponsible & oblivious for her own good. I was never like that when I was her age.”
    “Which is why you find it difficult to understand her. Or anyone else for that matter.”
    The flop-eared doe looked up above at the one responsible for those words of truth. It was another Usatsuki sitting cool style on one of the pipes from above the corridors.
    Only this one wore white and blue for his form-fitting suit and he processed slightly fair goldish-brown fur with backwards-pointed ears on the top of his head. The hair was shaded chocolate brown and was long yet neatly curved into a miniature pony tail. The eyes were equally fair golden, compared to the fur. This rabbit was not only good looking, but he also carries the title as leader of the moon’s five remaining Usatsuki.
    Serving time as a veteran soldier, helped established his right to be in charge here.
    “I trust dinner is ready then?” the new rabbit asked Lagome.
    “Right on target as always, Lepu” she answered addressing his name whilst again rolling her eyes. “It’s the moon rice delicacy again, so...”
    Lagome never finished the sentence as Lepu was no longer there.
    Sighing, she made her own way back to the kitchen, while thinking.
    “He must be at the kitchen. I don’t know much about him. He’s always a solo heart, but yet, I can’t disagree with myself about the fact that he is kind of handsome.”
    Immediately she shook her head, snapping out of that trance.
    “What am I thinking? I’m already engaged, although it has been so long when I last saw my dear fiancée and besides that, I have my little brother to look after. No other necessity should be before my own blood”.
    With that settled, Lagome continued on her way to the kitchen, for the occasional moon rice dinner.

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    Re: Usatsuki

    INVADERS Part 1

    The interior of the kitchen had the fewest signs of any technology in the entire moon. What was there was a tub of water for clean preparation before handling the rice, a clean board for which the green rice can be molded into a ball with other ingredients included such as exported vegetables & spices from other planets since the Usatsuki population are popular with other extra-terrestrials.
    The room itself had very little metal in it, mostly moon rock.
    But the dining room situated next to it was mostly metal with no furniture, except a large table made out of moon rock, set very low since chairs were not needed. The Usatsuki at the table did not mind kneeling or sitting on the floor. And right now, they're enjoying the regular meal of green, moon-grown rice balls spiced with orange spices and hints of carrot possibly from a different planet to Earth, since this pair of Usatsuki have never been to Earth, yet they have heard of it and seen it, thanks to Titan's hidden security camera spies on the moon's surface.

    "This is a nice alteration to any of our rice meals, Kaze." Said Lepu, noticing the taste of the spice.
    Rini nodded in agreement, obviously nervous of what Lagome could do if she upsets her little brother.
    "Thanks. I thought we might have a different mixture this time. The spices are exactly those that are made by the bird citizens of that tropical planet while the carrots were a nice present from those galactic shippers that were lost halfway passed Jupiter.
    Lagome nodded and giggled for a bit before saying "I remember that. They only wanted to collect acidic, gaseous vapor from Venus. They were indeed grateful. But that was so long ago when there were enough carrots to last us for a year; we're now down to a few carrots, enough to fit a miniature space pod".
    Titan had just finished chomping down on a rice ball before speaking, "In that case, I'll send a message to the nearest space food supply ship within this galaxy. But that can wait after I finish with the unusual spy device I've found in the rice room, half a year ago, of course".
    Everyone around the table sweet-dropped. It took Rini to break the silence.
    "So Titan, did you receive any messages from the imperial Usatsuki ruler ship? They should have contacted us about now".
    But before Titan could answer, an alarm made by him started screaming around the room, alerting the rabbits.
    "Sounds like my surface alarm spies have picked up some company. We better check it out in my lab".
    Everyone stood and made a run for it towards Titan's room, which also has a small laboratory. While running for it, Lagome asked Titan.
    "It could be that supply ship making an early delivery".
    "I don't think so. The surface spy cameras were designed with an electronic memory disk, which I made myself. It's designed to recognize familiar ships of extra-terrestrials that are not a threat. Yet, any ship that has unfriendly or unknown life forms triggers the alert mechanism, so this is no friendly face coming here."

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    Re: Usatsuki

    INVADERS Part 2

    When they got to Titan’s room, the big grey buck turned the lights on, showing the inside of his room. Which could easily be mistaken for a hybrid of garage and laboratory, although Titan will just refer it as a lab? Wasting no time, the big guy made his way to a giant eight-foot wide-screen computer monitor and typed a few co-ordinates on the keyboard. When switched on, the monitor showed a few password codes, which were encoded in very short time and finally after that, a live video cam was on screen, showing the space-bound rabbits a live view of the moon's surface and space. Nothing was on the surface yet. Already Lepu assumed the worst. "Sensoni".
    That very name alone brought shivers down everyone's spines.
    "Lagome. Are Sensoni attacking?" asked Kaze, very scared.
    "I hope not little brother, I seriously hope not" sighed Lagome, also uneasy with the thought.
    The Sensoni is the name of a demonic-looking race that one of the few life forms in space that are enemies with the Usatsuki. Hailing from the planet, Sensora, many races can describe them as the worst of the worst. They are cruel, ruthless and are barbaric in their means of tyranny, war and torture. Every Sensoni seems to have a black heart and their planet alone looks more like a prison for any victims. They are also responsible for many deaths on multiple planets and moons, including hundreds of Usatsuki. If a single Sensoni ship, let alone a fleet of ship are approaching the moon. The Usatsuki living there will be in grave danger.

    The cause of the alarm appeared on screen before everyone, apparently dropping to land. The strange thing was a shuttle on its front. It was one directly from Earth. But the Usatsuki didn't know that.
    In fact the air of tense fear died down a little, although it was still there.
    "Well, it's no threat I know. I mean look at that design. Clearly primitive." said Titan.
    "Primitive maybe, but it could still dangerous. We will have to wait." calmly spoken Lepu "And besides, Titan, it’s not ideal to criticize something you have limited knowledge about."
    The big buck gave his leader a frown, clearly knowing he meant his lack of spaceship-making skills. Titan may be a master mechanic, but the one thing he could not put together is a spaceship.

    It took minutes before a collapsing sound rang across the hallway. Whoever or whatever was in that shuttle had drilled in the moon's surface, which was above the flora room, and starting to make their way in.
    The rabbits were very anxious. But Lepu kept his cool.
    "Everyone, prepare to defend yourselves. Remember, protect all lives you hold dear. It's these lives alone that you strong and really count on."
    The other Usatsuki nodded in agreement, even little Kaze. Now was not the time to be trapped in fear, but to defend themselves and their home from these invaders.

    The invaders themselves were Earth men, in icy blue space suits. But for some reasons, they had no air helmets on, as if they know about the oxygen within the moon. There were eight of them and it was obvious they were amazed by the sight of green flora growing inside the moon.
    "Just like the professor said, there is life in the moon. I thought it was a joke, despite that evidence back home. This is incredible." said one.
    "I agree. But is this really rice?" said another. "Because I certainly won't be eating it."
    The rest of the crew went back to the trap door underneath their shuttle and brought out a box that looked like the types used for first aid and a small-television-sized metal container that looks similar to those that store radioactive material.
    The captain of this mission looked on and gave his orders.
    "OK. First take a sample of any of this vegetation. But don't be tempted to touch without gloves. It could be radioactive or worse. Secondly, look around and find the professor's explorer device, Scout 99."
    He then called to the nearest comrade. "Do we have the knock out gas canisters, as needed?"
    Yes Captain, The professor did caution of possible intelligent life here. And if the canisters should fail, we have some firearms and nets as backup."
    "Good. But only use force as a last resort."

    The band of eight has just made their way into the big hallway, having already obtained a small handful sample of green rice. It was in the hallway, where they were about to meet the moon's residents.
    A gold crescent-like throwing blade swished through the air and landed so close to the leading man's right foot, it
    Could have impaled it if it had been one inch closer. The group of spacemen was taken by surprise from the sight of the unusual object, but what chilled them to the bone was the voice of Lepu echoing across the room, yet there was no sign of him or the other Usatsuki.
    "Strangers. We don't mean any harm. But if harm is the reason you are in our home, I suggest you leave now."
    "Who or what are you?" asked the captain "Show yourself."
    As if on command, one by one, shadows appear to jump from the top of the pipes above and landed in front of the invading humans.
    Now, both sides were given a good look at each other and were they ever surprised.

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    Re: Usatsuki


    “Are those…Rabbits!!!??” asked one of the humans to the captain.
    “I don’t know. They look like rabbits. But they’re very different, almost human-like even” replied the captain, eyeing the alien creatures, who were now in a defensive
    Lepu took some steps forward to reclaim his crescent blade weapon; he bent down without taking his eyes off the humans and scooped it up into his paw-like hands.
    Then he stood up, his fair golden eyes staring deeply into the captain’s dark brown.
    “You look like several familiar aliens, but you’re not we know.”
    “We’re humans from the planet Earth and we have come to take back a mechanism that has crash landed here by accident.”
    Titan figured out what the captain meant. “You mean that spy device I have?”
    The captain what to say, said yes anyway.
    “What is it?” asked Titan, wanting to know the true potential of the so-called spy device.
    “It was an explorer camera-four-wheeler that was designed to scan for life. Although it’s true destination was the planet Mars, it failed in its direction and landed here.”
    Titan figured that to avoid a serious confrontation, it would be best to return them their gadget. Even if he had little second thoughts.
    “This way.” He addressed the captain and led him down the hallway to his lab.

    Only the remaining humans and usatsuki stayed put. Rini had a question for them.
    “Are they’re many hunks on Earth?”
    Oh yes, there are some. Especially the famous celebrities in Italy, America and even the royal family of the United Kingdom.”
    Rini sighed with a creamy, dreamy look. Lagome & Lepu sweat-dropped.
    Kaze, meanwhile spotted the canister which had the green rice.
    “What is that for?? Let me have a look.”
    Kaze’s child-like curiosity was making the man with the canister very nervous. What if they took taking the green rice as an offence?
    Not willing to find out, he grasped Kaze’s paws to prevent him even touching the device.
    Lagome, suddenly snapped when she saw that and lunged at the man, retracting four black claws out of her paws and in quick motion, she began to scratch the whole man’s body in fury. It only lasted two seconds, before the scratching stopped revealing the man in a slash suit with many scratch marks to the marks and a few to the face.
    “Don’t ever touch my little brother!!” snarled Lagome.
    Kaze and the others stood there in shock. They know Lagome was very protective of Kaze, but this was being overprotective.
    The other humans were also shocked, but snapped out of it when one ordered. “Oxygen Masks on.”
    At that command, the humans pulled a miniature oxygen mask from the front rim of their collars and placed them over their mouths.
    The usatsuki did not what’s happening until a gas-releasing canister was thrown through the air and smashed onto Lagome’s head, engulfed her top half in a cloud of knockout gas.
    “Lagome.” Wailed Kaze, hugging his older sister and too inhaling the gas.
    More gas canisters were thrown and the gas became a fog, with only the humans protected.
    Lepu dashed towards and collided with one human and they were rolling along the floor. Rini became lost in the fog.
    “Kaze!! Lagome!! Lepu!! “
    Two humans grabbed her from behind and held onto her until she took in enough gas.
    Lepu managed to get on top of his opponent and was clutching him by the collar, threatening to squeeze the tube attached to the mask.
    “Why are you doing this??”
    “It’s our job. We are mean to bring extraterrestrial life back us, just as the professor said.”
    “Professor??” Lepu begins to feel nautious due to gas exposure and slowly losing consciousness.

    Titan returned to the scene with the captain rolling the Scout 99 on its four wheels. Titan witnessed the unconscious bodies of the two girls and Kaze. Lepu was fading away.
    “Titan. Defend yourself…”
    With that, Lepu became unconscious.
    Titan felt rage burst through his veins and swiftly, he clutched the captain and banged him against a wall.
    “What have you done to them? Get out and take your device with you and if you don’t, I am going to lay some serious damage to you.”
    Before the captain could respond, one man with a gun rushed towards the big rabbit and slammed the handle in his face.
    In pain, Titan collapsed into the low mist of knockout gas.

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    Re: Usatsuki


    Blinding light from above welcomed Lepu’s sight when he began to stir. All he could see straight forward was what looked like a bright spotlight, shining in his face. Although he felt a little numb, he attempted to sit up straight and wonder where he is. But something was restraining his arms and legs. He looked at the aforementioned areas and there were cuffs. Not to mention, he was binded down by leather strapped along his wait The Usatsuki leader knew he was captured and restrained to a large, up-right aluminum table surface, big enough for two, by the strange creatures that invaded his home.
    The memory of that encounter and what happened buzzed statically through his mind as struggle to break free of his cuffs.
    He guessed the intruders have taken his crescent weaponry away, so it was obvious that he is truly defenseless.
    He looked around at the darkness surrounding him, staying alert in case he was watched in the shadows and looking to see his more familiar fellow usatsuki.
    “Lagome!! Kaze!! Titan!! Rini!! Are you guys here?? Speak up!!!” he shouted out, a little bit nervous, hoping his friends are with him and are okay. The worse feeling next to loneliness in an unknown environment is failure to protect the ones he cares about.
    Just when he imagined he was all alone, a soft groaning attracted his attention, causing Lepu to turn to his right and there, cuffed to the same table, eyes closed, but head slowly moving back and forth was Rini.
    “Rini...Rini can you hear me?? He whispered to her, hoping that they’re not the only ones captured.
    Her blood red eyes slowly opened till they were now half opened and after seeing her leader, she managed to spoke.
    “Lepu?? Is that really you??”
    “Yes. I’m here”
    “Where’s everyone else?? Where are we?? All I remember that we all had been gassed out and I dreamt that I was with this handsome, famous hunk and he and I were engaged and….”
    Just then, a new voice interrupted Rini’s dream talk.

    “Hello, my interesting specimens. Welcome to Earth.”
    The two rabbits looked up to a now-lit window and spotted a silhouette of a man in a blackish, jacket with a blue shirt, complete with a tie of dirty blue & green plaid & dirty blue trousers.
    The man’s head had straight black hair only jagged side to side at the back. His face seems to be normal like the humans that came to the moon, but the grin that was displaying looked positively more evil, then fascinated.
    “It seems unusual that you rabbits have a whole civilization in our very moon. Yet there are only five of you. Your intelligence and understanding of earth language is incredible.”
    “Enough of your flattery.” Snapped Rini, obviously a little creeped out by the man’s haunting smile, but tries to show a brave face. “Did you say Earth??? Earth as in, the blue planet miles from us??”
    The man nodded yes.
    “Cool. I always wanted to go to Earth. I’ve heard there were many chances to fame and very handsome hunks roam there.”
    She only stopped when she saw Lepu’s narrowed eyes, obviously annoyed and kept quiet, feeling ashamed of letting her fantasies get the better of her conscience.
    Lepu started to speak to the human.
    “Who are you and why did you took us away from our home?”
    “I am Professor Goro Hidaka of Osaka Bay’s Independent International Space Station, Osaka, Japan and head of the exploration team to retrieve Scout 99 or as that big, grey rabbit said, unusual spy device.”
    Big, gray rabbit thought the two usatsuki, instantly knowing he meant Titan. And if Titan was here somewhere, then so was Lagome & Kaze.
    “What have you done to our friends!!? Angrily asked Lepu, hoping nothing seriously bad happened. Goro’s smile didn’t even flinch.
    “The other rabbits?? Well, two flop-ears are sharing a room in the same position as you two are and the big, grey one is in solitary confinement as he has such dangerous strength in his legs. Now, I’ll leave you two alone. We have some business to attend. “
    And with that the lights in that room went out, leaving only Lepu & Rini under the spotlight.
    “Lepu. I don’t really like this. I’m an idiot for believing earth is such a cool place.”
    “It’s OK Rini. Earth is probably more cooler than this. I’m just happy we’re all here in one piece. I need you all did your best in trying to protect home, so I won’t act as judge.”
    “But what is that professor going to do with us?? Is he going to kill us? Is he going to torture us?? Lepu, I’m afraid. I don’t what to do.”
    Rini began to sniff and sob quietly.
    Lepu managed to stretch his paw to Rini’s and grasped it gently and reassuringly.
    “There, there sweet Rini, please don’t cry. I may not know what’s going on, but somehow we will get out of here. We are far away from home, but we can have our home here on Earth. Away from these bad lot, just you, me and our friends.”
    Rini’s looked at him in the eyes and managed a small smile.
    “Thank you.”

    Goro Himada made his way to the room that housed the captive Lagome & Kaze. This time he was accompanied by two male scientists in typical lab coats and aqua-green rubber gloves. The two usatsuki were attached to a similar aluminum table, also uprisen. Kaze was cuffed from all his limbs like How Lepu & Rini were captive. But Lagome was a different story; she was restraint with many iron cuffs on her arms, legs and waist.
    Kaze was wide awake and very scared at the sight of the men while Lagome was very tired, likely from vain attempts to break free of her cuffs and mildly passed out from exhaustion. Her head was bandaged from the hit she had back at the moon.
    Goro began to explain to the scientists.
    “Remember, we’re only handling the little one. He seems normal and from what I heard from my team, he was harmless. So, the procedure can be done without any risk.”
    Nodding their heads the scientists advanced towards Kaze, complete with keys for the cuffs. The young rabbit was frantic.
    “Lagome!!! Help!!! Please don’t hurt me!!!”
    The two men undid his cuffs and dragged him to the floor and set him upright while still holding onto both his arms. Kaze tries to pull himself free, but the humans were stronger. It looks hopeless for the frightened boy bunny.

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