Vegita’s Life

The Story is all about a prince called “Vegita”, he tries to find his brother Goku but he always calls him “Kakarot”, Vegita is not the strongest warrior because of Goku always beats him at everything, because he meets friends. Vegita is a really angry all the time; he’s a strong Super Saiyan because he put his anger into his power he has into one blow!

On planet earth Vegita was searching each planet for the person that was called “Kakarot”, but in search of Kakarot Vegita went to each planet and destroyed with out success of finding Kakarot, when he finds Kakarot he plans to kill him! Goku was an outcast of his own planet that’s why he lives on earth with his family. But when Kakarot fights Vegita, Vegita gets hurt and gets back on his ship to go back into the black space of the universe.

Vegita lands on Planet Namik with his ship and he rests for a couple of days and heals, then Vegita goes looks for the Namik’s dragon balls but in his way to achieve ultimate powers he got to collect all seven of them, but Frieza gets in his way by gaining almost all the dragon balls, because of Frieza’s solders, goes out of there way to get Vegitas dragon balls so Vegita hides them in the in the water, then Vegita goes to kill Frieza’s solders but some of the solders where to easy for Vegitas power and he kills them one by one except Frieza and a few solders! They wanted to kill Vegita but he went to a place to rest and train in a ship! Krillin and Gohan join forces with Vegita to injure the evil memes Frieza! But they were not counting for Frieza’s forms and they depend for Kakarot’s Super Saiyans Forms so Kakarot used his ultimate power, and calls it the “Super Spirit Bomb.” He destroys Planet Namik but before Kakarot used it Gohan got all the dragon balls and wished everybody except Goku and Frieza because they fight for there lives! Everybody ends up on planet earth safe and sound!!

Vegita regrets how Kakarot saved his life and he wanted revenge on him! But Vegita is a challenging opponent; Goku faces more enemies then before like The Majins. There is majin buu, kid buu, and super buu that are all dangerous. Vegita tries to kill majin buu, but he can’t do it alone so he scarifies him self by using up all his power to kill majin buu so he does super explosion wave, but after vegita’s death majin buu regenerates to kill every one else that lives in towns and turns them into candy then eats them. After vegita’s death he goes to heaven, and sees a person floating with a crystal ball and she takes Vegita to earth and when Goku and super buu are fighting.
At the time Vegita’s there Goku teleports toward Vegita and he tries to convince him to put on an ear ring, so Vegita put the ear ring on and he and Goku came together and became Vegeto and he kills super buu but they got to use all there strength to win, as that Super Buu swallows Vegeto and he searches in side of the buu. In there they fight off inside buu and it was harsh because in buu’s stomack, the fight with buu was so harsh that they found Gohan, Majin buu, and Gotanks. They were stuck and Vegeto gets them out of super buu’s stomack and escape through one of super buu’s wholes that he has on his head. When they got out of buu they see super buu going crazy and the others they were in pods, well super buu turned crazy on him self he was transforming in to kid buu. Well kid buu is a crazy kid he well takes the challenge to kill Goku and Vegita, they try but they can never scratch kid buu because of every blast they make he generates back into his regular form over and over. Well Goku tells Vegita give me a few minutes to power up to use a special move called The Super Spirit Bomb that can wipe out a whole world and that can kill everybody. So he hopes that it will kill kid buu because he can’t control the spirit bomb after he throughs it to kid buu.
Once he throughs it kid buu can not dodge it and Goku uses all his might to destroy him such as that he kills him by using the sprit bomb and getting rid of all the buu’s except majin buu because he turned good, he fights on the side of good and helps people. Vegita gets a vacation of evil but he still wants to be stronger than Goku so he trains a lot.