Ok, as the name implies, this story is based on something that really happened to me. I made this one longer and gave it a moral. For those of you asking "If this is based on a true story, why is nothing in it true?" I have an answer. That answer is "IN anything that says 'Based on a True Story,' the only true thing in it is the plot." In my case, mishaps with a Walkie-Talkie.

So, there I was, just sitting there. I was messing around with my walkie-talkie, when it said "Yeah I'd like to order a large veggie pizza." I was baffled that I tapped into a pizza place's phone line. Since I hadn't done anything amazing in several days, I decided to mess with it. I needed to test, though, if I could mess with it. That poor vegetarian must have been confused when he got his pizza. I put the walkie-talkie to my mouth and said "But I want bacon, sasuage, ham, and pepperoni on it too." The pizza man said "Okay. Veggie and meat lovers combo. It'll be there in twenty minutes." and hung up.
This was awesome. I started to mess with it again and found myself on an important buisness call between a wood cutting company and another company that wanted to chop down all the trees in a nearby forest. Since I was a hippie, I messed up the deal. "Okay, so you want all of the trees cut down." Said the wood cutter. "No. I want you to send a demolition crew to my main office building when everyone is gone and destroy it ASAP." I replied. I tried not to laugh, but it was hard. The wood cutter was confused and the buisness man was speechless. I quickly said "Goodbye." and they both hung up, not sure of what had just happened.
The next day, I told my friend about what I had done. We both laughed our heads off. We decided to ruin someone's love life, just cause he was a jerk to us. That night, we tapped into his conversation with his girlfriend. We told her she was ugly and made fun of her family and ended up making her cry. The day after that, she didn't come to school. Later, I found out she ran away from home and was never seen again.
The two of us decided to do something big. We tapped into the Police's phone lines and made up a fake call about a terrorist planning to blow up city hall. All of their units drove out to protect city hall and my friend and I grabbed some ski masks and fake guns and robbed a small store on our block. We ran back to my appartment and started laughing. A few minutes later, my door was busted in and three cops ran inside. I freaked out and dropped onto the floor with my hands on my head. My friend freaked out in another way. He grabbed a lamp and threw it at the cops and ran into the kitchen, spilling melted butter across the floor infront of him (don't ask me why I hade melted butter on my counter. It seemed like a good idea at the time.) He slid into the window and it shattered. He fell five stories and died.
I was trialed for robbery and sending the cops on a wild goose chase. So here I am, writing my story from a prison cell. Never mess with the phone lines, or you could end up like me, or worse, my friend.