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Thread: Whispers of the Past [Prologue & Ch. 1]

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    Whispers of the Past

    Please do not use any parts of this fanfic anywhere else, neither do copy my ideas or any of my original characters. If I see anything being plagiarized I will go after you!

    Prologue- The Fall of the White Moon Kingdom

    There was a light blissful breeze, gently carrying a scent of wet earth. Hotaru sighed and looked out the window, below the luscious green grass gently danced with the wind in the secluded Saturnian gardens. Meanwhile the dark violet skies glittered with white stars each flickering calmly.

    “My love...how much I miss you...”

    With a heavy sigh, Hotaru walked back toward her dresser. Elaborately the dresser was composed of a mysterious light purple crystal, which was only found in the lands of Saturn. Sitting on the dresser were an array of small dangling hair ornaments, royal jewelry, exquisite perfume bottles, and finally seating on an elevated velvet, garnet colored cushion was the Sacred Royal Crown of Saturn. Hotaru looked at her own reflection on the crystal mirror...a grown woman with alabaster like skin, slim profile, long ebony colored hair, and light lavender eyes calmly gazed back. It had been so many years since she last saw her Mother stand before this very same mirror...all Hotaru could recall were her Mother’s almost identical and charismatic features.

    As Hotaru’s servants finished putting the last hair ornaments and the Royal Crown of Saturn, a messenger barged into Hotaru’s private chambers.

    “My Queen...pardon my intrusion! But I have just received the most urgent news!”

    The young Saturnian messenger struggled to keep his posture, for he seemed to be out of breath. Beads of sweat collected in his forehead.

    “My Lady...I have received news from General Shura that the King...”

    The servant seemed unable to finish his sentence. But there was no need...for his expression foretold Hotaru what had happened. The messenger’s news pierced Hotaru’s heart like ice shards and that same pain vigorously echoed throughout her body, sending shock waves. Soon Hotaru felt a tear, slowly trickling down her cheek, clouding her vision. With a single wave of her hand she dismissed the servants, whom all slowly backed away without turning their backs to her. Once she was sure she was alone...Hotaru lost control, throwing herself in the king sized bed and burying her face between her pillows which nostalgically still had her husband‘s soft scent.

    Outside of Saturn, The Great War continued tenaciously; The White Moon Kingdom and its allies tried their best to fight off the invading forces. But, the war was coming to an end and the outcome of the war was obvious.
    Neo Queen Serenity badly injured leaned against a fallen pillar, her pure white dress torn and tainted with a deep red blood color. Floating above her was the Imperial Silver Crystal emitting a warm and bright light. With a feeble smile she slowly summoned all its power; her eyes watched the Imperial Silver Crystal floating above herself. Within a few minutes eleven bright rays flew in several directions, the crumbling White Moon Kingdom was destroyed along with the others. Sending her daughter, Princess Serenity, and all of the royal court to the future. To the new beginning…

    As the Lunarian Kingdom began to disappear Neo Queen Serenity for a final time warmly smiled, gazing at the war torn city before perishing together with her beloved city.

    Chapter 1- The New Beginning

    Birds happily chirped outside under the warm sunlight. The skies were bright blue with a few clouds lazily floating around, it was a perfect day it was neither too hot nor too cold, simply just perfect. Inside the dojon several students could be seen practicing their kicks, combinations, forms, one steps, and etc. Suddenly the clock struck four times, announcing that it was four in the afternoon; soon the class was dismissed by the Master. Hotaru wiped off the sweat from her face and forehead with a towel.

    “Wow...sensei must’ve been irritated today...he made us practice beyond belief”, she whispered to herself.

    Hotaru headed towards the locker room, where all her belongings were safely put away in her locker. A few students passed by her...she quickly changed into her white summer dress. It was very simple with a few purple beads and other ornaments were present at the bottom of her dress giving an air of simplicity and yet possessing gracefulness. Next to her bag were her earrings, which were made of pearls and other precious purple stones and her sandals. Finally before going out of the locker room Hotaru splashed some cold water unto her face; it felt very refreshing after a harsh training. Quickly heading out of the floor she bowed and put her sandals outside of the practice floor.

    Once outside, the air was quickly filled with pleasant floral fragrances, Hotaru smiled slightly to herself. For some reason she loved flowers...it always managed to give her a peaceful and uplifting feeling. Hotaru began to walk towards her home in a carefree manner, even though today was a very important day it didn’t seem to spoil her good mood. As she strolled by, she passed several small shops, each selling some very interesting items ranging anywhere from rice cakes to exotic imported goods. Hidden between several shops laid Hotaru’s favorite...it sold many traditional Japanese foods. As she entered the shop she heard the habitual custom greeting done by a store owner.


    Holding her bag in her left arm, she walked around the small store. Each step seemed to bring new intriguing sweet and tantalizing aromas. Automatically Hotaru pointed to the sweets, the store clerk placed ten fairly sized mochis in a transparent plastic box which was slightly filled with sweet rice flour. The cash register read “¥ 900”, Hotaru reached for her wallet inside her bag and handed the clerk nine hakyu en coins, with a smile the young clerk gently handed Hotaru the box of Japanese sweets.


    Bowing goodbye, Hotaru once again walked out into the streets. Tokyo was always filled with a variety of people from all four corners of the world, quickly blending in with the crowd Hotaru began heading towards her home. From a bird’s eye view Tokyo looked like an ant pile with several small dots busily heading in different directions. Although, Tokyo might be one of the world’s most technological advanced cities, it does have places where one can truly see the essence of the ancient world and the modern world together side by side mutually. Smiling to herself, Hotaru lazily walked through a small quite ally, which led to a path near the river. After a few minutes of walking, Hotaru arrived in the precincts of her home, it seemed that her house, a traditional Japanese house with a Zen garden, was the mirror image of herself.

    Hotaru removed her outside shoes and switched them for suripas, Japanese styled flip flops which are used inside.

    “Tadaiima! Is there anyone home?!”

    She knew that there wasn’t anyone home…it was just a custom she came to adopt as a child. She threw her bag into the floor next to her shoes, meanwhile letting her hair down from the ponytail. While Hotaru carefully brushed her hair, she began to think…today was the day that the Amazon Quartet and Chibi-Usa were to become the Guardians of the Earth and its people; and the veteran senshis would have to pass their powers to the new sacred warriors. But, in Hotaru’s case that did not apply…for the Outer Senshis were eternal Guardians of this World. A royal ball was going to be held in honor of the Amazon Quartet and Chibi Moon.

    Undressing herself from the white summer dress, Hotaru grabbed a towel before getting into the hot tub. Placing the towel near to herself, she dunked herself into the warm and comforting water. The room was filled with fragrances of lavender, white roses and other ambrosia fragrances.

    “Sigh…I wonder how this time the ceremony will turn out…”

    After a relaxing bath Hotaru stepped out and began to dry herself. As she meticulously put the towel away an old grandfather clock struck eight o’clock with a gasp realizing the time, Hotaru quickly summoned her powers. She wore an elegant long dark violet dress, which were decorated with silver beads and ornaments. It showed parts of her back and shoulder giving an extra feminine touch…along with the dress Hotaru also wore amethyst colored jewelry; which each piece containing the sacred emblem of Saturn.

    Before departing into the portal, which all the Moon Kingdom people were able to summon at will, Saturn snatched the box of Japanese sweets and hopped inside the portal.
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    Whispers of the Past [CH2]

    Chapter 2- The New Guardians of the Beloved and Sacred Earth

    Almost instantaneously Saturn appeared in the grounds of the Moon Palace, it appeared that the servants had specially decorated the Silver Crystal Palace with white, light pink, pink, blue, red, and golden yellow flowers each color representing different Kingdoms. Saturn gracefully entered the lunar palace, where all the royals were present with Queen Serenity and King Endymion whom proudly stood before the royal court. Everything seemed richly decorated; amongst the archaic scriptures, nine ancient emblems were present symbolizing different celestial planets. The palace floors were also engraved with ancient symbols from sacred texts, with a golden star intertwined with a crescent moon occupying the center of the reception hall.

    Without any further ado the sacred ceremony initiated. Queen Serenity took a step forward, her voice seemed to be a fusion of a sweet and mellow choir of angels, for it was so soft, pleasant and gentle.

    “Ladies…gentlemen and friends…may I proudly say that tonight is a…special night for all of us. More so to our new Guardians: the Amazon Quartet and my daughter Chibi Moon. For tonight we will introduce them to the duty as eternal protectors of this Universe whom we all love dearly. Will each royal, who respectfully represent their Kingdoms, please follow me.”

    Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, the Amazon Quartet and Chibi-Usa all followed Queen Serenity and King Endymion to the most inner sacred chambers of the Palace walls. All the Veteran Senshis had an avid memory of this familiar chamber; this is the very same place where they had been bestowed with the same unique powers so long ago.

    “Venus…Mars…Jupiter….Mercury…would you please step into each sphere where your astrological symbol are engraved.”

    As soon as each ruler stepped into their respective spheres, it began to glow in a bright shimmering light with all four inner planets’ color shining out of the circles. All the four veteran senshis chanted their ancient spells, slowly four crystals appeared. Mars’ was a deep garnet red, Mercury’s was a deep ocean blue, Jupiter’s a deep rich green and finally Venus was a deep golden yellow crystal, they all aligned in a straight line before the Amazon Quartet while Chibi-Usa’s own Imperial Silver Crystal appeared before her, awakened and emerged from the depths of her own soul. Different star seeds appeared before the veteran senshis, they were in the shape of a lotus flower, it still contained the same color as their previous warrior star seeds but instead now their colors were a light and gentle pastel color. At the same time four descending warrior star seeds entered their new owners’ bodies, the crystals sunk in releasing the eternal powers of Jupiter into JunJun, Mercury into PalaPala, Venus into VesVes and Mars into CereCere. They were now the new Guardians of the beloved and sacred Earth…they carried in their shoulders the weight of protecting at all costs the well being of the blue planet. Momentarily each warrior seemed to be in a trance like state, but coming back to their senses the Amazon Quartet were transformed into their new forms. Each Amazon Quartet’s fukus were adorned with their planet’s color.

    After what it seemed a few minutes, Queen Serenity arrived back into the outer chamber of the sacred shrine. Soon following were the Veteran Senshis, each wearing elegant gowns and the new Senshis in their transformed appearances. A few gasps in amazement could be heard from the guests within the immense atrium.

    Out of all the Senshis, Chibi-Usa had the most radiant smile, beaming with pride, joy, excitement and much enthusiasm. Chibi-Usa for years had been eager to earn her spot as a warrior-through out her life, she had always done everything in her reach…had always explored everything her sparkling and curious eyes laid upon…had always been destined to become a great influence into the everlasting changing world. Shaking those thoughts out of her head she heard a bottle of champagne being open, commemorating the very special occasion. Endless crystal cups were raised declaring a toast to the new soldiers…

    Several hours had passed by…slowly one by one guests began to depart. Hotaru had already slipped out of the party and was found back in the streets of Tokyo; which were almost deserted except for a few drunk men and an occasional pedestrian. Sleep began to make it difficult for Hotaru to pay much attention to where she was heading, consequently she bumping into someone and fell. Quickly realizing what she had done she did a apologetic bow,

    “Hontoni gomenasai!!!”

    The man began to laugh slightly; enraged by the gesture Hotaru raised her head to look at the brute man whom she had apologized to. But…Hotaru was completely caught off guard…she was breathless. Right before her an extremely elegant man standing before her…he had long and spiky purple hair, his eyes were an elegant shade of red, and his body had just enough muscles to give him a nice and sexy toned body. He offered his hand to help her.

    “Are you alright little girl?”

    Raising herself from the floor even more enraged, Hotaru quickly spat back at him:

    “I am not a little girl! For your information I am twenty-one years old, thank you very much!!!”

    With that final phrase Hotaru stomped off in the direction of her home. But, due to her frail health and sleepiness, her legs began to give up on her. The stranger whom Hotaru had just bumped into, sort of half smiled and half smirked. He tenderly caught Hotaru before she fell into the concrete floor.

    Unexpectedly Hotaru felt a sudden wave of warmth flow through her entire body; her pale skin slowly became a light pink shade. She could not help but lock eyes with, this mesmerizing stranger…although she called him a stranger her heart told otherwise. Her mind told her “Stop this non sense he’s just some random jerk…with some good looks”, but deep inside her she could feel this inexplicable warmth was the same feeling of when you revisit someone who you’ve been longing to see for a long time.

    Hotaru sighed and began speaking although she thought to herself: “I think I am going to regret this later…but what ever”.

    Although still with a slight hint of sarcasm and anger Hotaru spoke again

    “Alright…that’s enough. May I know your name, oh so kind stranger? As for me I am Hotaru, I am a senior in Tokyo University; my major is Pediatrics and Literature Arts”

    The stranger did a small bow and introduced himself.

    “It is an incredible honor to meet such an elegant and dexterous lady as you are. My name is Dark.”

    To avoid letting any weird conversations to continue, she decided to invite him to a dinner.

    “I know this is a little sudden…but would you like to have dinner with me? Maybe this Friday…that is if your schedule allows you…”

    As Hotaru spoke to him, Dark sensed that this girl was no ordinary mortal. He looked deeply inside her soul…but suddenly as soon as he noticed her inner powers, he retrieved himself from the depths of Hotaru’s soul. He felt a cold sweat running through his body…Dark noticed it was that same ominous feeling he had in his dreams. The dream that had haunting his mind and soul for eternity…
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    Whispers of the Past [CH3]

    Chapter 3- Yume

    Gasping for air, a man courageously fought off as many enemies as he could while protecting two precious possessions. Everything seemed to be getting out of focus, he began to lose sight…he looked over to the side where he was so dearly protecting. Tears desperately flowed down…screaming in agony he looked in direction of his brother. His brother devilishly sneered at his direction; they looked like exact carbon copies with the exception of color of the eyes, hair, attire and obviously moral values.

    As Krad walked toward Dark, echoes of his boots ringed throughout the halls giving an eerie feeling. He mercilessly looked at the pitiful state that his own brother was in. Slowly bending down and touching his brother’s bloody and bruised face, he spoke to Dark in disgust, but ironically at the same Krad seemed to be enjoying himself.

    “How pitiful your face looks, it even manages to give me sheer pleasure. Ah and I see that you still love…”

    Nothing more, all of the sudden everything became muffled. He soon felt his body letting go of the objects he was holding, closing his eyes involuntarily. A stream of blood soon filled the halls as the two things dearest to him laid beside.

    As each night painfully passed through the times, Dark could now see eight talismans laid scattered next to him, but missing pieces of the dream still were present; preventing Dark from further seeing the second item so dear to him that he perpetually offered his life to. But, one thing for sure boldly engraved in his mind, he needed to find the eight talismans and perhaps…one day of his eternal time here…he would find his purpose in his current life and untwist his tangled past.

    Hotaru noticing that for a moment that Dark or rather this intriguing man was not completely aware of his surroundings. But instead of saying anything, Hotaru decided to keep pretending she didn’t notice and asked him in an irritated tone.

    “Oii! Hello? Earth to Dark! What’s the matter with you? Cat ate your tongue?”

    She waved her hands in front of him to see if she would get any response, which she quickly received one. Dark quickly shook his head and looked at her.

    “I am really sorry…I…gotta go.”

    Without another word he swiftly ran and disappeared behind the curtains of darkness. Once more both went their separate ways. After a few minutes of the brief encounter, both Hotaru and Dark found themselves in their own homes.

    Dark felt an excruciating pain throbbing from the depths of his body…a menacing purple aura began to shroud all of Dark’s body. As more of his power poured to the outside, he slowly began to transform into his real form, moving away from his human side. Dark dropped to the floor on his knees in anguish.

    Slowly two long and elegant obsidian colored wings materialized in Dark’s shoulders; they seemed to have a life of their own for they brimmed with power. His human clothes melted away from his body and another appeared replacing it. His true form clothed him all in white; simple white jeans, belt, undershirt and a jacket adorned with thin strips of white leather and silver chains; which showed part of his shoulders. On his left ear, Dark wore a slender silver earring with at the end a small cross gently swaying, accompanying the earring a necklace made of several thin leather laces and a unique and exotic ring composed of volcanic glass and titanium.

    The aftermath of his forced transformation left him in disarray, Dark felt extremely tired not to mention the numbing effect that was left behind. Dragging his body across the floor Dark, opened the door to his suite. It was very spacious and numerous luxuries were present, his bed lay untidy. He threw himself in the bed and closed his eyes...

    “That woman...”

    For a moment silence laid over the room like a cloak, trying to put everything into a deep slumber. Dark sighed and got up; he opened his wings behind him and walked over to the window. From the balcony of his apartment, he had a full sky view of Tokyo City. Smirking to himself, Dark placed a hand in the cold glass and glanced down the city below him.

    “This should be interesting…”

    It appears that Dark had just crossed the threshold of discovering something new.
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    Whispers of the Past [CH4]

    Chapter 4- The Intertwining Golden Threads of Fate & Love

    As the divine aura of Amaterasu bathed the skyline of Tokyo, Dark had already risen from his bed and was found outside in the roof of a tall Tokyo building. He sighed:

    “Today is the day…that perhaps another shred of my past life will unveil itself before me.”

    Taking another glance at the faint red glow in the horizon, Dark returned to his apartment. Unbuttoning his shirt and taking off the rest of his clothes; he turned the faucet of the shower on. Slowly, a light mist began to shroud the bathroom, upon entering inside warm water ran through his body.

    Within a few minutes he had finished drying himself and dressing, quickly grabbing his wallet and keys. Dark walked toward the elevator, pressing the button for the sub-ground floor. As the sliding doors of the elevator opened, he clicked on a button which automatically gave a start on the engine of his bike.

    Quickly speeding off into the streets of Tokyo, Dark headed towards Tokyo Tower. His loose clothing whipped around as the air grinded against him. He looked at the small card that the girl he had met in the middle of the night gave to him; it read “Please meet me at Tokyo Tower at 12:30 pm”. Arriving early he parked in front of Tokyo’s most famous landmark. Dark looked around, the street as always seemed to be filled with people, busily walking around under the warmth of a Saturday afternoon. Putting the keys inside his pockets he walked around:

    “I guess I should buy her some flowers…”

    Dark entered a small flower shop, as he walked in the small shop he gave a gentle smile. The small delicate flowers reminded him very much of the times he wandered around the fields of the virgin Earth, as he took a quick survey of the flowers in display he picked a simple white rose. Handing the rose to the shop keeper, Dark took out a 1000 yen bill and took the rose. In one hand he held the rose while the other he tucked inside his pocket, As Dark, walked back to his bike he spotted Hotaru walking down the sidewalk looking for him, Dark smirked and leaned against his motorcycle.

    He raised one hand and casually waved towards Hotaru. In a husky voice he greeted the Saturnian girl.


    Hotaru looked at Dark, still with that awkward sensation that lingered inside her from last night. She gave him a awkward smile while at the same time trying to shake off the effect of Dark’s husky and mysterious voice, but Hotaru was not very successful in hiding that almost burning quirky feeling. Dark laughed and walked toward her and boldly giving her a kiss on the cheek. Hotaru was taken by aback with the sudden kiss, but before she had any time to react, Dark had given her the white rose he had bought earlier. Her cheeks became a light pink as Hotaru looked at the single white flower. Slightly smiling to himself, Dark asked Hotaru:

    “Where are we going for today beautiful?”

    Although most of the time she did not take a great liking to men with such confidence for some reason, this time Hotaru simply could not resist Dark’s over confident self. Looking at the floor and with a small , flattered voice Hotaru spoke:

    “Erm…uh…we…well there is this really good restaurant near by…”

    Dark nodded and mounted on to his bike and motioned Hotaru to take the back part of the seat. Hesitant Hotaru slowly sat herself, and shyly held herself to the side of Dark’s body. By then her heart was beating at a hundred miles per hour. He chuckled and looked back to Hotaru taking her hands and putting around his body.

    Soon after Dark gave a start to the bike’s powerful engine, which it quickly responded with a small roar. He could feel the engine’s full throttle…at once Dark sped away in high speeds, not giving much attention to the speed limits. Noticing it Hotaru yelled, as the wind blasted against her face:

    “DARK! Aren’t you going too fast?!”

    He smiled and replied.

    “Don’t worry! It will all be fine just tell me which way to go!”

    After a few wild spins and turns they both finally arrived at the restaurant- in one piece. Dark parked his motorcycle right next to the restaurant in a dark alley. Hotaru somewhat dizzy slowly descended from the bike and fixed her wind blown hair. Meanwhile Dark took a look at the entrance of the restaurant. The entrance of the restaurant had a very modern facade; countless futuristic like architectures and adornments could be seen in the building and mainly embellished with lights, metals particularly stainless steel, and glass with several different textures. With a warm smile Dark looked at Hotaru and spoke:

    “Hm, not a bad choice you made there Hoto-chan. I am sure I will be quite fond of this place now…”

    Murmuring to herself Hotaru spoke in a barely audible tone.

    “Hoto-chan? Since when did I give that doodoo head the right to call me that?”

    Standing there for a few seconds, Hotaru seemed to be momentarily dazed.

    “And since when did he know my nickname?”

    Noticing that Hotaru was talking, but not quite understand exactly what she was saying Dark looked at Hotaru puzzled.

    Without another word Hotaru walked toward the entrance of the restaurant, Dark following behind her. A host opened the door for her; she gave him a small bow in gratitude. At the grand entrance both Hotaru and Dark were greeted by an extremely exquisite entrance hall, all decorated with famous collections of modern architectures from around the world. Soon enough they both arrived into the main room, a young hostess greeted them.

    “How many people is in your party madam?”

    “Just two…”

    “Would you please follow me…”

    They followed the hostess whom guided through a maze of seats, tables and halls to their seats. Soon after a waitress arrived taking out a small block of paper and pen.

    “May I take your order ma’am?”

    Hotaru looked at the menu which was filled with endless choices of food, anywhere from everyday foods to fine and exotic delicacies. This time Hotaru decided to stay with something simple and delicious.

    “I would like to order a garden salad, grilled salmon and a passion and mango juice please.”

    The waitress quickly wrote down the order and looked at Dark to take the next order.

    “And for you sir?”

    “I would like to order a beef and chicken stew and a side order of potatoes, and also I would like a glass of your finest red wine.”

    The waitress nodded and took their menus before disappearing. In a short moment the same waitress arrived with their drinks. She handed Hotaru a simple round glass of juice which had been garnished with a slice of star fruit and to Dark she placed an elegant and refined wine glass of an Italian red wine named “The First Apostle”, which its vintage year was 1987. Dark took the glass and gently swirled the wine inside, letting the full flavor and aroma of the wine blossom inside. Revealing a wonderful fragrance, smiling Dark took a sip of the wine savoring it; the wine exposed its graceful complexity through the taste of red fruits and flowers. As he put down the glass he looked at Hotaru, once again Dark defiantly reached with both hands and took Hotaru’s hands.
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    Re: Whispers of the Past [CH4]

    “Now what is it that you wanted to tell me sweetie?”

    Taking a moment to think Hotaru slowly spoke, she wanted to know who he was and yet not totally reveal who she was herself.

    “Um, well first off I wanted to apologize for my rude remarks last time…I didn’t really mean to be that snappy with you. And the second thing is…”

    But, before Hotaru could finish the sentence a sinister feeling suddenly crept up her spine. Quickly noticing something was not right she looked around, although no one around them seemed to have sensed the unearthly disturbance. Without speaking another word Hotaru got up and left the table quickly. Though, Hotaru was not the only one who had noticed the malicious energy dangerously floating around in the air. Even though the food had not arrived Dark paid the bill and left. Once outside, he called upon his powers, and once again he transformed into his true self. He spread his black wings behind him…Meanwhile Hotaru quickly ran into a small dark alley and whispered:

    “Saturn Planet Power! Make-up!”

    Saturn’s transformation within a few seconds was complete; her fuku was a bit differently composed than the other senshis, for out of all the senshis with the exception of Sailor Moon, Saturn wielded the strongest powers. Her shoulders were decorated with a white petal shaped pattern, her brooch was a transparent star seed which sat upon a black bow, and laced up purple high heeled boots. While her jewelry contained a choker which in the middle another smaller version of her star seed was placed, her silver earrings on each side had a small sized replica of a silvery Saturn with the ends being complimented with a pointed shaped bead and her tiara contained a white opal colored jewel. Sailor Saturn’s iconic Silence Glaive accompanied her in her hands. Firmly griping her Silence Glaive, Saturn set out to search for the source of the dark energy she had sensed inside the restaurant.

    Closing her eyes she tried to tune into the stream of the foreign energy once more, like a wave of bitterly cold air the energy almost devoured her. Saturn briskly opened her eyes…she was in disbelief. It had been many millenniums since she had felt such powerful and malignant force. She shook her head; the thought of that energy once more roaming the Earth was petrifying.
    Dark who was also searching for that vicious and yet familiar energy, hoping to see some clue to his past stumbled upon Hotaru. He had not yet connected that she was also Sailor Saturn, the Soldier of Silence, Death, and Rebirth. Dark’s eyes widened…

    “That woman…she could not be…what is this strange feeling? She couldn‘t be…”

    But before he could put anything together, his head began throbbing with pain and flashes of his past played inside his mind, although to him nothing made sense except one thing. For a certain reason Hotaru’s image remained in his mind avidly. By the time Dark had come to his senses Hotaru had disappeared and was no where to be seen.

    At the top of one of the highest building in Tokyo a demon laid leisurely in his back, his demonic wings closed behind him.

    “Once more…once more our paths cross…”

    As Saturn flew above the skyline of Tokyo, she spotted Sephiroth, the source of every chaos. She stood in front of him floating in midair; Saturn thought to herself: “I guess times of peace is over…” Although, Saturn had also been reborn like the Inner senshis…she was one of the few who retained bits and pieces of the past. But, as time allowed her, Hotaru was bit by bit regaining the memories of her past life in the Silver Millennium. Holding onto her Glaive, Sailor Saturn took a stance and took a deep breath.

    Sephiroth coolly walked to her and with his right hand Sephiroth lightly touched her chin and kissed her. Utterly disgusted by the act, Saturn punched him away and began her assault. But, at her current level of strength none of the attacks were effective on Sephiroth making no damage at all to him.

    Raising one finger, he began to assemble huge amounts of energy, which in a matter of no time he released in Saturn’s direction. Realizing this was something that she could not over power with her own offensive attack. Saturn tried counter attacking by blocking his attack.

    “Silence Wall!!!”

    Tightly holding the Silence Glaive in front of her with all her might Saturn tried deflecting the attack, but unfortunately not only did she not have enough strength to overpower the attack but she did not have enough power to prevent herself from being launched forcefully to the ground. Finally being forced to give in, Saturn smashed against the floor, causing serious damage to herself. After a short moment as the dust settled down, Saturn rose from the ground grimacing in pain and held her side trying to cope with the intense pain; she used her Glaive to aid herself up. A ribbon of blood slowly slithered its way down the side of her head and into the floor. Saturn screamed ignoring the pain and once more charged forward towards Sephiroth. But, before Sailor Saturn had a chance to attack for a second time, Dark had swiftly intervened.

    Now in his real form, raw power seemed to overflow into the air; making the atmosphere feel three times heavier than usual. Looking right into the eyes of his enemy, Dark raised his arm into the air- the skies began to shroud darkness. The same sinister aura that she had felt in Sephiroth began to concentrate around Dark’s body. After what it seemed that he could not gather anymore of that menacing energy Dark launched at Sephiroth, who now realized that he had to take the fight seriously. Sephiroth blocked Dark’s attack with two hands, but being overpowered he began to slide across the skies. Suddenly a giant explosion occurred but as the smoke cleared it was obvious that Sephiroth’s aura could not be felt anymore, for he had fled back to his lair.

    Dark turned around to face Hotaru who was leaning against a building. Slowly descending from the skies he landed softly in front of her. Saturn looked in his direction, that sinister aura that she had felt in Dark made her feel very insecure as to whether she should trust him again. Saturn did not want to take any chance for she forcefully pressed her Silence Glaive against his throat.

    “Don’t come near me!”

    She knew that this feeling was identical to the feeling she had felt before the Moon Kingdom was attacked millenniums ago.

    Dark raised both hands in surrender, for he did not want to cause her any harm. Because Hotaru was sustaining such heavy wounds, her fuku had become faint. With a last glance Saturn walked away from Dark, gradually making her way back to her home.

    Arriving home, Hotaru back in her human form dragged her body inside. No longer having any energy left, she slowly saw everything becoming quite fuzzy and blurred, falling unconscious in her own door steps.

    For some time the house remained motionless, till a pair of glowing garnet colored eyes slowly materialized itself in midair, and here after a body. Silently, Dark tenderly picked up Hotaru who laid in the floor, gently placing her bed and went to search for the medicine box; although, Dark had the option of healing her wounds by magic he had decided to take the long way. Within a few minutes Dark had returned and sat down next to Hotaru. Taking out the bandages and antiseptic medicine, Dark carefully began to treat Hotaru’s wound in the head first. He efficiently wiped and cleaned the blood and dirt off from her head, within a few minutes he was putting the bandages around Hotaru’s head and laying her down gently.

    Hotaru who was beginning to regain her energy and consciousness, moved slightly and groaned in pain. Dark, who was watching over her, looked at her with kind and warm eyes, something that hasn’t been revealed too many times neither in the past nor in the present. The dark red eyes which most of the time displayed only distant and cold emotions seemed to be completely nonexistent before Hotaru.

    Before Dark could realize he found himself moving towards Hotaru, who was still lying in the bed asleep, he reached for her face and tenderly touched her. Her skin felt warm and soft, giving a blissful, comforting and nostalgic sensation. Yet, his consciousness did not tell him why such wonderful feelings for such a person were being emitted from the depths of his soul, which had long been turned into a cold dormant stone. From someone whom he had just met last night by chance or is it by fate? But whichever way it was, it seemed that these puzzling emotions were also being corresponded by Hotaru, who although was not awake slightly smiled warmly at the touch of Dark’s hand. That internal ember of love proved to be still burning inside in the depths of Dark and Hotaru’s souls, and has withstood the test of time. Despite that both still cannot remember each others presence in the past, those loving moments, the bonds they shared in their previous life.
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    Re: Whispers of the Past [CH5]

    Chapter 5- The Incantation of the Hand of Time

    As the sun gracefully rose in Tokyo’s horizon, its rays gradually began to penetrate inside Hotaru’s home. The warmth of the sun acted as a pleasant wake up call…Hotaru slowly opened her eyes. Surprised that she found herself in the couch Hotaru got up; the pain from her previous battle seemed to have lessened, but still bothersome. She grabbed the side of her head; Hotaru had then realized that someone had treated her wounds while she was unconscious. As Hotaru turned to look around, all she could see inside her empty home was a single black feather gently swaying with the wind next to the open window. Sluggishly she walked toward a mirror, she looked at the bandages…although it was only a simple medical aid she felt something very special about it.

    For a few minutes Hotaru gazed upon her own reflection, but suddenly remembering that today would be the first day that the new warriors, the Amazon Quartet and Chibi-usa, would be training for the very first time. Hotaru energetically patted her cheeks with both hands.


    Hotaru quickly headed to the bathroom to take her morning shower and wash away last night’s ache and pains. It seemed that this new chapter in the Moon Kingdom is an exhilarating point of everyone’s life. To the Amazon Quartet this was their new saga, their new destinies while to the Veteran Senshis it was one of their glorious closing chapters, and finally to the Outer Senshis a sequel to their Golden Era.

    In a half a hour Hotaru was found heading towards the Crystal Palace of the White Moon Kingdom. At the grand entrance of the Palace, Saturn was greeted by palace officials whom respectably bowed to her. Maintaining palace manners she did a smaller bow for she was in a higher position than the officials before her.

    As she gracefully walked down the long hallways of palace walls, Hotaru transformed into Sailor Saturn her civilian clothing slowly disappeared and her sailor fuku reappeared in place. At the end of the moonlight lit terrace, Saturn could see the training grounds. It almost felt like déj* vu to see that field, which at the time of her training looked like it was a monster with a life of its own. Saturn could feel slight goose bumps forming on top of her skin, giggling to herself she thankfully thought to herself “At least this time we aren’t the ones who are gonna be scrambling to their feet, and running around screaming our heads off…in a way I kinda feel sorry for these girls…”
    Stepping into the rugged terrain, Saturn saw Ami, Makoto, Minako, Rei and the Amazon Quartet awaiting for the rest to arrive. Hotaru looked at Makoto with a worried look:

    “As usual Usagi-chan isn’t here and neither is Chibi-Usa?” laughing to herself she spoke again “ Even though it has been centuries since we first met it seems that those two haven’t change one bit have they?”

    The Veteran Senshis laughed in agreement for indeed Usagi, was very infamous for being late to meetings and events.

    “Speaking about Usagi here she comes…”

    Hotaru looked in front of her and she saw Usagi scrambling and almost tripping over a small rock in the floor. Hotaru laughed, Usagi possessed this strange spell around her, everywhere she went a warm and gentle feeling was left behind. With her usual childish and playful voice Serenity spoke:

    “Well…today is the day isn’t it guys? Wow it’s been a looong time since we have been here the last time?”

    Serenity nervously gulped at the memories she had of this place, which wasn’t very fun at all. It seemed that in the Royal Ball a few days ago the graceful, serene, and serious Queen Serenity was just an act for the real Serenity was casual, playful, crybaby and a klutz. Scratching the back of her head Serenity looked at the Amazon Quartet who despite being new to the scene looked very confident.

    “All right we shall start your training Chibi-usa, CereCere, JunJun, PalaPala, VesVes!”

    All of them nodded, while Hotaru who’s part of the training was to create the actual simulation of a battle. Saturn hopped to the top of a near by terrace, sitting down with her legs crossed. Raising her hand in midair, slowly a silver flute which was ornately decorated with several purple jewels materialized before her; elegantly she raised the mouth piece of the flute to her mouth.
    As each musical note dangerously slithered out of the end of Saturn’s flute, the training battle ground began to fall into an eerie dark silence. At once the new senshis fell into a stiff trance, despite not being able to hear anything not even each others breaths…not being able to see anything and soon even the faint melody of the flute subsided into the absolute silence, the Amazon Quartet and Chibi Moon coped as best as they could. The Veteran Senshis being more experienced than the new warriors quickly adjusted to the changes provided by Saturn’s power of Silence.

    As if there were no obstacles the Veteran Senshis marched towards the new warriors, for now they were going to be their newest opponents. Each Veteran Senshi took their respective counterparts; despite that most of their powers were taken away the Veteran Senshis could still summon a small amount of energy and enough to create considerable damages.
    VesVes tried sensing which way the attacks were coming from, she could feel several attacks hitting her all over her body. But, at the moment she in vainly tried blocking the attacks but not having much success. She screamed in frustration, though under the spell of Silence nothing was heard…VesVes sat down in the floor frustrated and not knowing what to do; still taking the attacks from Minako. VesVes thought to herself “I have to do something…I can’t fail at the first attempt of my training! My sisters are also depending on me!” It seemed that thought brought her some energy and courage. Once more VesVes got up and this time with more dignity, she summoned her own powers. A yellow sphere appeared before her, grabbing from behind her a pool stick she aimed at the ball which was aimed to launch at her opponent.

    For hours after hours the Amazon Quartet, Chibi Moon, and the Veteran Senshis battled each other. Saturn who had been offering her power gradually lifted her powers signaling the end of the training session. As the natural light and sound returned. Saturn saw that the Amazon Quartet and Chibi Moon had used all of the energy they could muster for she found them laying in floor breathing heavily. Chibi-usa spoke in a whiny voice:

    “Mooh! If training is this hard every time we are going to practice….I dunno if I am going to be able to keep it up! Rei nee-chan had to be especially hard on us! She kept attacking all of us as hard as she could! No fair to us who just started!”

    To show that she was displeased she pouted in the direction of Rei, who giggled at the sight of Chibi-usa’s expression. Serenity who had been busy with civil duties visited them at the end of the training session; she smiled peevishly at the sight of Chibi-usa.

    “Ne Chibi-usa it seems you’re not doing so hot as you bragged to me the other night!” She laughed haughtily…

    Everyone broke into laughter at the sight of Chibi-usa arguing with her Mother who seemed to be just another kid, for she too was arguing and yelling.

    Hotaru who was watching for afar slightly smiled, so many nostalgic memories returned to her today. The memories of when she was first allowed to step into the sacred grounds of the Crystal Palace of the Moon Kingdom, the Outer Senshis had strongly prevented her coming due to the nature of her lethal and destructive powers. But, Usagi had eventually convinced them that it was ok to do so. Despite her powers being so feared and despised Chibi-usa and Usagi had warmly greeted her. With this single act Hotaru felt she owed her life to the Moon Family, who all this time had been taking care of her.
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    Whispers of the Past [CH6]

    Chapter 6- Pandemonium’s Sinners

    As the late hours befell upon the Moon, all of the Senshis, Chibi-usa, Serenity and Endymion had retired to their own chambers in the palace. After endless hours of training they seemed happy to be able to just settle down to sleep. Hotaru who had stayed outside laid back against the Palace’s roofs and gazed at the stars, a small breeze began to pick up stirring up the dried leaves in the sparkling floors. While looking up at the stars Hotaru spoke to herself:

    “Are the Amazon Quartet and Chibi Moon really going to be ok?”

    With that thought in mind sleep also worked its way into Hotaru, who slowly closed her eyes.

    Sephiroth watched Hotaru from afar, his right hand raised in midair with a glowing sapphire colored energy sphere resting at his palm. He spoke dangerously before disappearing into the human world.

    “You shall soon see the true colors of Dark and the rest…”

    Sephiroth sat down under a cherry blossom tree as he watched the city got ready for its sleep; he smiled devilishly…Sephiroth reached inside a small silky pouch, as he retrieved his hand from the tiny bag a handful of a mysterious ruby colored dust could be seen. The small amount of the outlandish material, which at the moment rested in his hand, emitted an uncanny and murderous aura. Sephiroth slowly turned his fist down and let the mysterious dust be carried by the night’s wind. As it spread through the air of Tokyo it seemed to multiply by the thousands.

    Under Sephiroth’s power the crimson like dust penetrated the wall of buildings and coated the entire city. As it made contact with mortals in the Earth, it also seemed to effortlessly enter their defenseless and weak bodies. But, it seemed to lay dormant and silent inside their bodies for nothing seemed to change…at least for now…it was almost as if it wanted to remain unnoticed by everyone.

    As Sephiroth overseeing that the strange powder settled and camouflaged itself among its surroundings, he once more sat down and took his double bladed sword. Taking a deep breath and calmly he began to take the routine ritual of sharpening and cleaning his sword.

    “This will take us a while…but the time of opening the jewelry box will come.”

    Dark who happened to be near by, sharply sensed the trail of Sephiroth’s sinister life force. He surveyed the air and around himself, but all that his eyes could see were mere humans who were busy laughing and talking amongst themselves. Dark discreetly walked around blending himself among the crowds of Tokyo, but at the corner of his eyes he watched with hawk like eyes all of that was around him.

    After a couple of minutes of searching, Dark found Sephiroth sitting down, laid back with his hand resting on the handle of his sword, which was propped up. Dark stood before him in a carefree manner, his hands tucked inside his pockets. As if they were old friends Dark leaned against the bark of the Sakura tree with his right leg and crossed his arms. Without even turning to face Sephiroth properly, Dark spoke in his usual cold and indifferent voice…his usual self.

    “What is it your plan this time?"

    Sephiroth remained in stillness but his sneer answered the question itself without any words. Dark looked down at his feet and closed his eyes, if it wasn’t for Hotaru that he now knew clearly was connected to his past he could’ve cared less. But, the silence in Sephiroth’s answer disturbed him a great deal. It wasn’t so much that the lives of others or his own life might be in danger, but the fact that woman’s life, Hotaru’s life, was in jeopardy. Inside his mind Dark spoke to himself, “Sephiroth…if you lay a single finger on Hotaru…I swear that I will tear you apart limb by limb…”

    Without any further exchange of words Dark once more left Sephiroth behind, the road before him now laid more dangerously for too many things were at stake. His past, memories, alliances, and now Hotaru were all at stake in this double jeopardy like battle. Frustration began to burn inside of Dark, but for now he knew that all he could do was to search for Hotaru and keep her under his protection. The more he wandered searching for Hotaru, the more frustration, anger and fear consumed him like an uncontrollable fire.

    Despite the low radar attack Sephiroth had used…it seemed to have disturbed Saturn. She opened her eyes immediately and stealthily, Saturn, teleported back to Earth. Hotaru remained out of sight from human eyes, for she had remained in her warrior form. As Sailor Saturn patrolled the city with attentive eyes, she could feel that the air’s customary current was uneasy and something was provoking the disruption. Although, she could not quite put her finger at what it was she had a feeling it had to do with Dark and that enemy she had encountered a couple of days ago. Suddenly, she could feel thoughts continuously flooding into her mind. Saturn began questioning herself over and over again. “Why is that just a few days ago…that man who I accidentally bumped into in the middle of the night…now is connected to everything in my life? Why? Why does he pursue me? Why do I feel that I’ve known him as long as I can remember and yet I have no memories of ever doing anything with him? Why?” As these thoughts edged inside her, Saturn’s mind became sidetracked till suddenly at the end of the dark and damp alley Saturn spotted Dark.

    She halted immediately; raising her hand upwards she summoned her Silence Glaive, which gradually appeared with the tip of the blade being the last to be revealed. Saturn knew that she was greatly over powered by Dark, but that did not keep herself from fulfilling her duty. Dark appeared to have halted also, he watched her from afar. A sense of hopelessness overflowed him, the words that were unspoken by Sephiroth left him numb, even though so many times he too was once part of it. Dark slowly walked toward her, words seemed to have fled from him for he was unable to speak.
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    Whispers of the Past [CH6]

    Saturn narrowed her eyes in suspicion, clasping her Glaive firmly with both hands. Noticing Saturn’s unreceptive movements, Dark unexpectedly disappeared and reappeared behind Hotaru. Affectionately hugging Saturn from behind tears slowly dripped from his cheeks, he spoke in broken phrases.

    “Pl…please Ho…taru…just…come…wi..th me…I don’t…under..stand…why…but…somet…thing …tells me…I must…protect…you”

    At that Saturn was taken a back, she did not know whether she should attack him, withdraw, or do as Dark had pleaded her. Uncertainty swamped Saturn’s heart, leaving her without an answer; Saturn loosened her grip on her Silence Glaive. Her pale purple eyes for a moment watched the dark alley; Saturn seemed to search for answers.

    Saturn reflected to herself: “What should I do now? I feel torn apart in two ways again…my heart tells me I should follow him but…in the other hand…” her hands moved uneasily, grinding against the Glaive’s staff. Dark looked at Hotaru, his own tears hindered his sight. Feeling that Hotaru was unsure and worried Dark once more spoke:

    “I know that your mind tells you that I am not the one to be trusted. But, please…I beg of you to understand me!”

    The uneasiness seemed to proliferate as each grain of sand fell to the bottom of the sand clock. In the end, Hotaru decided to comply with Dark’s wishes. Her fuku disappeared and her human form returned revealing regular clothes. Dark feebly whispered in her ears.


    Dark gracefully wrapped his vast black wings around Hotaru, unexpectedly and almost spontaneously a wave of blissful warmth flooded her soul. Almost like a spell cast by the sun itself, Hotaru closed her eyes entering almost in a daze. But, just as swiftly as the pleasurable feeling had made its presence a small flare in the depths of her soul told her to be vigilant for the moment. Though it seemed that the heavenly feeling Dark gave off overwhelmed such thoughts and pushed it into the back of her mind. Before she was aware, Hotaru found herself in a different location than they had previously been.

    As Hotaru looked, she noticed that they were inside a spacious and luxurious apartment. Entering the living room Hotaru could clearly see that no money was spared, it was decorated with extremely stunning white leather sofas who were accompanied by silky pastel sky blue pillows, a small center desk composed of glass and stainless steel. Contemporary lamps were placed at the corners of the room and special lighting could be seen almost everywhere, lighting the vibrant modern paintings and the room itself. Several exotic, attractive plants and aromatic candles added finishing touches to the decoration of the room. It also seemed that the spacious living room was separated by several glass panels which had water cascading down making the other side blurred.

    Hotaru just stood in the same place that Dark had brought her, within a few minutes Dark had returned with two glasses of sparkling champagne and a platter of assorted fruits, placing them in the center table. Now the time had come to speak, once more his thoughts were transformed into a whirlwind of chaos inside. Thoughts such as “Why did he love her so dearly, but at the same time he only knew her name, age and occupation and yet he felt like he knew her before this string of events.” For a few minutes Dark gazed upon Hotaru’s gentle and strikingly beautiful profile while Hotaru carefully looked at a peculiar painting that had caught her attention. Hotaru had noticed that within this modern painting the emblem of the Royal Court of Saturn was present. Hotaru piercing lavender colored eyes turned to face Dark; coolly speaking Hotaru asked him about the painting:

    “Dark…where did you get this painting and do you recognize what is inside this painting?”

    Dark looked at where she was pointing with her finger.

    “That painting…is the only thing that has survived from my past…which brings me to my mind. There is something I need to tell you…”

    Hotaru continued to gaze at Dark expressionless as if all the warmth as a human had fled from her heart, she could not show any mercy if he was the enemy and the one responsible for the strange disturbance she felt on Earth.

    “When we accidentally bumped into each other a few nights ago. It wasn’t a mere accident or a coincidence…I had the intensions to kill you. But, as I looked inside you to know what kind of powers you possessed. I noticed something…a perplexing energy inside of you. It is the same energy that resides inside a nightmare that has been giving me agony for as long as I can remember…and when I saw you transforming into a Soldier that was under the same celestial sign as the one in this painting. I couldn’t shake off the thought that you are definitely a connected to my past…the past that I’ve been seeking to know. The past that will tell who I really am.”

    For now he had said almost everything…but Dark still could not bring himself to say that he had fallen in love with Hotaru, the person he was supposed to kill and obtain the Capricorn talisman.

    It almost seemed Hotaru could read Dark’s sentiments, for she responded to his feelings though a cold tone still surrounded her answer, for he had not totally gained her trust.

    “If you really do think I am part of your past and someone important. I am fine with it…but do one wrong thing that will endanger the Earth and everyone, I will make sure I will send you to the Underworld even if it’s the last thing I do before I die.”

    With those last few words, despite being cold and distant; Dark had felt that things were beginning to improve that he might be getting somewhere. Smiling he took the pair of champagne glasses and handed one to Hotaru, who took a small sip. Hotaru quickly stole a glance at the mystical painting that seemed to call her, soon enough that chanting that the painting seemed to create, essentially caught her attention again. As she held the champagne glass in her hands she gazed at the painting for quite sometime, gradually it seemed that the floor itself underneath her feet seemed to have faded.
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