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Thread: Whispers of the Past [Prologue & Ch. 1]

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    Re: Whispers of the Past [CH. 7]

    For a few seconds their gazes coldly met each other before anything was spoken. Dark turned to face the owner of an intensely blue eye.

    “Syoran…it’s been a long time since we last met. But once more I am in need of your help…”

    For a moment the dazzling and enigmatic sapphire eyes looked before the ruby red drink. Calmly taking a small sip, Syoran spoke still looking at his drink seemingly entertained by it. Despite the fact that countless young and beautiful hostesses were trying their best to get his attention, but failing to even get a glimpse of his attention.

    “What kind of information to do you need?“

    It was sometime before Dark responded to Syoran’s questions, sighing Dark walked over to the panel of windows which overlooked at the floors below. He looked down at all the mortals that were dancing happily unaware that their little worlds might be clashing down at any moment.

    “Yeah…I need you to gather information about Sephiroth again. Though this time my goals are different from before.”

    Taking a few more sips of his drink, Dark walked over to the table at the center tossing a large sum of money and placed the large elegant cup down.

    “Well I have someone to pick up tonight…give me a call if you find out anything about Sephiroth and what he is up to.”

    As Dark stepped outside of the night club everything seemed relatively quite compared to the inside. Slightly sighing he continued to walk towards the store where he had dropped off Hotaru. Feeling somewhat excited despite the fact that Dark had always seen countless girls try to win his heart; Hotaru was avidly different from all of them. To him her simple charms, innocent and yet feisty determined personality was something that attracted him to her more than any other girl he had toyed with in the past. Soon enough Dark had arrived in the fancy upscale store, but something seemed abnormal there was absolutely no one inside the store even though it was barely eight o’clock on a Friday night.

    Frowning Dark entered the store, he could still not sense any living energy inside the store. An eerie feeling began to crawl up his spine, warily Dark walked deeper into the back of the store. But suddenly Dark could hear faint whimpering, as he turned the corner and into the fitting rooms he saw several humans lying almost unconscious. A soft but dangerous golden glow still hovered over them, but Hotaru was no where to be seen. Without looking back Dark ran to the outside he knew very well who that malicious golden glow pertained to it was his other self, Krad. Although both Krad and Dark were technically the same being, at the same time they were two complete different individuals with very contrasting ideals. He represented the darkness in the world while his brother, Krad, was light and each had taken different paths until both had united under the Armageddon Forces decades before. With Sephiroth’s words they both had believed that once more the Earth would return to its former state prior to the Silver Millennium when beings such as themselves freely roamed the Earth. But, that was short lived; Dark had severed his ties and alliances with the Armageddon Forces soon after meeting the Saturnian Princess. Once again their past had been colliding in the twenty first century; the era in which humans had come to rule and in turn become Armageddon’s prime targets.

    As Dark ran outside he was deliberately attacked by a single white feather which brightly scintillated in gold. It proved to be lethal, for when it touched the ground it completely turned black consuming the energy around it to glow even brighter than it had before. Immediately, Dark looked up at the skies and found Krad floating above with Hotaru in his arm unconscious.
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    Re: Whispers of the Past [CH7]

    Before disappearing Krad smiled as he watched his brother’s horror stricken pale face.

    But, before the Warrior of Darkness could move any muscle in his body his other self had disappeared into the thin air. Without leaving a trace behind, Krad had returned to Armageddon Force’s headquarters which was located in a remote part of the Sun Kingdom. Surprisingly the Sun Kingdom, despite have fallen millenniums ago to another neighboring power it was still a major sphere of influence and still held many wonders never to be seen anywhere else in the universe.

    As Krad entered the archaic solar shrine, Krad was greeted by other Armageddon members and in particularly by Miyuki whom seemed to be feverishly fond of Krad. In a childish and bubbly voice Miyuki greeted Krad.

    “Oooohhh~ Tat-chan…ne ne! What friend did ya bring with ya? Who is she? Can she play with me? Nyaaaaaa.”

    Seemingly annoyed by Miyuki, Krad ignored her bounciness and constant attempts to get his attention by poking him in the cheeks and ribs. Handling the Saturnian Princess in a quite roughly manner, Krad tossed her in the dusty floor. In a cat like nature Miyuki pounced around and followed Hotaru in the floor genuinely intrigued by the sole fact that she was a new person and potentially a new playmate. Meanwhile Miyuki’s main companion Isis, a beautiful white Fenrir with icy blue eyes, comfortably laid in the floor watching.

    In the midst of the commotion Sephiroth walked into the entrance hall, carefully examining his followers, almost as if they were his prey, and then at the floor where Hotaru laid. Apathetically, Sephiroth motioned towards two of his minor subordinates to take their new “guest” inside. Silently Krad followed behind Sephiroth; despite the fact that they were inside a temple dedicated to the Sun’s goddess and ruler, the temple had no windows or natural light generating very gloomy atmosphere.

    Within the inner chambers it was another story, the main chamber was lavishly built with marble, precious stones and the architecture like wise did not spare any indulgence possibility. Although, the main attraction of the center chamber lied in the spectacular spherical statue of the sun that seemed to be powered by a unknown mythical force; which kept the golden orb endlessly spinning on its axes.

    As the senshi of death and rebirth was brought into the chamber, Saturn’s mere essence seemed to take a great influence on the orb for it began glowing considerably brighter. Revealing the nine ancient scriptures each spot had a individual chest, which one could deduce that a special item was to be placed inside. But what the item was or let alone where it could be found was anyone’s guess.

    Meanwhile, Touya a young member of the organization was closely watching the events that was unfolding in the worshipping grounds. His pale gray eyes narrowed as he saw the Queen, that all Saturnians by birth were sworn to protect, being crucified and held prisoner right before himself. Although, Touya had long severed his tie with the planet Saturn, the inexplicable bonds that lied between its citizens and the Royal Family was buried further in than anyone could ever attempt to remove it.

    “What is her Highness doing here?”

    Shrills of cries could be heard coming from the chamber where Krad and Sephiroth where standing. Sephiroth was utilizing his powers to enter Saturn’s inner soul, he seemed to be searching for something. As the search continued, Saturn’s body automatically tried rejecting the invading force by convulsing and forcefully expelling large amounts of energy. Despite all its effort to halt the intruders, Sephiroth and Krad had managed to find what they were looking for.

    The object they were looking for was a tiny chest box in a shape of a tear. The chest box was largely decorated with silver metals, purple gemstones and the lid adorned with the mythical creature, Capricorn. As Sephiroth carefully extracted the precious item, Saturn’s eyes turned opaque and lifeless, her fuku disappearing and revealing Saturn’s civilian form. But as soon as Krad opened the Capricorn’s Tears the item they were looking for was not there except for Sailor Saturn’s Star Seed and a subliminal traces of the Saturnian talisman. Sephiroth smiled to himself despite encountering the set back, looking at Krad Sephiroth spoke:

    “Place Capricorn‘s Tears back in that girl‘s body, the talisman is not within her anymore.”

    As soon as Krad opened his hands, Capricorn’s Tears floated back to Sailor Saturn’s body and once more revitalizing it’s owner’s body. As Saturn’s heirloom re-entered Saturn found herself gulping for air and her vision blurry. All Saturn was able to see were fuzzy outlines of the inner chambers, before passing out again.
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    Whispers of the Past [CH7]

    {Sorry for taking so long for updating this fanfic...I am having a hard time getting new ideas for the story plot. Working on chapter 8}

    Before leaving Sephiroth gave Krad a small ruby colored shard. Placing the shard in Krad’s hand he spoke:

    “Do as you wish, just as long as you place this inside her.”

    Smirking Krad picked up Saturn in his arms and disappeared into the shadows; his presence could longer be felt within the Solar Temple.

    Meanwhile back in Earth the situation was turning grim with each second that passed. The skies and the moon had turned into uncanny color of blood.
    Dark abruptly stopped on top of a house and looked up, while gazing the crimson skies he clenched his fist. As each ticking moment passed by numerous demons ripped the earthy ground, bringing with them the deadly gases of the underworld. It was as if humanity itself had walked upon Judgment Day with the demons satisfying their blood thirsty instincts and humans turning into demons themselves driven by human instinct, greed, vengeance, and lust.

    As all hell went loose it did not go unnoticed as all nine major Guardian Kingdoms had called an abrupt celestial meeting. Queen Serenity, Endymion, Sailor Chibi Moon, the Amazon Quartet, the veteran Senshis and the Outer Senshis with the exception of Saturn were assembled.
    The White Moon Queen rose to full stature before her court and sternly looked at them in their eyes. Despite the situation and chaotic nature of the moment the Queen retained her composure and spoke in a calm and soothing voice.

    “My faithful and fellow court members as you are all aware, Earth, our beloved home has been thrown into a state of chaos.”

    An intense atmosphere loomed over the enormous throne chamber as the Senshis assembled closely watched their reigning leader, Queen Serenity.

    “Under usual circumstances we would have already been in the battle field, but due to the special circumstances we are unable to fulfill such duties as swiftly. As you know our new warriors, the Amazon Quartet, have just recently been given their divine duties and their power have yet to fully bloom and mature. Which puts us at a grave position as our defenses are our weakest.”

    Placing her hands on the long crystal table Queen Serenity surveyed those around her with a concerned gaze. As Queen Serenity was about to speak again an eerie cold air slithered across the throne chamber freezing the slight moisture in the air, leaving a piercing feeling in all of the court members’ lungs. Instinctively the Endymion and the Veteran and Outer Senshis surrounded Queen Serenity in a protective formation.

    As the white mist lessened a faint shadow appeared at the end of the throne chamber. A silhouette of a tall slander man with long, trailing hair wearing a what to be seemed a long trench coat and a pair of thin glasses.

    “Dead Scream…”

    Before the mist could clear and everyone could recognize who has behind the veil of white mist, Sailor Pluto had launched the first attack. The garnet colored orb on Pluto’s staff began to glow with energy. The unidentified man laughed slightly as he slightly turned his left shoulder to evade Sailor Pluto’s attack. He raised his arm and pointed a finger at the general direction of where the Senshi’s and Endymion were standing. Being the first to recognize the man Pluto screamed:

    “WATCH OUT!”

    Thankfully to Pluto’s warning all were able to dodge the counter attack. The Veteran Senshi’s and Endymion still stood close to Serenity in a circle protecting their Queen. Meanwhile, the Amazon Quartet and Sailor Chibi Moon seeing this event as their first mission naively stood in front of the intruder to defend those behind them.


    Together with Neptune and Uranus, Pluto jumped in the middle to intervene a possible unnecessary disaster. Within a few seconds both the Amazon Quarter and Sailor Chibi Moon were thrown to the side against the wall.


    As Uranus’ attack tore through the Silver Crystal Palace’s floor and whipped the mist away, again the intruder simply raised his hand and absorbed the attack and re-directed at Uranus’ whom was caught off guard and got a direct hit. With the mist gone the intruder was revealed to be Sephiroth. In a sarcastic friendly voice Sephiroth spoke:

    “I see that I am still not welcomed by the kind and prestigious Moon Family…what…did I do to be shunned so harshly?”

    Holding tightly to the that staff Pluto stood before Sephiroth.

    “Sephiroth what do you want with the Moon Family and its allies?”

    Without speaking Sephiroth removed from his pocket a purple colored choker which had a multi-pointed transparent colored star and tossed in Pluto’s direction. As Pluto caught the choker, her eyes widened as she recognized it belonged to Hotaru.

    “What is the meaning of this Sephiroth?”

    But before Pluto could ask any further questions or even receive an answer Sephiroth could be seen fading away with his back turned.

    “For old time’s sake….let’s play a game…”

    Simultaneously as Sephiroth’s presence disappeared the hellish situation on Earth mysteriously disappeared as if nothing had ever happened. The Outer Senshis looked at each other as they knew what was to come. History was to repeat itself if they did not swiftly and accordingly.
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