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Thread: Why Write Fanfiction?

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    Why Write Fanfiction?

    Recently, I did a survey on fanfiction, why I am a fanfic writer and what fandom I participate in.

    Got me thinking- Why do I write fanfiction? And why am I drawn and inspired by
    BBC Merlin fandom and not others such as Farscape, or FullMetal Alchemist?

    Why does someone write fanfiction? Why one fandom but not another, even though you could be a big fan of both?
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    Re: Why Write Fanfiction?

    I never really thought about it...I guess it's because I really like it.
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    Re: Why Write Fanfiction?

    for me , its coz i get so many cool ideas and stuff and if I dont pen them down , i keep dreaming, thinking and evolving those ideas into better ones .I guess that's why i write fanfic

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    Re: Why Write Fanfiction?

    Because it's a way to see things you want that aren't in the actual story. Okay, some of them are complete crack, of course, but suppose you want to see Crona and...I don't know, Free hook up. That would never happen in the actual story, but somewhere online someone's done it.
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