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Thread: a witch story (part 3)

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    a witch story (part 3)

    i felt chills.. i had a really bad feeling. she smiled though, "at least you didnt get death."
    "ha-ha..heh." i was laughed nervously.oh god.. what now?she's so cute. i mean real, real cute. maybe she is a witch. oh crap, what if she turns me into a anteater or something. that kid nathaniel broke his ankle by getting it twisted around the bone. no, no, no...
    "what's the matter?"
    " nothing, just the school food's getting to me." i grabbed my skinny, emo waist.
    "no, it's my fault. ill leave, im sorry."
    "no, Aries.." i paused. im pretty sure i was the only person who ever called her by her real name in her school life. even teachers called her just by her last name. she stopped abruptly. and slowly turned and looked at me, her lips still snow, her eye's had shine to them now, and her cheeks were flushed to a pale peach, the rest of her skin like her lips. she bit her bottom lip and grinned really wide.
    i was no better than those other kids. just 'cause a girl is goth and a little weird doesnt mean she's a witch. ive suffered myself for my emo factor.
    "um, what's your number?", i said numbly..

    (here's how i picture her)

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    Re: a witch story (part 3)

    Uuuu cute gal in that picture, but I picture her totaly differently ^^ but that's the joy of reading!!! ^^

    Oh and the card "death" is not that bad at all... it just means great changes in your life. 7 of swords and the tower are quite bad cards though, but I guess the conventional "death" is the best to use, otherways people wouldn't understnad the joke >.<

    Still a great job!!! Can't wait to see how you continue this.
    If I was writing this, I would get terribly stuck at this point and it would take a month for me to figure how to continue the stary
    So I'm looking forward for the next part!!! Cheers!!! ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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