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Thread: a witch story part 7

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    a witch story part7 & 8(final part)

    i took it home, thoroughly freaked. i was trying to calm myself. then suddenly my alarm clock came on for no reason playing 'stand my ground' by Within Temptation. her favourite band. oh crap. i went to the bathroom to rinse my face with cold water. then i looked up and the mirror shattered. i went to my bed shaking. no-no-no-no this isnt happening. she's normal. in all of the 16 years of my life the person that actually likes me is a witch. the my window flew open. she climbed out. The books from the bookshelves flew around. then the radio burst on playing 'Over the Mountain' by ozzy osbourne. she pushed her hand out at me. she had a broom stick, but it wasnt a generic one, it was black and crimson. she had on knee high witch boots.
    "WHERE IS SHE?!!!?" she screamed.
    at this point, i was shaking and was scared. then all of her hair flew black, her beads swinging. she then looked back at me her eyes red..she threw her arms across each other...
    part 8
    "WHERE IS SHE????!!!???"
    "What?!?!" i was about to run and cry like a little girl. then Aries stopped as the kitten ran by her feet. when i mean stopped, everything stopped, including my stuff flying everywhere, and my heart. as my room was now a complete disaster, and i was in a cardiac arrest, she just stood there kissing the kitten as it purred. her eyeliner wasnt black but red, she wore a short black short sleeve minidress with black and red striped tights. i finally recovered. then stood up.
    "wh-w-a--wait--wh--.....um--th-" i rambled on
    "oh sorry, it's really scary when i lose her. she loves wandering off. lucky she found you"
    i was at a loss. she's insane. i gotta move away. thousands of miles away. like, now. i started walking away. she looked up suddenly
    "wait! stop now! you cant tell anyone about this!"
    "why not?! you just broke into house, scared my sh&*less, and destroyed my room!"
    "dont make hurt you like i had to with nathaniel."
    i turned around slowly. she really did curse nathaniel. all of the teachers said that his ankle was broken very oddly. he claimed it was skateboarding. the ligments wrapped around the bone shattering the ankle. but they said there weren't handmarks, and it would be impossible to do that skateboarding. then, when he started the rumor about Aries, it got infected.
    ah crap. i looked at her, and she stared at me sadly. she looked really lonely and she sat down.
    "i dont need to do that, im sorry. it's okay, i trust you." she said and smiled.
    "after all, you're the only one i've ever really trusted."she continued.
    she grabbed the broom, put the cat on her back,then she said," it wouldn't have worked out anyway."
    she was about to leave. i couldnt let her go. i grabbed her arm. she spun around, and stopped.
    "it's okay, it's just that i have a thing for witches. i wont tell if you wont." i said, and then smiled. i pulled her back into my room, and we kissed several times, then all of sudden, on my leg i felt a bite. i looked down and saw the kitten had bitten my calve.
    "oh, just a vampiric kitten, it's brings me dead bats. it's rather useful.." she muttered. she then continued to kiss me....
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    Re: a witch story part 7

    Ok O.o cool descriptions of the happenings, although it would be nice if you would use her name otherways I'm confused if it's another wich or if its the girl you just had a date with, which is it really?

    And i thought there was too much music at the end of the chapter... O.o

    lol ^^ and i would love it if your witch wouldn't fly a broom >.< It's just so funny!!! And so typical Though my gf wrote about a witches that flew vacuum cleaners *laughs* yah.. those were times ( I was writing and made my best friends write too)

    That's just healthy criticism though, I love how you create the action here, and it came just in the right moment too!!! Nice, nice work. I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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