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Thread: Wolf Twilight (Has nothing to do with Twilight, please read the first comment)

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    Ok, so I saw this fourm and decided to see if anyone would like my story. I've already posted it on anther site, but if you guys here like it I'll post more.

    This has nothing to do with Twilight! I named it before I even knew of Twilight's existence and had already posted it several times.


    Wolf Twilight


    Sparks and blades flew everywhere. The only thing visible is the clashing of the metal. Two skilled warriors are locked in a battle surrounded by others who are, as well, locked in an endless battle. They swing high and low neither advancing. Their swords set ablaze from the shear intensity of the warrior's skills. Now they can see, now they can fight. Their fight almost takes to the skies from the power of the swings. The flames dance a deadly dance spelling death and destruction for all who stood in its path.

    Chapter 1 the first glimpse:

    The real story begins in modern day America. Aw, crap I’m late again. She is going to be so pissed at me. Huh, what's this? She's not here. Where could she be? "Hi Arc sorry I’m late" Amy shouted as she ran towards Arc Wolf. "Well well, look who's late today" he said while he sighed. "Hey, don't give me that. I saw you running here before me!" she said as she glared at him. "Aw, almost got away with it." he announced as he guided her into the restaurant.
    As they sat and waited for their food, Arc's eyes wondered to the street out side. As he sat and watched he saw two men in black trench coats across the street. As he watched them he noticed they both started to turn and look. "Arc, Arc Wolf!" she half shouted. "Huh, what? Oh, sorry." he snapped back into attention. "Are you going to always ignore me like that?! Well any ways I..." she was interrupted by screams. "Amy turn around!" he shouted. "What... what is that!" A deafen roar like sound came form a ball of fire in the ski as it entered the atmosphere.
    When Arc regained conciseness he was in a stretcher being taken to a hospital. "Wha, what happened?" he murmured while trying to think back. The medic looked down in surprise and answered, "Try not to talk. Something happened your all right now." Arc was about to ask about Amy, but fainted before he could. When he reawakened he was in a hospital bed in a room that was completely empty except for a TV and some open curtains. Why is it so empty, shouldn't there be more people? If he survived there have to be more, right? Maybe he was the last one taken in and he got the empty room. That makes sense he thought to him self.
    "Yes sir, understood. I'll get right to it." The man in the black trench coat hung up the phone and looked at his partner "Well Zeta it starts." he said calmly. "Yes Alpha it does." Arc jerked up right in the darkness of the night breathing heavily and painfully he laid back down. It was a dream, only a dream. As he settled back into his bed he thought about Amy, and what happened at the restaurant. Did it hit them directly, what was it? It wasn't a meteor it wasn't even solid. It was like a mass of destruction. "Argh, I can't remember,” he whispered in anger while he tried to remember the impact or for that matter almost anything. He did remember Amy, he also remember the worried look on her face but anything after that was a blank.
    The next day the nurses ran medical tests. The results were astonishing. There was no sign of injury at all. As Arc Wolf waited in the vacant room he’d been in he turned on the news. “ A so called meteor impact has devastated this poor town of Twilight. This is all that is left after the fire ball collided with this restaurant.” Arc looked at the restaurant he’d been in. Or at least he thought it was, there was nothing left except ruble. How had he survived? As the news went on “ There have been roomer of one survivor. How anyone survived I would not know.” Wait one survivor? That means just him? “Why me?!” he almost shouted as a nurse came into the room. “Oh, um… you shouldn’t be watching the news, umm…” Arc cut her off “Is there anyone else?” she responded hesitantly “Well, it was a meteor and for anyone to have survived especially one with not even a scratch is a miracle in itself.” He needed to know about Amy “Was there a body of a sixteen year old girl?” The nurse looked puzzled “No, no there wasn’t why?” Arc was puzzled but answered, “I just thought I saw one.” He couldn’t risk them thinking he’s crazy, but what happened to Amy?


    Chapter two True Calling:

    He was to be released the today. The first thing he would do is go to the restaurant he’d been at. The police probably won’t let him in but he just wants to see it. Thankfully for him the fact that he was at the restaurant was kept quiet. When he walked out side he started to head back towards the restaurant when he saw the two guys in black trench coats that he saw in his dream. He ignored it and went towards the restaurant.
    As he walked down the street he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked and it was them. “Come with us and there will be no problems” the one he thinks is Alpha tightened his grip. “Why would I do that?” Arc said as he brushed off Alpha’s grasp. The one called Zeta replied, “Well if you don’t things might get messy.” Arc glared at them and said “I’ve been through a lot in these last few days and I don’t need this right now so I suggest you leave me alone.” Zeta smirked “Ok if that’s the way you want it.” Zeta through a punch that Arc couldn’t even see, but thankfully he has bad aim and missed. He threw another and Arc put his hands up to block. He stopped his punch right before it hit him.
    “Alpha I thought you said he couldn’t control his powers yet.” Alpha replied “he can’t his powers are acting on there own. I guess we’ll use the stun gun then.” Alpha pulled out a gun that looked like a cross between a pistol and a taser. He aimed at Arc and shot. Alpha grinned, “Well I put a bit to much in it. I guess now you won’t put up a fight, seeming as you’ll be knocked ou…” he got cut off by a kick to the face. “Crap we can’t fight here. She knows her powers. We’ll be back.” The retreated and the savior looked down but Arc’s vision was blurry. “Arc. Arc Wolf! Well I guess you will always ignore me then” he passed out after that.
    “What is this?” he asked as he saw the whole city get totally destroyed. “What’s doing this?!” he wondered “Ah, so you do seek me Arc Wolf. Well then turn around!” Arc turned around only to see a giant monster. It was in the darkness of the night. The only time he got a glimpse of it was when the flames from the building behind him flickered over to them. It looked like a giant wolf demon. It had a wolf shape but there was no fur only charcoaled skin. It started to reach for him.
    “Arc wake up! Stop screaming.” Arc woke up to a campfire and the person who saved him. “Sorry bad dream. I never got to thank you for… Amy?!” he asked astonished. “Yup, yup, you didn’t think I was going to die from that did you?” Amy replied. “Well you always were stubborn, but it destroyed the restaurant how did you…” Amy interrupted “How did you? We have a lot to talk about.” She explained how when the fireball hit Arc Wolf had somehow put up a shield. How the men in black trench coats were talking on their phones after it hit. She explained how she went to find them but they disappeared. “That does explain a lot, but how can I or you use these powers?” he asked. “Powers… oh you mean the Twilight Animals. While you were in the hospital I was looking for the same answers. I found this book in the old library.” She pulled out an old book that had weird symbols on the cover. “Where in the old library did you find that, and for that fact how did you get in it was locked down?” he asked as he stared at the old book. “ Well when a giant fire ball hits the town no one is looking at the old library. And as for where I found it, well it actually found me. I was walking towards it and this voice called me in. I found the book and when I opened it I could read the symbols. It was almost like the pages were talking to me.” She explained while opening the book.
    She started reading it “ When the stars align, I assume that means when the planets align which was the day of the fireball, a ball of fire will mark the start of the end. Heroes will rise and fall, but one will remain to fight the tyrant.” She stopped reading to show him the picture of the tyrant. “That’s him. I saw him in my dream. He was destroying everything.” She stared at him for a second “Then it’s official you are the Wolf Twilight.” The rest of the night was silent.


    Please comment on it, likes or dis likes. I'll have to post them up in segments like this.
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    Re: Wolf Twilight (Has nothing to do with Twilight, please read the first comment)

    This looks like it will be good! It got my interest immediately Could you please post the rest of it?
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    Re: Wolf Twilight (Has nothing to do with Twilight, please read the first comment)

    For anyone who misunderstood me, this story is still in the making, but I hope you like it so far. If you do like it and want to keep reading it, please post. Single posts only allow so many letters, and Double posting is an infraction so you'll be helping me out. Thank you.


    Chapter 4 More Twilights:

    The next day they went back to training. “Ok Arc this is for your Wolf’s Might. It will give you incredible strength. Focus on your arm muscles. Once you think you have it pick up that boulder.” He nodded and focused. He felt jolts of power flow through his arms. “Ok, I’m ready.” He walked up to the boulder and started to lift it. “Hey, Arc Wolf!” he turned “Amy wha…” he dropped the boulder. “You need to concentrate that’s what. Don’t get distracted.” He glared at her “Yeah, well… I mean you… fine.” He focused again. Again he felt the jolts of power. He lifted the boulder. Then Amy let out a scream that hurt his ears. He turned around and almost lost the boulder again. “Ah, nice try Amy…. Amy?” he threw the boulder, “Aw, crap.”
    “Where do these freaking tracks end? I’ve been following them for ten minuets now with my Wolf Sprint. I have to be close. Huh, what’s this? The tracks disappeared.” Arc looked around for a clue and heard a voice from above. “Hey, you! Your with them aren’t you?!” He looked up “With who, you’re the one that took Amy aren’t you? Give her back.” He smirked “If you want her back you can take her back!” he jumped down. He had green shaggy hair. He looked about sixteen Arc’s age. He had a green jacket with a white bolt going vertically across the middle of the jacket. He had plain blue jeans, and white sneaks with a red line on the out side. “So, her name was Amy was it? Hmm… Pink hair and eyes, and a blue jacket with a white tee shirt under it. Plain blue jeans and pink shoes. I want to say clam but stubborn. Now for you. Long red hair, red eyes. A black jacket with a white tee shirt under it. Plane black jeans and black sneakers… I’m going to say punk.” He smiled “Well, punk can you take me?” Arc growled as he spoke “We’re going to see aren’t we!”
    They both stood still for a moment to focus. The green haired kid mad the first attack. It was a raging upper cut then a spinning kick. Arc dodged the punch and blocked then grabbed his leg. He started to spin and threw him into a tree, which then fell over backwards. He sprung up with a flying tackle and landed a solid hit, which threw Arc to the ground. Arc did a handspring, which he turned into a double kick on his way up and managed to land on top of the green haired kid. He was about to start punching him when he felt a hand on top of his. He turned to find Amy holding his fist back. “Amy, you’re ok!” The green haired kid looked at Amy “Your right he’s got talent.” Amy smiled and responded, “Well of course he does.” Arc looked back at the green haired kid then back to Amy “Wait, say what?” Arc got up and the green haired kid followed. “Arc this is Steven.” “Hello Arc nice to make your acquaintance.” He said as he held out his hand. Arc shook his hand “Hi, will someone tell me what’s going on?” Amy explained that he kidnapped her thinking she was with Alpha and Zeta. After she explained everything they decided to test him. “Ok, so you were kidnapped and then decided to test me?” He asked. “Uh, yeah.” Steven answered. “Wait, Steven are you a Twilight Animal too?” he nodded “Yup Wolverine Twilight at your service.” Arc looked at everyone “Well then what next?”


    Chapter 5 Rematch:

    While the three of them sat at the campfire eating the fish they just caught they thought about the day the fireball hit. “Hey, Steven where were you when the fireball hit.” He asked to break the silence. “I was in the park beside the restaurant. What about you?” Arc finished the bite of food he had in his mouth “Amy and I were in the restaurant.” Steven looked up at Arc “So you’re the Wolf Twilight?” Arc looked at Steven “I guess so. How did you know about that though? We have the book.” Steven smiled “Someone’s family had to write it right? The knowledge has been passed down for generations.” Amy chimed in “How, then, did you get the book to practically speak to me?” Steven finished his fish “We infused it with the ability to speak to the Fox Twilight… I guess your it then aren’t you Amy?” Amy thought for a second “Fox Twilight, I like that.”
    Arc held up his hand for silence “Be quiet I just heard someone.” Everyone focused on their senses. Amy looked up “Arc, I think you heard that rabbit.” Arc turned around “Yeah, probably, sorry about that.” Steven was still focusing “Wait there’s more… move!!!” They all jumped back just in time to dodge a spinning kick “Oh, so you’ve learned some things Arc Wolf” Arc stood up “Zeta! That was a dirty attack.” Steven was focused on Zeta “So you’re one of them aren’t you? Your one of the Death Twilights!” Zeta smirked “You know your stuff. Death Twilight Serpent nice to meet you all.” Arc focused on his muscles “That fireball was it your fault?” Zeta started laughing “No not me, that was Alpha. Personally I would have liked to kill all of you with my own hands, but enough talk let’s fight!”
    Zeta lunged at Amy, But Arc ran In front of her a grabbed his fist. “So you think this is some kind of game Zeta!?” Arc threw him into a tree and dropkicked him through. Zeta quickly got up and punched Arc in the face. Steven jumped in and restrained him. Zeta spun his body and slipped out of Steven’s grasp. Amy was running to attack, but Arc sped by. His eyes were blood red wolf eyes. His hands and feet had claws and started to look like a wolf’s. Zeta turned in time to dodge the first swipe, but the second made a hit. Arc’s claws tore through his clothing and revealed scales. Zeta tumbled for a few seconds before regaining his balance. “Fine, that’s the way you want to play it Arc Wolf?” Arc started growing fangs and Zeta grew snake teethe and tongue. “Sssso, issss thisss what you wanted?” Alpha’s voice rang into everyone’s head “Zeta, that’s enough.” Zeta calmed down and went back to normal “So be it. I’ll be back.” Zeta left so fast you could barely see him. With Zeta gone they focused on Arc who still had wolf appendages. Amy tried to calm “Arc, it’s ok. Calm down” Arc reverted back to normal, but then fainted. Amy caught him and laid him down Steven walked over “He probably fainted from the stress, but what was that?”
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    Re: Wolf Twilight (Has nothing to do with Twilight, please read the first comment)

    Very nice. I will definitely watch for more. ^_^ lol ttyl im looking forward to reading them.

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