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Some facts about my story: Tomes and there uses: Only a few can actually use tomes. A select few go to schooling for it. Once they graduate from elementary, they are graded by the teachers and sent to a special high school that teaches you how to use the tomes.

Land: Lim Ran Zen. The Country Lim Ran Zen, city capital Locin, village of Tas. Planet Earth, year 6000.

Plot: Main character dreams of bringing a better good to the world by being a famous tome collector. An undercover group plans to use tomes to rot away the world.

Main Character: Skype
Personality: Always trying to get the upper hand on things, he doesnt give up often, he smiles over everything, he can be annoying, and he tends to bust chops too much.
Gender- Male
Style: Smooth, unprediactable, upbeat, wears clothing that usually chains together.
Hobbies: Collecting cards, checking motorcylces, exploring heights, working together, and people.
Appearance: Red spikey hair spreaded apart, he wears a white bandage over his nose, his eyes are dark black, he is about 5'9, skinny but not boney, he weighs about 150. His eyes are large, his nose is pointed at the tip. He had a tatoo of a black crow's head on his right cheek.

Age- 15.

Money known as P-4

Chapter one: School of Tomes.

Teacher: So.. If I were to find a shell tome.. what would I do to activate it.. Skype!?

*Skype was busy drawing*

Teacher: Skype!!!
*the teacher began to get annoyed*

Skype: Huh!? Wha? Oh!! Uh...

*The class laughed*

Skype: But I know the answer!!

Teacher: Lets hear it then, slacker.

Skype: You dont know how to use the tome until you properly mess around with it to find its use.

Teacher: Correct.

Skype: Hahaha told you! *He pulled the skin down on his eye and stuck his tounge out*

Teacher: Skyypeee (She sounded annoyed) Do I need to send you to the dojo's?

Skype: Sorry mam..

(The dojo is where you were beat into behaving. Remember this is year 6000)

*The Teacher continued lecturing at the end of class everyone stood up and left, expect Skype.. who was napping*

*The teacher walks over to Skype*

Teacher: Skype.. Class is over..

Skype: Huh!? Wazzuh?? Oh class right, later teach! *He walks out the door, an elevator was right at the entrance, he was on floor 500. Pressing the button to floor 600 the elevator began to go up.*

Skype: I love heights! Time for Skype's favorite sight seeing! (Music came on from the speakers, the song was Days by Flow) Woah this an old song! Sheesh.. but yet it still maintains a spot in my heart... Lalalala *he begins to sing along with it as the elevator continues up* zuttooooooo.

*Elevator doors open, Skype exits and is on the high school roof top. All around his was flying jets, his city was white as light, it hurt if you gazed at the buildings paints for too long. Some building structures went as high as into space. Skype walked out to the edge of the school building and sat down.*

Skype: Hmm.. Tomes.. I wonder.. which one would be the tome of flying? *Skype begins to whistle and just stare at the height. He was wearing black pants, that had two straps on them, he was wearing bright red sneakers, his shirt said "Im the one!" on the back it said "To pwn you", he had a orange backpack, with just one strap, and it was more of a vertical bag as opposed to extending to the sides. He had shades but they were tucked in his hair.*

Skype: I wish.. that this world wouldnt have to end so soon.. Dad and Mom always told me that it was going to be over in 6140, but I dont want to beleive it.. If there was a way to prevent it..

???: Its hopeless. Only a fool would try.

Skype: Whats that!? *Skype stood up, and turned seeing his school rival, Xig.*

Xig: Its just as it is.. You need to accept it Skype..

Skype: Never! Your a fool Xig! *Xig had long lavender hand that went past his eyes, he wore a hood, which was attached to a shirt, in a weird fashion that was called "Hidden". His pants were gray, and his sneakers were gray as well.*

Xig: Come Skype, its time for your daily beating.. *Xig pulled out a C shaped knife from his pants pocket.*

*Skype reached into his baggie, pulling out a red-white metal piece, it resembeled a hilt*

Xig: Ahaha, you still cant use it.. No crystal piece fool. *Xig pointed to the missing spot in Skypes hilt, it was shaped like a crystal. Skype pulled out a green crystal, shoving it into the spot.*

Xig: How the hell did you get your hands on that!?

Skype: I knew you were going to come at me, so I have saved up some P4 for it. *Skype suddenly thrusted his arm out holding the hilt, and out came a green beam of light from the hilt.*

Xig: Tch, still no matter.. *Xig's C bladed knife suddenly formed a black spike all around it. Including his hand.*

*The wind blew across the roof top, there stood the two of them, suddenly Xig charged at Skype, going in to punch Skype with the fist full of dark bladed spikes, Skype ducked and came up with a flip kick, landing on his feet, Xig fell back but caught himself, as Skype came in and slammed his sword down. Xig countered it with his spikes, they began to clash, the beams shooting out all over, Xig raised his other hand and a blue aura came out, he shot Skype right in the chest with it , sending him tumbling back, Skype picked himself up, and in time put his sword in front of him to protect himself from Xig's attack. Xig looked directly into Skype's eyes, they were blue, a dark scarey blue. Skype hopped over his sword using it as a leverage, then he came thrusting down into Xig with it, slicing Xig's shirt , blood oozed out.*

Xig: Tch.. shit *He grabbed his wound* Not bad for a first time user.. *he raised his hand and shot more blue shaped disk at Skype, they exloded on him, he landed on the ground, his body smoking, he pulled himself up, his shirt was torn into peices, Xig came flying down slamming his fist into the ground where Skypes head was, who dodged it in perfect timing, suddenly Xig shot a huge beam at Skype*

Skype: What the fu- *It hit Skype shooting him off the building, Skype began free falling* Shit shit shit shit shit!!! *He began to cry as he was falling to the ground, remebering he was still holding his blade, he slammed it into the side of the high school building, he was still plummenthing at an amazing speed, but he kept the blade into the buidling praying he would stop falling eventually, but he saw the ground continuing to get closer, and soon the street began to look more like a street and not a line in the earth.*

*Xig walks back to the elevator* Xig: Heh, friggen punk. Serves him right, one less tome user..*Xig selects floor 1, the elevator began to move*

*Skype kept falling but finally it began to slow, and he was in control now, the blade kept peircing through the building, no doubt the teachers were flipping, he finally made it to the last 10 floors, the student senate floors, the blade kept slicing through, he finally reached the ground, hitting the button to shut his blade off, his feet dropped to the ground, and he barfed*

Skype: Xig...*huff huff* That bastard.. He must have a tome..

*Xig walks out of the building seeing Skype*
Xig: How the hell.. your still alive!?

Skype: ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *Skype slammed the button to light up his blade and charged at Xig, slicing him in the gut, Xig began to barf out blood, he quickly pulled out his blade, Skype pulled his blade out of Xig, Xig came runing at Skype, and nailed him in the face with the spikes, Skype flew into a car and went through it, landing on the other side of it, he slowly pulled himself up, but Xig greeted him with a front kick to the face, sending Skype flying into the air, Skype again was air bound, and would die from the fall, suddenly a blue blast came up, Skype realized what he had to do, it was Xigs blast, he quickly slammed his sword on it to push him into a building, the blast did indeed shove Skype into a building, through its window, and out the other side, but Skype grabbed the ledge, saving his life. He pulled himself up, and ran into a corner shutting off his saber to hide. Its not like Xig would even bother coming to Skype though.*

To be continued..
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