Chapter Two: Peperations.

Surgeon: Removal of the glass complete. Next step, the metal.

Doctor: Becarful. Check up on his meds.

Nurse: Stat: Heavily medicated.

Skype: (Whats these voices im hearing?)

Doctor: Good.. you'll be okay son. *The doctor walked out*

Skype: (Hey! Where am I.. Why is it dark?.. Did I die?!)

Surgeon: Scapel.

Nurse: Scapel. *hands scapel to surgeon*

Skype: (I ..can hear something.. )

Two days later.

*Skype wakes up* Skype: Nuh..Where am I?.. *he grabs his head in pain*

*Looking around he sees he is in a hospial, his dad was sleeping next to him.*

Skype: Dad?! What are you doing here!?

*His dad woke up*
Dad: Skype!! *he hugs skype, but skype yells in pain as he has not fully recovered* Oh im sorry! I got carried away.. son.. *he tears* What happend!?

*Skype grabs his blanket in anger clenching it*
Skype: Xig.. that bastard tryed to kill me..

Dad: Xig!? The bully in your grade!?

Skype: Yes..

Dad: Son!! What did he do to you!?

*Skype explains the story, his dad tears up but in the end comes to a conclusion)
Dad: Tomorrow I will contact your principal and work things out. For now you need your rest..

Next day.
*Dad walks into room, Skype was awake messing with digital graphics in thin air, it was some gadget that was in hospitals to keep patients occupied.*

Dad: Son... Xig has vanished..

Skype: Vanished!? Huh!?

Dad: Thats what I heard from the principal. He's nowhere to be found.. Not even his parents know.

Skype: How can that be.. I just fought him.. he must've left the city.

Dad: Either way son, it wont happen again, I promise. *He hugs skype*

Skype: Ugh Dad.. you mushy old bear.

A few days later Skype leaves the hospital

Skype: Well! Im not full healed but close enough! *Skype does some punches in the air* Yeah!! Alright! So.. Lets see.. *Skype pulls out a small bar, which lit up a map of where he needed to go. The diagram began to talk* "Destination, Tome School. Location: School Floor 10. Senators spokes room."

Skype: Eh? Stupid senate must be having a meeting.. Ok lets go.. *Skype pulls out a hook, which he puts on a wire, he held a handel on the end of the hook, it let up and began to bring him to school. Once arrived he unsnatched the hook from the metal pole, and walked in.*
*Walking into elevator, he arrives on floor 10*

Skype: Alright.. just a lousy meeting lets see what they have to say this time..
*Skype attends the meeting*

Student Senate President: In case you have not heard, grade 10 Xig, has gone missing. If you know of his dissapearance please notify us immediately.. (The student who was talking had black hair that went near his eyes but was spreaded apart and combed neatly. He had a sleek smile, he seemed too serious for a smile to enter his day. His eyes were yellow-brownish.* "That is all. Dismissed!"

*Skype walks out, but hears the president call him over. He shakes Skypes hand.*
Student Senate President: Names Demetri. Pleased to meet you Skype.

Skype: Yeah uhh.. How do you know my name.. and just what is it you want?

Demetri: We heard all about the fight with Xig.. We are sorry this wasnt adressed earlier.

Skype: I never complained so I guess its my fault ahah.. *he rubs his head*

Demetri: In any case, your going to be with me for a bit.

Skype: Wha!? Why!?

Demetri: Xig still wants you dead we are pretty sure, so the teachers ordered the best of the senate to go with you.

Skype: Uh dude, your younger then me.. not to mention shorter. Which is a miricale since im pretty short.

Demetri: You forgot, I found out how to use my first tome at the age of 10. You still dont know how to use it Skype..

Skype: Ugh.. fine! *He draws a breath* So.. Demetri, what is the purpose of lugging you with me?

Demetri: Just for class missions, so you dont go it alone. Your health is on our watch during school hours. Otherwise I dont quite care. *Demetri gets a drink from the vending robot.*

Skype: Alright.. Demetri.. *giving him a glance* Lets see.. I know the teach wanted me to explore Tondo Beach..

Demetri: What for?

Skype: Tomes.

Demetri: At that useless beach? Alright..Well lets do it tomorrow. Besides I know you have test to study for.

Skype: Great your a mommy dearest eh.. *Skype puts his shades on and walks out to the elevator* Later Demetri.

Demetri: Take care Skype. Meet here tomorrow after your test.

Skype: Yeah yeah *Elevator shuts and lowers to floor 1, Skype walks out, and pulls out his map, marking his location to leave the city to the woodsy part of the outside of it. He uses his hook fang to get there. Once arriving, he sets down his bag and pulls out his hilt.*

Skype: Where would I be without you.. *He looks at the hilt with the crystal* Probably dead eh? Hahaha! *Skype pushes the button to activate the beam. He begins to practice his attacks on a tree.* Oww! Man I am still achey from that damned idiot!

???: Hey Skype!

*Skype turns around to see his friend, Zin*

Skype: Sup Zin!

Zin: Heyah pal, how are you doing? *Zin was a relatively tall person, around 6 feet, his hair was green and always pushed back firmly, expect one piece of hair that always seemed to go in front of his face. His cheeks were lush with color and his smile seemed to light up the training area*

Skype: Eh been better. You heard bout Xig?

Zin: Oh yeah. The entire high school knows.. Say.. what you got there? *he points to Skypes blade*

Skype: Eh! This is what iv been saving for Xig when he came after me. *Skype chuckles*

Zin: Looks expensive.

Skype: Almost didnt provide enough support against Xig beleive it or not.

Zin: Jeez no wonder why you were saving up on all that P-4. Selling me all your porn must've been worth it!

Skype: Jeez dude shhhh its in the middle of the day comon!

*Zin covers his mouth with both his hands and looks around*
Zin: Sorry Skype!

Skype: Yeah no problem! So.. I need to train, I hear Xig may be back for me.

Zin: Dude, that kid.. has problems. All he wants to do is fight, and he has no reason!

Skype: I dont know.. something tells me he fights for a reason. I saw it in his eyes when he gave me that look.. That kind of "Dont **** with me" Look?

Zin: Youwch. Well he must've really wanted to see your head on a mantel or something ahaha.

Skype: Yep. Well luckily ol Skype knows a thing or two! *Skype raises his sword in the air, chopping a tree limb off unknowningly, which crashed down in front of him* Whoops.. Ahaha.

Zin: Ehehe *looking back towards the city.* Well my CrossX9 is waiting for me bro.

Skype: What the hell! Since when did you get that motorcycle?

Zin: Few days back.

Skype: Arghh man I want one but instead I needed to buy this damn hilt!

Zin: Ah man, listen I dont have a problem lending my cycle to you.

Skype: Sweet!

Zin: Yeah, and ill lend it to you tonight as a matter of fact. Have fun. I could use the walk, besides my house is on the out skirts, being that im 18 and living in the apartment.

Skype: Lucky!

Zin: Not when the bills come in the mail. Seeyou later pal *He walks away down the dirt trail*

Skype: Yeah.. back to training some.

*Skype finishes up and puts his sword away, hopping on the motorcycle he has his fun and rides home.*

To be continued...