Chapter 3: Experience of a life time.

Teacher: Today you all will be heading to Tonko Beach, there you will try and find your first tome, without any dog support.

*The class moans and groans*

Teacher: Thats enough. You can either work alone, or find partners. Remember , grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, are all taking part in this, so just keep in mind two higher grades will also be taking part.

*Skype drew on his hand two eyes and began to clench his hand moving it as if it was a puppet, and imitating the teacher moving his thumb everytime she talked. The class silently laughed.*

Teacher: "I dont find anything funny about this matter, seeing how this is a important part of your grade!" *She grew angry* Well, thats it. Its 9am now, you have until tomorrow, 9pm to return with a tome, if you fail to bring one back, then atleast report your surroundings.

*Everyone gets up. Skype was wearing a unique outfit today, he had a black leather coat on, and his shirt was a white tank top, he was lugging his orange bag, his pants green but had a black glow at the waist, and he was wearing his red sneaks. His friend Zin walked over, his one green hair in his face as usual*

Zin: Hey partner.. Well seeing how I am a bit older but we are in the same grade, what do you say we team this one up? Besides with you and that sword, it could be a big help out on the beach, although I dont really expect alot of action.

Skype: Well! I was suppose to be teaming up with Mommy Dearest President Demetri, but seeing how hes not around, I would much rather team up with you and ride that awesome badass motorcycle!

Zin: Haha is that the only thing you want from me? Sheesh Skype.. *Zin lowers his head and sighs, causing the one green hair to float a little, Skype attempted to grab scissors to cut it off since it annoyed the shit out of him*

Skype: Alright.. Tonko Beach should be about 40 miles from here, which is about 10 minutes on the motor cycle, and we wont be speeding so.. Lets get going! Comon Zin! *Skype pulls out his hilt and hooks it onto his belt, then him and Zin walk onto the elevator and select floor one. From floor 600 this always took them a bit of time. They began to chit chat.*

Zin:So Skype.. What was it like almost dying out there?

Skype: Eh.. It wasnt good at all. *Skype rubs his head and chuckles* But I knew if I just kept trying I would make it out in one peice. I just had one thing in mind: the will to live.

Zin: Sheesh your brave man.. *Zin's yellow eyes scanned the outside towers as they were going down. The inside of the elevator was alit with blue plasma, and from the outside was the city in all of its white buildings.* Say.. how much you think it'd cost me for a hilt and crystal like yours?

*Skype shrugs*
Skype: I got it off the black market for cheap man.

Zin: T-the black market!? It could've been a fake for all we know!

*Skpye looks at it*
Skype: Mmm..Nope, no fake here, saved me in battle.

Zin: Ugh.. man and it costed you that much ? Sheesh.. Id hate to see the price of a real model.

Skype: Yeah, man. Why do you want one?

Zin: Just seeing you with it, you look like such a badass.. but you know you need a license for that stuff.

Skype: Yeah but if its retreived in hilt form, nobody will notice. *Skype smiles widely, they reach floor one, exit and hop on the motorcycle. It lifted off the ground and hovered a few feet in the air. Zin applied the energy to go, and within a second it took off, reaching 40mph. They were still in the city so they had to becareful. Skype was on the back*

Skype: *shouting* Hey Zin!! Shouldnt we grab some snacks before we venture out to Tonka Beach!?

Zin: What?? Cant hear you!!

Skype: Grr... (Mumbles) Well it shouldnt take us too long.. just a tome hunt.

*They get on the energy-wave path to the beach, which was an alit path facing away from the city, to some woodys area. Reaching 430 MPH they arrived at the jungle within 4 minutes. Skype took off his helmet as the bike lowered to the ground, Zin rode without his helmet, his green hair was a mess.*

Skype: Jeez man this baby's got good energy.
Zin: Haha yeah.. So heres the jungle entrance to the bay. *They look at a thick brush ahead of them, where no entry way seemed to exist. Skype looked at his watch for the time, it was 10am. They had plenty of time. Skype pulled out his hilt and pressed the button on it to activate the beam on his sword. He began to slice at the brush clearing a path for himself and Zin.*

Zin: How far in you think we need to go to make it to the brush?

Skype: Beats me! Until I can stop slicing and dicing im fairly sure! *He was wearing his shades so the tall bundles of grass wouldnt get in his eyes.*

*2 hours later*

Skype: Huff...huff *keeps chopping away* *panting* Okay... *trying to catch his breath he puts his sword down and turns back to Zin.* You-your turn bro..*huffing* Just start chopping like no tomorrow. *Skype walks back to the entry way and lays down.*

Zin: Alright!! I was waiting to try this baby out.. So this is a first prototype it seems? Never though id get my hands on one so soon.

*Skype shouts* "Hey quit talking to yourself and begin to chop dammit!*

Zin: Oh right! *Zin hits the button and a beam comes out of the hilt.* Lets do it!! *he begins to chop away. At this rate they were close to the beach*

*Another two hours go by*

Zin: Heyy Skype!! *Zin shouts down the path, Skype hears him and awakes from his nap and sits up.*

Skype: Huh!? Whose attacking the ship!!!

Zin: Err... I found the cave to the beach.

Skype: Oh!! *Skype gets up and runs over to Zin, he stops and stares down the cave entrance, the wind began to pick up.*

Skype: Its.. 2pm. We better get this tome because I am starved bro!

Zin: Yes!

*They walk into the cave, Zin hands the sword hilt back to Skype. At the end of the cave they saw a beautiful ocean and a beach, full of very bright sand, the sun was pounding down, tropical birds flocked, rainbow colored tree's were all around them.*

Zin: So beatiful..

Skype: Yeah! Wheres the heighest point here? I would love to see it.

Zin: Say.. do you see something out there? *Zin squinted his eyes and saw a glowing shell*


*Suddenly some people appeared. They looked near Skypes age*

Group: The tome you say?

Skype: Zin quick, get the tome! *Skype draws his sword, the group gasp, Zin takes off and runs in a goofy way towards the tome. He ran a good half a mile.*

Skype: So.. you.. are you all from tome school, cause I dont recongnize a single one of'va except Penny over there, *points his sword at a girl who was wearing a pink skull cap, and a button down pink coat, with pink pants and sneaks, with blue vine designs on them, her hair was light brown and straight, going down past her eyes, which were blue.*

Penny: These.. are my friends.

Skype: Friends.. Why are they here?

Penny: They said they would help me get the tome..

*A kid walks up to Skype, Skype points his blade at the kid*
Skype: Stand down.

Teen punk: What the hell is your problem?
Skype: We found the tome first.

*Zin grabs the Tome.* Zin: GOT IT!!! *It was a blue glowing shell, it was beautiful.

*Skype chuckles. Suddenly a HUGE dragon circled the air, Skype's hair raised on his neck, he lowered his shades to make sure he wasnt seeing things. Zin began to shake from his legs up. The group all gasped*


Zin: Oh.. my god... *The Dragon slammed into the ocean of water causing a huge tidal wave. Zin was right on the beach shore.*

Skype: ZIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *The huge wave slammed near Zin, launching him out of the ocean and onto the beach, he was still holding the shell*

*Zin began to run, but the huge dragon saw him. It was pratically made of stone, its head was shaped like a big boulder, the rest of its body was brown and rocky, it had four legs, two gigantic stone wings, and a huge tail. It screamed*

Skype: Shit wheres Demetri..
*Skype ran towards the dragon pulling out his sword.* RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny: Wait! Skype you cant take him alone! Everyone follow his lead!

*Suddenly the group of people began to charge at the Dragon while Zin was crawling away for his life with the tome*

*Everyone comes rushing down the half mile run, leaving the woodsy of the beach, the huge dragon was looking at them, as it slammed its huge legs down to the ground, creating another huge tidal wave to come crashing down on them all. Skype pulled a kids hover board from his arms and quickly hopped on it, gliding full force at the tidal wave, he quickly nabbed Zin and began dragging him back to Penny who had set up a barrier with her staff. Skype made it in time, quickly putting himself and Zin in the barrier. Skype let go of Zin's shirt, which was ripped in shreds, and his ass was bleeding from being dragged by Skype.*

Zin: Oww man shit I think I need stiches in my ass!

Skype: Sorry man it was either that , or you died. *Skype gets off the hover board and gives it to the guy he took it from*

*The dragon's wave slammed against the barrier, everything around them was covered with water except Penny and the group. The Dragon roared and began to charge at them, it was coming in fast*

Skype: Shit shit shit!! What the hell do we do?!

Penny: I havent had enough practice to take a dragon!!

Zin: Kiss your ass goodbye guys. *Zin trembles as they watch the dragon come at them.*

Skype: Alright.. heres the plan, Penny run to the side, use the greatest spell you got on that guy, while hes destracted, me and the group will try and get a hit on him..

Penny: What!? Are you crazy!?

- Please see World of Tomes CH3 B