Skype: Now!!!!! *Penny took off into the woods, Skype took the others and ran the opposite direction, Penny casted a strong lightning spell, suddenly a huge streak of Lightning came down and slammed the beast, its impact made the sky roar, the stone barely chipped on the dragon, but in rage the Dragon turned and ran at Penny.*

Skype: Okay guys.. Yo punk toss me your skate board. *The kid throws the board at Skype, who in turn jumps on it, the hover board lights up.* Zin, come with me, and when we get close enough your gonna need to boost me up and throw me up onto the beast!

Zin: Wait a sec.. you want us to BOTH fit onto that tiny hover board, then some how perfrom a miricale and lift 150 pounds of Skype and throw you onto a dragon!?

Skype: Before Penny dies! Lets gooo!! *Zin hops on the board, and Skype takes off, Zin's crotch was prety much right on skype, it was a very awkward position to be in. When they came close, Zin grabbed Skype by his waist line, picking him up, the board began to tilt, ZIn hurridly tossed Skype near the dragon, Skype stabbed his sword into the dragon and pulled himself up with it, the Dragon shreiked in terror. Penny was pale as the dragon was almost caught up to her, she kneeled over and gasped for breath, the dragon began to ruthlessly charge around looking for Skype, who kept stabbing his blade into the hard rock body of the dragon. It screamed again, suddenly another group of people showed up, they were wearing black hoodies, with white crosses on them, and black capes, with black sweat pants and boots. The group began to cast spells, the dragon suddenly stopped moving, Demetri seemed to be leading the group.*

Demetri: Okay guys, now give it your all!! *The group of hooded people had to come about 20 people, they all began to pray, and suddenly huge streaks of lightning slammed onto the dragons head, the force knocked the dragons head into the beach sand, it couldnt pull it up, the group kept shooting huge streaks of lightning down*

Penny: Am I seeing things!?.. Is that Demetri, the president of student Senate?

*Suddenly Demetri pulled out a vile and drank it, his left arm changed shape, it turned a purpleish color, and surged with lightning. He suddenly shot a huge wave of lightning at the dragon, Skype jumped off screaming, landing pratically breaking his legs, he began to crawl, Zin picked him up and dragged him back to the barrier Penny set up, where the rest of her group was waiting, Penny soon joined them as it seemed the senate group had the dragon down.*

*Demetri walks over to the dragon, and slams his purple arm into its chest, ripping out a section of the dragons heart, he tossed it to one of the group members behind him, they put it in a plasma glowing bag for research purposes. He then walks over to Skype and his group*

Demetri: Is everyone alright here?

Skype: Demetri.. just what the hell are you?

Demetri: Its a privlege of using tomes, you can transmute your body for a few minutes, at a cost though.. *he grabbed his arm in pain as it began to solidify.*

Skype: Jesus its turning into stone!! *Zin was still holding Skype up at this point.*

Demetri: Yeah.. we all need to get to the Co-Asp Medical Center immediately, this is not a good situation. *Demetri's outfit was some odd black suit, with blue palsma lines alligning it.*

Zin: Yeah.. I need stiches..*Blood was seaping through Zin's pants.. by his ass.*

Penny: What a mess..

*Demetri taps his ring, a screen appears of the principal from the school.* Demetri: Send the emergency Co-Asp Med Center to this location please. Tonko Beach.*

Principal: Right away. Demetri is everything okay? *It appeared to be an old man with glasses and a goatee talking to Demetri*

Demetri: Lets hope so..

To be continued.