World of Tomes Chapter 4: Sinister Situations

*Skype and the crew were all hospitalized that day, even Penny for over-exertion of her abilities.*

*Gossip was in the hospital, nurses and doctors alike were all talking about the dragon appearance at the beach, and how a bunch of teens took it on.*

*Skype was in his room talking to his mom and dad about what had happend.*

Skypes Dad: Skype.. son you got to stop getting yourself injured like that.

Skype: Hey hey pops blame the school, its not like I was expecting a terrorizing dragon to appear and try to kill us all.

Skypes Dad: Yeah.. Maybe you should give up being a tome user..

Skype: Yeah right! As if!! I need to if I want to live against Xig, and besides me and Zin have our first tome already!

*Skype was discharged, his legs were sprained and swollen but not broken , badly bruised although, he was put on a 10 day R&R, and was required to use a healing machine every night before bed, and VR training in his sleep to keep his abilities up.*

*Zin was home, but he was unable to sit, hence that was his stiches location, but plasma stiches didnt last too long, just a few days and he would be okay. The rest of his buttox was placed on Coolax shots, to keep the inflammation down and to ease his pain. Penny was given a few shots and was back on track, and Demetri was still in the CCU.*

*Penny and Zin were talking outside the hospital*
Zin: So.. I guess we both owe Skype on this one eh..

Penny: As if! *She was still wearing her pink hoodie and skull cap* That asshole almost got us killed! *She marched off.*

Zin: *sighs* Guess ill head back to my apartment, hope Skype isnt in the hospital for too long.. I wonder whats going to happen to Demetri.. *Zin walks down the hospital path talking to himself*

*Two days later Skype finally was at full health, technology was a strong and wonderous thing at this time. Skype was sent home , where he would mess around with the blue shell shaped tome Zin had found.*

Skype: So.. I wonder.. What if.. *Skype held the tome in the air with his arm* Work tome work! *the tome did not do anything. Skype grew impatient, and squeezed the shell with anger, suddenly a huge wave of water emerged from the shell and was going to crash down on him, he dropped the shell in fear, and suddenly all the water retreated into the shell. During this time the teacher was teaching the high school tome users*

Teacher: And if you squeeze the shell tome, you should trigger it to work. Now lets hope Skype is smart enough to let go of the Tome if he actually gets it to work...

*Skype began to gasp for air as he was in shock thinking he was about the whipe out his house and the city.*

Skype: Alright.. lets just hope nobody saw that. *Skype Tucked away the shell into his orange bag.* Atleast Xig wont have the upper hand next time in combat..

*The next day, Skype goes to school. He was wearing a blue trench coat, with a glowing outer lining, the coat went to his knees, and was in a bell shape, his pants were grey but were alit with plasma sidings of red, and he had his red sneakers on. He was wearing shades even though it was pouring outside. Skype walked up to Zin who was wearing a simple red shirt, and holding an umbrella, he was wearing green pants and black boots.*

Skype: Zin.. *Skype was pratically whispering* I got the tome to work..

Zin: Get out!

Skype: Ahah serious man! *Skype whipes his nose* You got to see the power on this sucker, I mean for a sea shell, it sure does pack a punch!

Zin: Okay, heres the deal, after we get graded by the teach, we can have you show us how it works outside!

Skype: Like a project thing?

Zin: Yeah!

Skype: Alright good thinking Zin. *The two began to walk into the school building, and go into the elevator, floor 600 as usual. Waiting the two of them begin to talk and stare out the window at the raining city*

Zin: Cant wait to get that 100 on our grade man!

Skype: Yeah! It was worth it, although the dragon almost killed us haha.

Zin: Yeah.. *Suddenly the elevator stopped* What the hell!?

Skype: Just a check up im sure. *Skype lifted up his shades, his red hair begain to raise up as he grew nervous*

Zin: I..I dont know man!!

Skype: Shit.. floor 306? Why here? We are just about half way..

Zin: You dont think its.. Xig!?

*suddenly a face slammed against the glass on the outside of the elevator, it was a hooded person, he jumed up and vanished.*

Skype: What the ****..!?

Zin: Oh my god.. *he falls to the ground*

Slype: Zin get up!! *Skype walks over and shakes Zin.* We dont have time!! Get the hell up dammit!!

Zin: I.. what.. we are going to die..

Skype: Damnit! *Skype slaps Zin in the face, turns around to bash the elevator keys, and they lit up again, but it was toggled to floor 700, where Skype last fought the doors opend, there stood Xig, a thunder bolt came down from the sky behind them, it began to pour..*

Skype: Your back for more Xig!? *Skype pulled out his blade and it surged in the rain, it began to have sparks come off of it.* Come get your piece then, you son of a bitch..

*Zin was still on the ground*

Skype: Zin get the hell up!! *The hooded man ran over and punched Skype in the face, sending him flying back into the elevator, Skype slammed into the Elevator wall, shattering the glass, he stood back up, and pulled his shell out of the bag, applying pressure he waved his arm towards the hooded man, a hydro splash of atleast 100tons of pressure slammed the hooded figure, knocking him off his feet and to the edge of the building, but he slammed his fist into the wave, breaking it into nothing, the hooded man charged at Skype, Skype drew his sword and clashed with the mans fist, which was the black spikes on it like last time, and the c-shaped knife, Skype punched the figure in the face, and ducked at the same time dodging the mans hit from his fist since Skype needed to let loose on hand, the mans hood came off, revealing his light blue hair, it was indeed Xig, the hair was down in his face, dripping wet.*

Xig: Give me the tome!

Skype: As if!!

Xig: You leave me no choice, die Skype.. *Xig shot a blue beam out of his hand at Skype*

Skype: This again!? *Skype pulled his arms back with his sword and them slammed the beam as if it were a baseball, the blast deflected off the sword and slammed into a nearby building.

Skype: Zin, get the **** up!!!!!

*Zin snapped out of his senses and stood up, his body was drenched from the rain, Skype threw the shell to Zin*


*Xig clashed with Skype again, but this time he shot a blue beam right into Skypes face, knocking him backward into the ground, then a huge wave slammed into Xig, he was launched off the building, he shot a blue beam down towards the city to boost himself back up to the 700th floor, he landed.*

Xig: You little bastards.. *he began to laugh, a silent little nervous breakdown laugh* You little stupid bastards.. *He pulls out a black vile and drinks it*

Skype: Shit thats like the vile Demetri drank!!

Xig: And now.. you DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *His voice went deep and sounded like a demon echoing, his eyes went red, his right hand turned black.*

To be continued.