World Of Tomes : Chapter 5 Unknowningly Circumstances.

*Xig began twitching and laughing wildly as the rain came down, Skype looked in shock at Xig, and Zin was trembling in fear, Xig slowly pulled his hand up and opend his palm facing Skype*

Skype: Zin, the shell man, hurry please! *His voice was trembling as a huge ball began to generate from Xig's arm it was red and static. *

*Zin was staring into space his face was pale, he passed out dropping the shell, Skype raced for it, as Xig shot the blast, it traveled in a direct straight line at an amazing speed, Skype grabbed the shell, turned, but it was too late, the red blast was in front of him, he was done for!*

*Suddenly a figure came out of thin air and slammed the blast into the sky, Xig went from smiling violently to a very very sad frown*

Xig: Whats this? Another taker!?

*The person turned to Skype, it was Demetri*

Demetri: Skype, your done here, just take Zin and wait in the elevator.

Xig: Not so fast, he has what I want. *Xig ran up to Demetri and punched him in the face, Demetri went flying and did a face slam onto the ground*

*Demetri gets up and spits out blood, he was wearing a brown fur coat, alligned with many pockets, jet black pants, and black boots, his black hair was weighed down from the rain and was in his eyes, he opend one of his pockets and pulled out a red feather. He held it, and suddenly a huge fire ball emitted from his hand, which he shot at Xig, who slammed the fire ball back towards Demetri, giving him a second to duck down to dodge the counter of the flame.*

Xig: Not bad mister senator!!!!!!! *he dashed over and nailed Demetri in the gut, sending him upward, Xig then came spun around and kicked in the face, Demetri laied on the ground lifeless.*

Xig: Oh come now, is that all you got!? Just when I thought someone would finally prove a challenge. Skype seemed to be more of a fight then you, oh and ill be taking your tomes too, Mister Pockets.

*Demetri quickly pulled out a vile and drank it, his left arm had a purple aura showing through the coat, was it the same vile he had last time?*

Xig: Hm? You too?

*Demetri stood up, then charged at Xig and punched him in the face emitting lightning from the punch, Xig flew off the building and landed into another one at the speed of light, he crashed through the glass windows and slammed into someones bath tub, Xig suddenly pulled out a black orb and vanished into thin air*

*Skype ran out of the elevator* Skype: Where is he!?

Demetri: Dont worry..Skype, I took care of.. *He grabbed his arm in pain, then slid his feather back into one of his pockets*

Skype: Back to the Med center for you eh?

Demetri: Yeah, I got it this time. *He slammed his hand on the ground and created a vortex, he hopped in it and it closed behind him*

*Skype walked into the Elevator and hit floor 400, the medical floor, he needed to get Zin to the aid center immediately.*

*Skype began to think.. Why was Xig so determined to collect all the tomes? What is he searching for?..*ding floor 400, Skype carries Zin out putting him over his back, he was one heavy guy considering his size*

Computer Nurse: Analyzing, status: Wounded, BloodPressure : Low, Vitals: Low. *The Robot did this all by sight using plasma technology, the robot then took Zin from Skype and wheeled away from Skype.*

Skype: Get better Zin.. I need you to do better next time..

To be continued.