World of Tomes, Chapter6 Training.

*Skype went home after dropping off Zin, he needed to get some rest from the fight. He hung his sword up on his best post hilt, and layed down, the bed automatically adjusted. He had a coffee designed blanket, his whole room was shaped like a huge square, the floors were designed so you could walk on the walls, and use things you would hang on the walls which made it just like another floor. On his botom floor, he had a coffee set, and his bed, a tea pot, a plasma boiler, and an automatic robotic chair which goes to the table, and from there was a huge window he could look out of. On the right wall, he had his gaming set up, the left wall had his study area, and the ceiling was his training and anime section, he kept random anime stuff and piles of anime books on that floor, and he would use them to get inspired and work out.*

Skype: *Takes his sword hilt off the bed post* So.. what do I have to do to pop out this crystal hm? *he kept tonkering with the crystal on the hilt, suddenly it popped out* Hey easy enough! *He popped it back in and hung the hilt back up, he then leaned back and his bed flew over to him and caught him, he began to day dream, and requested his radio to play some japanese songs.*

Skype: Maybe ill tele Penny and see how shes been.. *He pokes the air right in front of him and a screen came up, and it began to dial into Penny's room. She just needed to answer. The screen kept ringing.. nothing..

Skype: Meh.. *suddenly she picked up. The screen lit up with her face looking into it.*

Penny: Why hello Skype.

*She was wearing her pink skull cap and a green-red coat that looked loose on her, then she was wearing pink shorts.*

Penny: How have you and Zin been doing?

Skype: No good.. Had another run in with Xig. Almost died.

Penny: *Gasp* What happend!?!

Skype: Turns out Demetri had to save our asses.. *Skype explains*

Penny: Thats horrible! I hope Zin's okay!

Skype: Yeah me too... Anyways I just want to tell you to becareful, there's no telling when Xig feels like appearing.. and it seems he has someone with great technology information, because they managed to control the elevators.

Penny: Now that you put it that way.. *she took off her skull cap, her brown hair flopped out entangled* I think your right, he probably does have more partners.*

Skype: Yeah.. Well take care Penny, I got some things to go over.

Penny: Buh-bye Skype! *She waves as the screen vanishes in thin air in a split second*

Skype: Humm.. I wonder if Demetri told my mom and dad yet.. Oh well, I better just talk to him tomorrow, if hes in.

*The next day. Skype goes to school and see's Demetri who had a cast on his arm.*

Skype: Demetri! Hey!

Demetri: Skype..

Skype: Hey good to see your alive and well.

Demetri: Likewise. Wheres Zin?

Skype: Ohhhh boy. He got messed up.

Demetri: But he wasnt even in battle.

Skype: Yep well, hes out of it.

Demetri: What a mess.. *He curses under his breath a bunch of times*

Skype: Uhh Demetri..

*Demetri kept cursing*

Skype: Demeeeetriiii

Demetri: What!?

Skype: Jeez dude, well I was wondering if you can have the teacher assign me a tome dog sometime soon so I can get my tomes to defend myself, and I wont need to go to class anymore.

Demetri: No can do bud, you got to go through the grade. *Everyone began passing them as they were signaled that it was class time.*

Skype: I dont see why not, I mean I have a nut case after me.

Demetri: Trust me, going through your classes will prove to be more benefical.

Skype: Yeah alright. Later.

Demetri: However personal training is in order for you. See me after class.

Skype: Sweet! *Skype jumped for joy*

*After class, Demetri met Skype, Demetri seemed to be wearing his fur coat but it was opened.*

Demetri: First things first, your style, your gonna need a good amount of pockets to quickly nab those tomes, although technolgy allows us to retrieve Tomes through a menu your better off having them ready old fashion style in a coat pocket so..

Skype: Right on, shopping!

Demetri: (Its like a kid going to the ice cream parlor..)

*They arrive at the School of Tomes shopping uniform store.*

Tio: Hey Demetri! *A guy behind the counter with a grey shit of scales and red flames was at the counter, his hair was half red and half blue, the red half brushed down the blue half spiked up, he had a dragons red eye as a necklace, his pants were torn up jeans, and his sneakers were skate boarder* Sup' bud? *He seemed to have a half ass style.*

Demetri: Just getting this kid pampered up. How are you Tio?

Tio: Usual *he shrugged.*

Demetri: We need a Tome outfit.

Tio: Right on. *He pulled up a menu display* Take yer' pick.

Skype went through the menus undecided. He saw the brown fur coat with pockets that Demetri wore, nah it was too copy-catish for him. He kept strolling. He was the outfit he wanted, it was a trench coat that went down to his knees much like the one he had at home, but it was pockets galore, the color of it was blue and yellow, it went in a pattern design, he really liked it. The pants with it were red, the type of red that really stood out, and the boots were blue.*

Demetri: Go figure, your gonna be a rainbow.

Skype: Hey! Its a cool looking style.

Tio: Sure, but you may be a bit hot in the trench coat, so it has a cooling system inside of it.

Skype: Sweet!! How much?

Tio: 500P-4

Skype: Wha...

Demetri: Dont worry I got it covered. *Demetri gave Tio a credit card that Tio swiped*
See? Cost covered.

Skype: No way Demetri!! *Skypes face was a glow with laughter*

Tio: Hey kid who tatooed that crows face onto your face?

Skype: Eh? I dont remember, I had it since I was a kid.

Demetri: Mystery tattoo.. Nice. Ever ask your parents?

Skype: They dont know either, they said I appeared with it one day and they thought someone kidnapped me and chizzeled my face with this tattoo.

Tio: Wow man.. Wow.

Demetri: Thanks again Tio, we are going to train this kid here. *Demetri put his hand ontop of Skypes head*

Tio: Have fun, dont go too hard on him.

Demetri chuckled. That was scarey.

*Demetri walks outside and raises his hand, a portal opens and sucks him and Skype in. They were in some dimensonal world*

Skype: What is this?

Demetri: You can only get acess here as student senate. Its a training zone.

Skype: Training zone? Its a blue out of space place! Where the hell are we?

Demetri: Dont worry, now.. fight.

Skype: Just like that?

Demetri: Do it.

*Skype pulled out his hilt, and slammed the button, ZZZZZZZZZZZZT the sword lit up*

*Demetri pulled held a hilt that was like Skype's except it was a straight pole, not shaped like a T on Skypes sword hilt. Demetri put in a blue crystal, and slammed the button on his hilt, out came a huge shaped scythe. It was a blue beam, and at the tip was a C shaped blade atleast 5 feet long.*

Skype: Uhhh *Skype looked dumb founded* How am I suppose to block against this?

Demetri: Figure it out. *Demetri pulled it back and slammed it down towards Skype, who rolled out of the way, quickly pulled his sword up to block the next attack which went for his face, Skype hooked the C shaped blade onto his sword, they were in a lock hold. Skype pulled poked into a pocket of his pulling out a shell, squeezing it he shot a huge blast of water at Demetri, knocking him off his feet, Skype kept it up rapid fire, Demetri suddenly stopped the next blast, it froze in time, and so did the other ones Skype tried to fire. Demetri pointed to his wrist, which revealed a watch.*

Skype: The time tome!!

Demetri: Hahaha!! *Demetri then pulled out a green leaf and waved it, suddenly the hyrdo water frozen in motion flew back atleast 200mph at Skype, one slammed him shattering his shoulder, then one came and nailed him in the face, breaking it into peices, Skype screamed, suddenly he was back in normal health.*

Skype: What.. just happend?

Demetri: This is why we train here. *Demetri smiled slyly*

Skype: You seem to be enjoying this, since its the first time I seen you smile... *Skype pulled out his sword again.* Fine.. lets have some FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Skype came charging at Demetri.*

To be continued.