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Thread: You'll Weep What You Sew

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    You'll Weep What You Sew

    You'll Weep What You Sew


    Morgan, Rhine, and Ronda are friends. Ronda of the three was closest to both Morgan and Rhine, and was trusted of secrets told to her. Morgan and Rhine weren’t close at all.

    Morgan and Ronda have times where they date each others boyfriends once either is done with them. Rhine always seems to get what they dump for good. Ronda was always ok with Rhine taking who she likes or use to been with. Morgan never accepts when Rhine dates any of her ex-boyfriends.

    Morgan and Rhine were always off and on. Ronda seems to mostly choose Rhine’s side. Morgan doesn’t blame Ronda, but she surely would never accept Rhine as a true friend. Why does she feel negative about Rhine? Her answer was always:

    “She’s a liar, can’t trust her, she’s a backstabber, and a slut who gives it up easily…”

    Rhine too felt negative towards Morgan. She always messed up things and puts the blame on Morgan. She feared Morgan and was always envying her. Morgan felt nothing towards the girl since their first fight.

    Morgan then began to accept Rhine until one day….

    *In class*

    “What?! Repeat that!!” Morgan shouted towards her six year best friend Angel. The girl shook her head.

    “Morgan calm down and listen!” Angel fiercely replied, sitting Morgan back down. She moved close and lowered her voice again.
    “I said…Ben has been dating Rhine for a month now…”

    Ben is Angel’s and Morgan’s close friend, but dated Morgan and loved her while they were together. Morgan loved him too…but didn’t want to stay with him because they were friends.

    “Oh god…” Morgan breathed out still in disbelief. Angel too was in disbelief. She disliked Rhine on all costs.
    “I mean…she knew I won’t accept this!”

    “I know sweetie, but…she felt sense you and Ronda does it…you’ll allow her to do it too,” Angel told her, repeating what Rhine told her. Morgan didn’t know the two was together and everyone hid it from her.

    “Well she was wrong!!” Morgan yelled, jumping back out her sit. She stormed off to find Rhine. Ronda, who was too at the table, looked at Angel. The two jumped up to go after Morgan. By the time the two got to Morgan, she was already arguing with Rhine in the hallway.

    “HOW DARE YOU THINK I WOULDN’T FIND OUT?!” Morgan fiercely yelled at Rhine.

    “MORGAN!! WHY DO YOU CARE?! YOU DUMPED HIM!!” Rhine shouted back.

    “AND?! SO BECAUSE I BROKE UP WITH HIM YOU THINK YOU CAN HAVE HIM?!” Morgan angrily questioned.

    “SO WHAT! YOU DO IT TO RONDA! PLUS…” Rhine stepped up to Morgan.
    “Ronda will be more of his ex then you’ll ever be…”

    “Why…you!” Morgan screamed before she attacked the taller girl. Rhine screamed as Morgan pulled her by the hair and punched her. Morgan didn’t flinch or anything when one of Rhine’s punches hit her. She only continued striking the girl. Angel and Ronda ran in and grabbed Morgan, getting her offs the beaten girl. A girl named Kiya watched the whole thing from a distance.

    “YOU WHITE TRASH TRICK!” Morgan spat at Rhine as she was pulled away. Angel and Ronda looked back to see other people assisting Rhine.

    Ben came to the scene to see his girlfriend was beaten up and crying. He helped her stand and hugged her close.
    “Rhine…what happened?” he asked her with a concerned voice. Rhine tried to stop her tears.

    “M-Morgan found o-out,” she cried out. Ben froze and stared ahead with a blank face.

    "She did...?" Ben asked Rhine, still looking ahead. Rhine nodded and cried more. Ben sighed and gently pushed the girl away.
    "Well Rhine...sorry to say but we can't be together no more..."

    "W-What?" Rhine gasped out. Ben looked away from her.

    "I only was with you to make her jealous...and you..you weren't loyal to her. It doesn't matter if you two weren't close Rhine...she still thought of you as a friend and you betrayed her...again," Ben replied before walking away. Rhine stood there frozen as tears continued to fall. All she heard in her head after what happed was: "You'll weep what you sew..." and she does so.

    Morgan never forgave her. Rhine learned the hard way of what'll happen when you break trust. Although Morgan and Rhine were only friends but not close, it was still a vow that the two should break one another's trust.

    *Flashback in Rhine's Mind*

    "Don't think that because you're with Ben doesn't mean there'll be no wrong to it..." Kiya told Rhine who smiled.

    "There'll be no wrong because Morgan is ok with it and he wants to be with me," Rhine replied. Kiya shook her head.

    "No Rhine...you know that's not true that it'll be ok..." Kiya said with a frown on her face. Rhine snorted.

    "Oh please! She don't deserve him and it doesn't matter what she think because what she don't know won't hurt her," was all she said before she walked away.

    "You'll weep Rhine..." Kiya whispered before she went to Kiya immediately and told her without Rhine knowing.
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    Re: You'll Weep What You Sew

    I like the title - is very catchy

    ack - kat fite! So full of drama and angst... I liked it. Only a few randomly misused words and a few confusing passages - but overall had a good flow to it.

    Something you might want to consider for later - ALL CAPS - You should try to avoid and rely on punctuation, character description and dialog tags to get your meaning across. Gives your reader a broader picture of things.

    good luck and best wishes -

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