All permissions have been set, and clans are now only for the private use of their clan members. If you have any troubles accessing your clans, please let me know. The only outside members that can view your clan are myself and LenMiyata.

Please refer to the Clan Members List for all members in each clan, their clan leader and clan userbar.

The first things that need to be done are:
  • Electing your clan leader
  • Designing a clan userbar
Your clan leader will have the following mod powers within your clan:
  • Can Post Announcements
  • Can Edit Posts
  • Can Delete Posts
  • Can Open / Close Threads
  • Can Stick, Merge and Split Threads

Use your clan areas to discuss this and feel free to contact some graphic designers if you cannot get your userbar created. The recent Anime Logo contest contains some great work, so this could be a starting point for a graphics designer. Perhaps, one of these members can assist you if you ask nicely.

PM me when you have elected your clan leader and I will then update the list and assign the appropriate permissions.