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Thread: wanna join

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    wanna join

    hey yall i wanna join a clan.............................................. ..............

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    Re: wanna join

    You need to read this thread:
    Joining and Leaving Clans

    To quote the rules:
    Max clan size is 15 members.

    Joining a Clan

    Please PM the clan leader for an invite. The clan leader will then either accept of decline your request. Clan leaders will then PM the admin to have you setup in your new clan.

    Remember, you need to be a community member (minimum 100 posts) in order to join a clan.

    Jumping Ship

    If you would like to jump ship to a new clan, then you need to leave your current clan and wait for 2 weeks before joining a new clan.

    Clan Eviction

    You can be evicted from your clan when your clan decides to have you removed ONLY based on a general poll by all members in your clan.
    Can someone please close this thread!

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