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Thread: Clan Challenges

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    Clan Challenges

    Hey guys can I have you guys give me some ideas for a clan challenge. It has been a while since there has been one and it would be nice to have another. Like equinn was saying the Wall paper competition would be great.
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    Re: Clan Challenges

    sig and wallpaper challege they could be combined and ur avatar char would be the topic like now it tinkerbell everyone could make a wallpaper and sig on it and the winner would there sig they made as your sig for two weeks and u would desinate like four other members as judges

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    Re: Clan Challenges

    Making a wall from a 100x100 avatar? Dood, you make a hard challenge.

    It'd work, but it's be damn hard to pull off.

    I like the idea though, a wall competition.. what about making some kind of animation competition? Not an AMV, just something moving or whatever.

    Or a formal debate, a serious one with mediators and judges judging the arguments. It'd be in posts; side one would put forth its statement then the second party would make its rebuttal. A judge would check the forum and the mediators would make sure the debate is staying on topic and clean. The judge would decide when the debate reaches an end by adding a post stating as such, then the judge or judges would decide who put up the best argument, Prizes though, I have no clue what to allot. A new sig set.. or something.

    How's that?

    (Dood, what about a 'Name that tune' competition. The contestants would have to agree on a genre though, it'd be unfair to have completely open ground for songs.)
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