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Ok KY, here is the info:

Dependable: Well, I have been on every week day sence I realized that I was in the clan. (lol)

Benifit: I lead the clan in reviews with five and am planning to start on number six today. (posted by tomarow) And still trying to raise my post count as a community member. (not spam posting)

Thanks for letting me take a shot at co-leader!

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Well here goes my shot at it

I think i can benifit this clan in many ways. i can be here for you guys when needed im sure each of you know me in a seperate way one or another be it due to Graphics or just seen me around. i see myself as a trustworthy person and its up to you to decide if i am trusting or not you can ask the Clan Leader ive done many things for her and id be more than happy enough to help you all out when needed. if theres something that needs to be taken care of i can take care of it for you all well thanks agin for listining to me rant on this thing i hope you guys make the decision that best suits you ^_^
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I'll try like I said, thought I need something to be more mindful about.

Here are the people that have put themselves up to take the Co leader position. Choose wisely because they will help lead you when I'm not here.