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    Ok time to set down some ground rules.

    For Posting:

    Make Quality posts none of the ..... things. I know this is hard but we have to do it. This is our chance to prove ourselves and the ....'s don't do that. We don't want to have DB or Len coming in and telling us that we need higher quality.

    Keep the forums clean please. I know that we like to goof off and once in a while is fine but not all the time and keep it clean. (I know Nox and I get carried away but that will not happen here.)

    No fighting and causing drama. That is the biggest rule I have for the posting people. I don't want drama in this clan I did not except it from the other 2 clans I have lead and I will not except it from this one. (You can ask my loyalist members that have followed me through both clans Rockroc and Nox)

    Just have fun. Yes I do know that there is no way that the mods are going to be looking in here but still act as if they were able to and if they could give you infractions if you step outside the rule boundary.

    The clans will not be as strict as the regular forum but they will be as strict as they need to be.

    For the Game Section:

    I have asked for a sub forum for the game section. In this section will be the fun little games to do whenever your not posting in the clan or in the forum section. no profane or rude comments or words are to be added. If so I will have Len give you infractions but that is only for something major. As in 2nd or 3rd offence. You will also be out of the clan.

    Thank You Guys For Reading The Rules.

    Thank You,

    Ok New Rules:

    All this is to be put in the Game Section


    There can be no more then 7 members to each side of the debate. I want you guys to argue your point of views cleanly and calmly.
    Do not bring debates that are already outside of the clans. Come up with new ones and do not take them outside of the clan either.

    GFx Comps:

    There will be several of them

    One on One competitions:
    Each person will have one week to finish his or her signature. It will then be put into a poll by either Myself or Rockroc. We will give the signature 3 days to be voted on.

    More then two people competing:

    You will have the same as above but the only difference is that you have to have partners. How ever many against the same amount. So say two against two or three against three.

    There will be a list of winners one for Debates and one for GFx I myself Rockroc can join in if wanted will award points when they get back up and running for the winners.
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