I dare not say
how he takes my breathe away.
Each waking moment that i dont get to see,
the kind of man he is supposed to be.

My heart just keeps on squeezing,
My head spins in despair.
Each moment we are not together,
Each passing moment he is not there.

My eyes turn blood shot
I sleep so less each day.
Each moment he does not tell me
that he loves me no matter what they say.

My lungs don't help at all.
They refuse to breathe and continue
to just collapse each day..
My chest feels like a ton of bricks just hit me.
What more do i have to say.

She then comes along and asks him.
I can be your light and day.
My eyes continue to cry in silence.
Yet my mind screams in pain each day.

When will you see the pain you are causing.
Just by staying away.
I will choose to suffer in silence,
I choose to take your pain.

The agony grows deeper,
as she comes closer to your heart.
Yet i know that with this agony,
I know for sure the pain will go away.