You walked right by me
and as always, you never saw me.

is what you called me.
I tried to shake it off,
telling myself that it was just you,
but somewhere deep inside;
I knew that it was a lie.

You hated me.

I wanted to know you,
wanted something that would never be.
It all seems so hopeless now to me.
I cried so hard, and I feel ashamed.
This is me now, but I am not the same.

My heart is broken,
my eyes are closed.
This aching hurts deep inside,
but I'll never let it show.

Instead I'll cover it up;
smile like it’s really me.
Once a mask,
always a mask,
Its uncanny, yeah, you'd think it was me.

I will wait but not really see...
just how much time there is that is free...
I will never give up, ever.
For that is not the way of a kunoichi...

I've cried all these tears,
and felt the pain of loneliness for years.
But all that was not enough to keep you here.

I will hope and pray,
that someday,
you will see me as me.
As Haruno Sakura, Konoha Kunoichi...