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Thread: A baby is born (POTM--SEP.)

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    Talking A baby is born (POTM--SEP.)

    Hope it's ok. I know this is eh..but it was to represent change into a family ^^ Mine in particularly. With 2 girls, a boy comes in surprise.

    A baby is born..

    In the middle of the night,
    My mom awakes.
    Parents hugging with joy,
    Kids not awake.

    In the morning they have a surprise,
    Dad sits down, Mom just cries.
    I wonder what’s happening,
    Did she swallow a fly?

    Mom touches her stomach, dad holds her hand.
    The talk to us slowly so we could understand.
    They say in a few months a baby is coming,
    We don’t believe them we just keep on talking.

    9 months later, mommy gets bigger.
    Belly is growing, Parents are eager.
    We drive to the hospital,
    Are they playing a joke?

    We arrive in a room, full of machines.
    Stuff that are loud, Things that go “Beep”
    Doctors told us to wait outside
    Mom holds dads hand and we are stuck in surprise.

    A few minutes later, we hear a baby scream.
    It was true, or was this just a dream?
    Parents said come in, ready for the surprise?
    I held a baby in my arms, sister by my side.

    That day was a memory with joy,
    Guess what? The baby was a boy!
    His little eyes, and tiny hands.
    My sister just 3 years older then him.
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: A baby is born (POTM--SEP.)

    this is a good one for me and i was hoping to hear more from you Iluv... basic changes of how a baby basically grows up and simply putting it in words that nothing in life is constant but change.

    thumbs up for me
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