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Thread: Bird of Paradise (May POTM)

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    Bird of Paradise (May POTM)

    Feel me crawl into your bones
    mixing irreversibly in the veins of life.
    Madman alchemic rituals;
    close your eyes onto my dogma.

    Likely there will be no sound
    inside the hermetic vacuum of our union,
    which has turned your lips white.
    Suffocation becomes you.

    Ceiling high mirrors record the message.
    Watch with me, shiny glass.
    Your body is a vast monopoly,
    in immediate need of redecoration.

    Bad deeds are rewarded in kind, lover;
    flesh wilts under the serrated kiss.
    Alouette, gentille alouette.
    Chirp something nice for me.

    Alouette, je te plumerai.
    Stars and destiny, quickly you forget.
    Je te plumerai la tete;
    lay cold in agony my perfect love.

    Alouette is a song we are taught in school and is dark in the fashion of nursery rhymes. It's really fun to sing and fits nicely here.

    By the way, this was totally a beheading.

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