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Thread: Bloodshot Eyes

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    Bloodshot Eyes

    Bloodshot eyes everlasting
    Peircing the skin red-black biting

    Smell of dieing souls
    Burning white-hot coals

    Cracking of whip
    As the broken body trips

    Hard labor killing
    Dispensed spirits stilling

    Blazing fire consumes
    Stench of all the fumes

    Sweet words of a demon
    All false truths may all shun

    Gradually fear does rise
    Amoung the bloody skies

    Striking voice of devils
    Corrupting many various vessels

    Piercing the skin red-black biting
    And Bloodshot eyes
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    Re: Bloodshot Eyes

    wow good use of color for the poem LMAO LOL j/p^-^ good work.Very scary though. It brought shrills up my spine LOL keep it ↑
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: Bloodshot Eyes

    Once again, spectacular. ^-^ You really have a nack for making people scared or shiver. ^-^ Then again.. it is that time of month and everyone is taking extra caution. Jk... Great Job shadow. ^-^ Keep it up.

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