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    Upon a building's roof i stand,
    his final letter in my hand.
    The wind is cold and cuts like glass,
    but i don't care this day's my last.
    Is it night or is it day?
    In my grief i can not say.
    I try to jump but then i fail,
    once more i try to step back to the rail.
    I asked for love and i got pain,
    all my efforts done in vain.
    When will these twins called love and pain,
    be split and i be whole again.
    I look up to the sky and see
    a cruel God laughing at me.
    I try so hard to be strong,
    but once more i don't belong.
    I realize that my tears fall softly to the ground.
    I ask why and hear not a sound
    Now my heart slowly weeps
    As the wind to gently sing me to sleep.
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