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Thread: The Broken Curse -June-

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    The Broken Curse -June-

    She stares into his eyes,
    He stares into hers.
    A man and woman in love
    should be the happiest thing on earth.

    But that's where you're wrong
    The man has a chain.
    He was cursed by a witch,
    So he roams in the rain.

    But the curse can be broken,
    at the kiss of true love.
    He searches and searches,
    but can never find the one.

    But now in the rain,
    He sees a woman's blue eyes.
    Wants to feel her kiss,
    and let go of all the lies.

    He runs up and kisses her,
    passionately in the rain.
    But at the moment he kissed her,
    There was no more chain....

    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: The Broken Curse -June-

    That was beautifully written. great job and write more so we can read ur wonderful poems kk =)

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