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Thread: Camouflage [June]

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    Camouflage [June]


    Those fine, young men with their camouflage suits.
    Backs straight, faces stern,
    Defending their country.
    Defending their rights.


    Because defending their country means death.
    And murder
    of innocent people in innocent places.
    Time is running short. Too short.

    Too short to be killing,
    Too short to be willing,
    Too short to be defending yourself -

    That's what they say.
    That's what they say to camouflage the truth.
    Just like the suits that blend,
    blend in with the background to confuse the enemies.


    And who are these 'enemies' whom we hate so.
    Hate so much that we must invade a society,
    invade a culture because there are no people.
    People like you and I.
    People who have homes.
    And families.


    Crying all the time for their sons.
    Their fathers.
    For their brothers whom fight for what they believe in.

    But what?
    What is this belief which so many have?
    Where, where is this "truth" in taking another life?
    Where is the truth in taking ones own.

    There is none.
    It's camouflaged by ignorance.
    By that blatant word, 'patriotism'.
    National Loyalty. Support. One country as a whole.


    Holes. Holes in the hearts of millions.
    Holes in the heads of millions,
    the arms of millions.

    But how do they know?
    How do these men,
    these women ,
    who enlist to fight,
    how do they know that whole becomes holes,
    and life becomes death,
    and for what?

    For what?

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    Re: Camouflage [June]

    Wow... this blew me away. My reasonable mind was stimulated by the common sense in this. And my emotions were stirred by your deep and powerful wording here... like: "whole becomes holes". I also loved idea of camouflage as a metaphore for deception and ignorance. Simply beautiful.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Camouflage [June]

    I'll be sure to keep an eye out for poetry from the white wolf from now on. This was truly exceptional.

    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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