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Thread: Circles behind my Mind (May POTM)

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    Circles behind my Mind (May POTM)

    I feel light as a breeze while i see you smile.
    I doubt if anyone has been this way.
    I see her smile and try to flirt.
    The kogs in my head begin to doubt.

    I try to ignore, I try to run.
    I love you so much, It actually hurts a lot.
    All the ghosts of my past come haunting again.
    All my fears jumpstarted one final time.

    I feel you kiss my lips,
    To try and calm my mind.
    I see her look with hate in her eyes.
    My mind bends and i try to control,
    Has anyone ever felt this jealous before.

    My reason is hanging here by the thread.
    I brush off the thoughts,
    they just keep coming back to my head.
    They sashay, they dance, they slowly entice.

    Once again, my mind's all muddled.
    and reeling out of control.
    The way she acts is making me so messed up,
    could she be doing this on purpose,I want to ask.

    All these images and fears in my head.
    Making me loose all reason, all hope.
    I find myself feeling drugged;
    I find myself making plans.
    Doing what i avoid, finding out how to make her miserable.

    I laugh inside, As I see her hurt.
    My mind goes overtimes making plans to destroy.
    I just want him for myself,and not let anyone near.
    I fear I've lost this battle with emotions
    and my sanity now lost.

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    Re: Circles behind my Mind (May POTM)

    This stands out from the other entries in many ways. It was a thoughtful and unique approach to the theme. Well written, well structured, and yes... hopefully on time.
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