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Thread: Confined Kings, Contained Beasts

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    Confined Kings, Contained Beasts

    A Peach_follows and Shippo101 Production.

    Naïve eyes flaunt there their freedom
    While Steel bars block mine.
    Who am I to want to be them?
    A shameless beast trapped in their twine.

    Taken from my throne to please simple beings.
    Degraded am I, a King no more.
    Being fed everyday is more lowly then it seems
    Like this who will want to hear my roar?

    Observe the beauty all around.
    But, know these creatures are relentless.
    Waiting just to gain some ground.
    Break free from their iron fences.

    Yearning eyes, thirst for bloodshed.
    A danger meant to be contained.
    Wild spirits must be broken.
    The strength of lions, must be tamed.
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    Re: Confined Kings, Contained Beasts

    Good job, an interesting concept, and well thought out. You also kept it to the point so I give you proper respects for that.

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    Re: Confined Kings, Contained Beasts

    Very nice! I'm rather impressed, I must say. You stayed on topic, delivered it nicely and it was rather well written. Mad props!

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