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Thread: A Crumbling Mind

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    A Crumbling Mind

    A thought crosses through my mind
    Then vanishes like all lines so fine
    For a moment sanity shined
    But I can't seem to hold on to that delicate vine

    Why do I keep stumbling?
    Why! Oh why! is my mind crumbling?
    I am falling down to my knee's
    asking why?
    begging please!

    They come rushing towards me,
    knives in hand!
    I close my eyes and wait to die
    But the stinging blows never land
    was my mind just telling a lie?
    I open my eyes but no one's their
    All I see is sand

    Will no one come?
    Does no one care?
    Any one see anguish in my stair?

    If I jump do you think I could fly?
    Frantically I try,
    to piece together my crumbling mind!
    For a moment sanity shined.

    I must get back what I've lost
    I have to get a grip on reality
    or this will end in a fatality

    Looking down from where I stand
    down below all rocks and sand
    Maybe I should try
    perhaps I really can fly


    I grasp tighter to that vine
    For only with that can I find
    My way back home where all is fine
    To the ones that care
    The ones I need
    The ones that through their love
    Me they have freed

    I am holding that delicate vine
    I fasten those thoughts tight in my mind
    Sanity is once again beginning to shine!
    Sword in hand, fire in heart, I walk towards my future just playing my part.
    The school of the undefeated East! The winds of the king! Zenshin! Keiretsu! Tempa! Kyoran! Look! The East is burning red!” (G Gundam)
    Ride Fast, Live Free & Stay strong.

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    Re: A Crumbling Mind

    I really like it .. it was a little hard to get at first but then almost everything is to me ... good job

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