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Thread: The Dead March (August)

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    The Dead March (August)

    The DeadParade marches
    Marches throught the spirit world
    Taking souls down with it

    As it marches throught the pit
    Down to Hades den
    Every soul yells and screams

    As the Parade rises up to the earth once more
    The Marching Band and all
    The Conducter pitiing the souls whos lives were so short

    Wanting what the had taken for granted.
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    Re: The Dead March (August)

    spooky spooky! I must say a rather morbid idea of rememberance. I do like the final line though. It says to me that the dead walk once more as somewhat of a punishment for not giving a full amount of gratitude for their life. Definitely can't wait to hear more.
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