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    December entry

    'Never, Never land
    and you won't understand
    because you will never grow old
    Its sad to say that you will never leave
    'cause this is never land
    Your here to stay with me.

    As the long years go by
    and we're still the same
    as we were as teens
    I can remember that you were
    16 and i was 18.

    we lived in never land
    But trouble always comes
    because you say to me

    "That i wanna go
    go way back home
    because i miss my family,
    my home, my friends, and
    my boyfriend
    o why o why
    o why can't i go home?"

    And i spun around, and said
    you can never leace!
    'cause this is never land
    and who wants to go home?!
    you are here to stay with me
    your friends are all gone
    along on their way
    and here you must stay
    oh! its so damn funny
    here in never land
    you will Never grow old
    but so long have yous tayed
    35 long years
    oh! i must've
    forgot to tell
    you taht this is never land
    and you will never go
    because you are here
    to stay with me.

    Your parnets are dead,
    a long time ago[
    your boyfriend got
    married in June 24, 2002
    he already had some kids
    since then
    I'm sorry oh i'm so
    damn sorry!

    On earth, you just don't exist!
    and when you die?
    you'll die alone!
    As a 16 year old

    you have never lived
    not even ever love
    oh what a tragedy!"

    And its sad to say
    she spent her days alone
    she cried and cried
    but no one would lend an ear
    until we saw
    her you limp body
    surrounded by blook
    along the riverside

    I'll tell you once again
    this is
    never, never land!
    and you won't understand
    because you will never grow old
    Its sad to say taht you will
    never leave
    'cause this is never land
    Your here to stay....
    with me.

    [blank verse]
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    Re: December entry

    Wonderful one here! Thanks for sharing it. Perhaps I will use some of your references in my Messenger words.

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    Re: December entry

    omgosh I love this poem, when reading it I was trying to figure out the true meaning and for some reason I couldnt most of the times I can... so what is the meaning I must know.... just some spelling errors that is all beside that it is good.

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    Re: December entry

    Good Job i liked it alot i never can understand how people get the passion to right like this .

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