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Thread: Don't Forget!

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    Don't Forget!

    Just a reminder that POTM starts tomorrow, August 1st. To get you motivated, here's a fun poem that I just finished:

    Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty
    Pretty little girls
    Pretty little mouths filled
    with razor edged pearls

    Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty
    Pretty little ways
    Pretty little thoughts bathed
    in dark and hateful haze

    Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty
    Pretty little eyes
    Pretty little lashes hiding
    cruel and wicked lies

    Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty
    Such Pretty little things!
    Who could ever guess the hell
    Pretty girls can bring?

    So don't forget to enter those poems; the judges are looking forward to seeing lots of great entries!
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    Re: Don't Forget!

    ^^ What a nice and pretty poem!!!!!!!!! It's just great!!! Deffinetely is a good motivation for me!!! I really like it... cute, clever and with nice descriptions...

    I'll be sure to enter and I hope the judges will like my poem... ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Don't Forget!

    Lol. I will always be a fan of your mind, gren. The contest starts today, hope to see many creative and distinctive entries.
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