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Thread: The Flames that Consume Us(Politics, June 2009)

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    The Flames that Consume Us(Politics, June 2009)

    The New World we Sought and destroyed with a vengeance,
    Has been lying it's back taking it's pain and sorrow,
    And the man with the gun stands and laughs while it winces,
    Beneath his feet, hope is a small word that means tomorrow,

    Dreams that were once a staple of life among us,
    Are crushed by the solitude forces that have separated
    While the days of infamy are just crushed dust at most,
    We have forgotten the country that we knew not then was ill fated,

    The End High and Nigh,
    And it all is the ticking time bomb of broken whispers,
    Both of the screams of women and children, and all they do is cover their nose and sigh,
    Because the dead carcass that lies before them is amiss,
    Sacrifice the ones that gasp and die,

    And the man on the top of the tower,
    Hailing the blitzkrieg further,
    As a magical Dream Evil nightmarish silver symphony,
    The darkness from the falling bombs and hell fire,
    Shall shadow us forever,
    In the small empty movement,

    Where Men believe they are above the Cosmos,

    in War,

    in Fury,

    In Power.

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    Re: The Flames that Consume Us(Politics, June 2009)

    Geat poem EMo I understand the message of your poem and for some reason I really get into your poem^^
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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