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Thread: Food

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    favorite thing in the world.

    What give you strength
    and power in mouthfuls
    but that nice tastey sushi
    and that yummy yummy bowl of freash ramen noodles

    Right now i dine
    on pizza all toastie
    covered in sausage
    mass cheese, sauce, and pepperoni.

    when i bite in
    the crust seems to just a little bite back
    the crumbs fall
    and crumble to bits all over my lap

    the aroma tingles my nostrils
    and makes my tummy growl
    and i just gobble it all up
    like a wolf of the prowel.

    ill fix wat needs to be fixed when my hands are warm enough to type.

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    Re: Food

    It makes me hungry for some great sashimi and Udon bowl. Plus it brings back memories taking in plates from Musashi's. Then strolling along the Kamo river in Kyoto. Good job.

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