To all my people
Those that are old
And those that are young
My son's dieing breath
has been sung

You called for his death
And chanted of lies
Too blinded to see
That I was the one
Standing beside he

Crucify Him
Crucify Him
Is what you called
And by your own beckon
Pilate had stalled

It wasn't too long
Until you got your wish
The penalty of death
For the one who
Wished to save your breath

Whipped and battered
You forced him along
Giving him the pain
You raised over years
and with many a blood stain

Every inch of sin
That you all had
Was given to my son
And he bore it
Until he was done

He carried his cross
For the your own sake
He gathered the last
Of the strength he had
And saved all your past

With his dieing breath
He gave it away
For with his end
I did one thing
Your souls I began to mend

Because you called
For the Death of a Savior
Whom stood for life
I will continue my work
Without drawing any knife

My Son was brave for giving up all for you
You all were not with placing so much blame
And he will be remembered in the end
for Greater love has no one than this
Than to lay down one’s life for his friends.


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