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Thread: Guardian Angel [October 2008 POTM]

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    Guardian Angel [October 2008 POTM]

    Ah, I guess I tried...I really like this poem, it means alot to me! Inspired by the song Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus It's a good song!
    I can see what you've hidden under your shirt.
    -I know you've been tempted again-
    I follow you into your room as you lock the door.
    -Some routines never die-
    You sit down, and pull the horrible items out.
    -When will you ever learn-
    I go over to you and wrap my invisable wings around you.
    -I pray for you, I always do-
    You look at the intoxins, and get up and throw them away.
    -Saved once again and always-
    You go to your bed and turn off the lights.
    -Tears form in my eyes-
    I watch you sleep, still praying.
    -I know, tomorrow, it will start again-
    It's, well, about some messed up kid's guardian angel
    trying to prevent them from doing drugs...And yeah, I know
    it's short, but I put alot of effort into it! Seriuosly lol ^^' So, yeah... Ta da.

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    Re: Guardian Angel [October 2008 POTM]

    ...Wow..! That was really good Akura!! Great emotion and wording! I really liked the feel of it! I think you did an awesome job!! Keep it up!! ^__^
    Made by- Ryomakurosaki (Thank you sooooo much!!) ^__^

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