Well this was the best that I could come up with. I hope it makes someone smile.

I thought I would write a funny poem about Valentines day
But all I could think about was a wild night of rolling in the hay
So this is the path that the poem will take
Though you may think I need to go jump in a very cold lake

This is the time that you want to light your lovers desire
Just make sure those candles you lit won’t turn the house into a four alarm fire
Also before you break out the old creams and lotions
Remember to check dates, for a nasty rash could cause a embarrassing commotion

When you try to be romantic and debonair
Be careful of the ceiling fan and that corner chair
Remember restraints and cuffs are lots of fun
Just don’t forget where the keys are when your done

Now before you run off with the strawberries and whipped cream
Stop to think so that your sure you know what I mean
We all remember “When Harry met Sally” that famous café scene
Lets hope you don’t experience exactly that same thing