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Thread: Journey's End - September 07

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    Journey's End - September 07

    As the journy begins things start off
    new and unexpected the sun rising on a new day
    the fresh air brings forth new ideas and more smile's.

    Wind brushing the cheek , children
    playing a familiar game once played
    by you when you were young , you
    look to an open field with wild flowers.

    Chirping birds and barking dogs
    you think on things as you look
    around to see the world so dim
    and sad.

    Always wondering if things could be better
    for everyone like they are fro your self , never
    realizing your just dreaming , and the real world
    is more cruel than you thought.

    A waking dream that grows cold never
    thinking of of your dream could be something
    more but you let it fade as you get from bed and go about
    your real day of avoiding things.

    Why must you keep dreaming , when the world
    around you i so black wake up and smell the coffee
    my friend because the longer you dream the worse
    the realty when you come to.

    At journys end things you realise that
    even with all the bad and uglyness the real
    world offers it is still something you can control
    and make it the way you want be it giving in
    and doing nothing or being bold and taking a
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    Re: Dreaming!

    Great poem that's makes you think. No matter how you wish the real world could sometimes be like a wonderful dream it unfortunately isn't. It just goes to show that you're the only one who make your dreams come true.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
    Made for me by HolderofTheDarkChalice
    Thanks so much I love it!

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    Re: Dreaming!

    Please read the September POTM guidelines and make adjustments, this won't qualify for judging otherwise.
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    Re: Journey's End - September 07

    i love the poem good work alot of emotions shown through out the poem
    very good ^^ keep it ↑ ♥~*The Princess*~♥
    Yeah, Bye.

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